Creative uses for Arm and Hammer Baking Soda!

The other day I went into my pantry to make cookies and grabbed the box of Arm and Hammer baking soda like I always do for baking.  Imagine my surprise when I realized it was completely EMPTY!  I make sure I never run out of this stuff and couldn’t figure out how that had happened!  Then I remembered that I had given it to my children over the weekend to clean the toilet with. The box in the cleaning bucket was empty and vinegar and baking soda makes a GREAT toilet bowl cleaner!  When they use that combination I don’t have to worry about them playing with harsh chemicals!  So I ask my children exactly how much Arm and Hammer baking soda they had used and got a rather guilty look in return.  Apparently they got a little over excited about the fizzy toilet bowl cleaning project and used the entire box!  Well, I am glad my toilets are clean but I really wish they had told me that I was out of baking soda before I started the cookies!

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Over the years, I have found dozens of ways to use baking soda around my house and I always buy Arm and Hammer because I trust the results in my baking.  But, the kitchen is not the only place you should consider using Arm and Hammer baking soda!  It is also great for making homemade beauty products.  One of my favorites is a homemade bath salt recipe I found a year or so ago.  You can choose whichever essential oil you like the best but peppermint is one of my favorites:

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Arm and Hammer Bath Salt Recipe


Basic Bath Salt Recipe:
1 cups of Epsom salt
1 cups of sea salt
1 cups of baking soda
1/2 TBSP essential oils of your choice


1. Mix the salts and baking soda together, making sure to break up any lumps

2. Add in essential oils and mix well

3. Place in decorative jars with instructions to use 1/2 cup per bath.

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The Many Uses of Arm and Hammer!

Back in January,  I wrote a post titled Let Baking Soda help you go green in 2012 so I like to think that I have a good handle on creative ways to use baking soda but I am always finding new uses for it in my life!  When I was asked to participate in the Arm and Hammer campaign this month I was sent a fact sheet about all sorts of ways to use baking soda and came across one I had never heard of!  Did you know that if you throw a pinch of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda into potatoes while mashing them it will  make them fluffier?  I had never heard of that one before!  Here are a few other suggestions on how to use Arm and Hammer in your own house this holiday season:

1. Keep an open box of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda in your refrigerator to ensure the freshest tasting ingredients for holiday entertaining.

2. Sprinkle a dash of ARM & HAMMER™ into your holiday drink concoctions to add some fun fizz.

3.  ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda is the food-safe way to clean dirt and residue off fresh fruit and vegetables.  Sprinkle a little baking soda on a clean damp sponge, scrub and rinse.  For soft-skinned produce, sprinkle baking soda in a bowl of water. Add produce, agitate, and rinse.

4.  Make Santa’s footprints: Using a footprint stencil and ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda,  create a trail of footprints on the carpet. After opening up gifts, simply vacuum up the baking soda

5.  Add ½ cup of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda to your bath for a refreshing soak. Your skin will feel silky smooth.

6.  For smooth, radiant skin, give yourself a gentle facial and body scrub with ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda.  Make a paste of 3 parts ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda to 1 part water.  Consider enhancing the treatment by including 1 part ground oatmeal. Rub in a gentle circular motion to exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells. (Be careful to avoid eye area.)  Rinse clean with warm water.  Leaves skin feeling nourished and refreshed. Gentle enough for daily use!

7.   Get rid of product buildup in your hair by sprinkling a small amount (quarter-size) of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda into your palm along with your favorite shampoo.  Shampoo as usual and rinse thoroughly.  The ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda helps remove the residue that styling products leave behind so your hair is cleaner and more manageable.

Whether you choose the Arm and Hammer in a box or the refillable plastic shaker, you really should pick up an extra container or two next time you are at the store!  You never know when you will need it  next!  Especially if your kids discover how much fun it is to mix it with vinegar!  And if you REALLY want to keep your kids entertained show them what happens when you mix baking soda, lemon juice and liquid soap together!  Just be prepared to clean up a sudsy mess when the science experiment is over!  The plus side is that your table will be SPOTLESS when you are done!arm and hammer science experiment

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in an Blog Tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Arm & Hammer and received product samples to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


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  1. Brandy Myers says:

    I love using baking soda for cleaning around the house. It’s very cheap and I know it’s not packed with chemicals that can harm my kids or pets.

  2. LOVE the bath salt recipe! That will come in handy after long hours of kids being at home over the holidays! And it would make a great present too!

  3. Crystal C says:

    I love baking soda, there really are just unlimited uses for it.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I never thought of most of these!

  5. Who knew Arm & Hammer had so many uses? I never thought to use it as bath salts but could see how it would be soothing.

  6. How cool! Baking soda is so useful in so many ways

  7. Awesome! I’m definitely going to try to do the facial and the body scrub recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Very cool ideas. We keep the baking soda stocked up around here because it’s so useful, but you have some now ones I’d never heard of!

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