Youth Sports: Surviving a season of Chaos! #PlayItHealthy

Youth Sports: Surviving a season of Chaos! #PlayItHealthy

This post about youth sports has been sponsored by MinuteClinic but all opinions expressed here are my own. My children have been involved in  youth sports in some way, shape or form ever since they were about 4 years old.  They did a few seasons of soccer, swam on the neighborhood swim team, play tennis, do gymnastics and are just all around active kids.  There is a certain culture to youth sports.  You have an interesting mix of both children AND adults on these teams and if you don't do a bit of planning and organizing, things do not always go smoothly.  If you want to save money, stay organized and keep your kids healthy while they tackle youth sports this season here are a few tips you might want to consider: Tips for a Successful Youth Sports Season 1.  Stick to one sport … [Read more...]

Healthy Community Support with the Champions of Care Challenge!  #HealthMartCares #ad

Healthy Community Support with the Champions of Care Challenge! #HealthMartCares #ad

Disclaimer:  This post about creating a healthy community has been sponsored by the Niche Parent Network & Conference. All opinions are my own.  Several years ago, my husband decided to take up running.  Off he went every day to conquer the hills of our neighborhood and the trails of our local parks.  He had a wonderful time, felt better than he had ever felt before and started running more.  Soon, he decided he needed a bit more of a challenge then just yet another run through our hilly neighborhood and he started running marathons.  He talked about his running with friends, coworkers and family members.  Soon, he managed to get several people in his department at work to start running.  2 years ago a group of 4 or 5 of them went to Disney to run the marathon down in Florida.  He … [Read more...]

Workout Tips for Beginners from a #ReebokMom #sponsored

Workout Tips for Beginners from a #ReebokMom #sponsored

This post on workout tips for beginners is part of a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating. For years, my husband has been an avid runner. He runs in the rain, at 6 AM on a Saturday morning, and in 100 degree temperatures.  Working out is vitally important to him and something he always finds time for.  Personally, I struggle with finding the time and motivation to get out and exercise but I do it.  Mainly so I continue to fit into my pants.  My mom has struggled with her weight her entire life and I am determined to stay healthy, flexible and at a decent weight as I head through middle age.  With two jobs and two kids I have to fit … [Read more...]

Sport Earphones: Yurbuds Inspire for Women   #INSPIREFORWOMEN

Sport Earphones: Yurbuds Inspire for Women #INSPIREFORWOMEN

No matter what room of the house you are in or what time of day it is there is almost always music playing in my house.  There is a docking station in several rooms and both floors of the house have a full stereo system.  Needless to say, we spend a lot of money on iTunes!  When we leave the house, we take our music with us on our iPad, iPod, or cell phone depending on which member of the family it is.  I have gone through a lot of ear buds looking for ones that fit comfortably.  There have been some hard plastic ones that I really think would fit anyone comfortably!  I was recently sent Yurbuds Inspire for Women Sport Earphones to try that and was eager to see how comfortable they were. If you are not familiar with Yurbuds, here is some information about them from their website: Our … [Read more...]

Take a hike for better health! #Fitness Friday

 Last weekend I went camping and hiking with my family and boy am I feeling it this week!  We chose to go primitive camping so that meant everything had to be hiked into our campsite.  EVERYTHING!  Thankfully the campsite we chose was only a one mile hike into the woods because water and firewood are unbelievably heavy!  Add in the food and all the other assorted gear necessary for 4 people to survive a few days in the woods and I was ready to just set up the tents in the middle of the trail if it meant I could get that pack off my back!  We chose to go to Cloudland Canyon State Park which is only a few hours away from us and has some amazing hiking trails.  Once we set up camp we headed back out to civilization to find some trails to hike.  Our hiking experience over the entire weekend … [Read more...]