8 Things We Need to Teach our Kids about Food

This post about things we need to teach our kids has been sponsored but all opinions expressed here are my own. Last week I took my children to the grocery store to shop for a church service project. The goal was to provide a Thanksgiving Day feast in a box for our local food pantry. We were provided a list of items that we were to buy so there was really no creativity or substitution allowed. As expected, the list of foods contained things like 'instant potatoes' and 'canned gravy'.  My daughter asked why we were buying all these processed foods when that is not what our Thanksgiving meal looks like at all. I tried to explain to her that food banks do not usually have the luxury of refrigerators, making processed foods almost a necessity if they are going to succeed in feeding the … [Read more...]

Skip the Cafeteria’s School Lunch and Start #LunchingAwesome with Applegate!

This school lunch post has been brought to you by TapInfluence and Applegate but all opinions expressed here are my own. My children have always hated the food offered through the school lunch program. The grilled cheese is soggy, the canned green beans are squishy and many of the offerings are not readily identified as food. Needless to say, they don't buy school lunch very often. What does that mean for me? Basically, it means that I am awake every morning at 5 AM packing three lunches...every sing day (two kids, one husband...they eat a lot of food!). 5 AM is not the most pleasant time of day to be awake every morning...and I have been known to send children with the wrong lunch due to tired mom syndrome. Sorry, baby girl, I didn't mean to give you your brother's chocolate milk and … [Read more...]

Sick of Reading Glasses? Try Multi-Focal Contact Lenses! #goodbyereaders

This post about reading glasses is part of a Vibrant Influencer network campaign for Bausch + Lomb. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Bausch + Lomb and do not earn a commission or percent of sales. When I was a kid,  I was luck enough to have perfect vision. Considering my entire family wore glasses, I was more than a little bit excited about this. The older I got, though, the harder it was for me to see things like my insurance card or the menu at the restaurant. I started having my kids read things to me that were just a tad bit too small for me to see clearly.   I finally broke down about 5 years ago and grabbed a pair of reading glasses off the shelf at my local drug store.  I wasn't ready to … [Read more...]

How to Save Money at the Pharmacy

I spent almost 15 years working in a retail pharmacy and it broke my heart every time someone told me they couldn't afford their medications  Healthcare is so very important but there are many people that struggle with rising medical bills and are looking for any way they can to save money at the pharmacy.  Medications are not generally cheap but there are a lot of ways that you can cut your pharmacy bills.  If you find yourself spending a fortune for your medicine every month, here are just a few ways that you can start saving a little bit of money! How to Save Money at the Pharmacy 1.  Stick to generics whenever possible.  Brand name medications cost significantly more and do the exact same thing.  Ask your doctor which medications will work for your health problems and which of … [Read more...]

Sponsored: Healthier Eating the Swedish Way!

This post about healthier eating has been sponsored but all opinions expressed here are my own. There are a lot of things I think America is really good at however healthier eating really isn't one of them.  We have people who inhale light yogurt full of artificial sweeteners and fake colors and call it healthy.  People join weight loss programs where packaged, processed food is delivered to your door and they think they are getting healthier.  Many Americans consider French Fries to be a vegetable.  I think we need to look to other countries to truly learn what healthier eating really means! When my husband traveled to Thailand for work it took him a while to get used to the fact that they served fish and rice for breakfast.  High protein, low carbohydrate breakfasts are popular in … [Read more...]

Youth Sports: Surviving a season of Chaos! #PlayItHealthy

This post about youth sports has been sponsored by MinuteClinic but all opinions expressed here are my own. My children have been involved in  youth sports in some way, shape or form ever since they were about 4 years old.  They did a few seasons of soccer, swam on the neighborhood swim team, play tennis, do gymnastics and are just all around active kids.  There is a certain culture to youth sports.  You have an interesting mix of both children AND adults on these teams and if you don't do a bit of planning and organizing, things do not always go smoothly.  If you want to save money, stay organized and keep your kids healthy while they tackle youth sports this season here are a few tips you might want to consider: Tips for a Successful Youth Sports Season 1.  Stick to one sport … [Read more...]

Portable Protein for on the go Workout Snacking #SilkAlmondBlends

This post about portable protein has been brought to you by Silk and Tapinfluence but all opinions expressed here are my own. We are a very active family and all of us have our own personal workout regimes.  Depending on the day, you will find various family members at the gym, on the tennis courts, running a 10K, or doing gymnastics in the back yard.  Staying active keeps us in good health but it also means appetites soar, especially when the weather is nice.  Good nutrition is important for everyone but athletes need to really make sure they get the right combination of foods to maintain proper health.  Keeping protein intake up is a good way to build muscle health and give us the energy to make it through our next workout.  Of course, I don't want all that protein to come from meat!  … [Read more...]

Healthy Eating Made Easier at Sprouts Farmers Market #LoveSprouts

I attended a grand opening event at Sprouts Farmers Market and received promotional items to facilitate this healthy eating post but all opinions expressed are my own. If you have been following my blog for a while you will have noticed that I have a weakness for food.  Healthy eating is important to me (with the exception of my fondness for neon orange cheese products occasionally!) but it is not cheap.  I tend to go WAY over budget when doing my weekly grocery shopping because fresh produce can be pricy.  Up until this week I had never visited a Sprouts Farmers Market so when I got invited to attend their grand opening event, I was excited to see what sort of things they offered! Healthy Eating at Sprouts Farmers Market The first thing I learned about Sprouts Farmers Market is … [Read more...]

Bare Necessities for a Tiny Purse #PoisewithSAM

This post about fitting the bare necessities into your tiny purse is brought to you by Poise but all opinions expressed are my own. When my children were babies, I never left home without a diaper bag or backpack.  It was filled to the brim with everything we could possibly need in order to survive the apocalypse.   Honestly, I had enough toys, food, sippy cups and diapers to outfit an entire baby army.  When they got older, I *STILL* packed like we were going to be lost at sea for a month.  Crayons, snacks, changes of clothes, etc all got stuffed into a large purse that looked more like a duffel bag than a fashion statement.  Now, I have teenagers.  I am sick of looking like a hobo when I go out and about.  I do not need to lug around 20 pounds of stuff everywhere I go.  Not to mention … [Read more...]

Lemon Lime Detox Water Recipe for Better Health

I received product from Alladin through Mom Trends for use in this post but received no compensation for including it here. Water is incredibly good for our bodies, but it does get a little boring after a while. I have been trying to come up with interesting ways to flavor it for better hydration this summer. Did you know that you can add certain things to water that not only add flavor but are beneficial to our health as well?  There has been quite a bit of buzz lately in the health community about detox water and while I'm not sure if it is the miracle cure some people make it out to be, it is certainly tasty and getting more water into our bodies is definitely a good thing! Another perk of detox water (besides the flushing of toxins) is that it is supposed to slim down our … [Read more...]

Conquer Life Without Fear of Light Bladder Leakage with Poise!

This post about Poise Microliners  and light bladder leakage is a part of a sponsored post for SocialStars. All opinion are my own. #SAMinYourPants Last week, I put the teenagers to bed at night as per our usual routine.  Lots of hollering to get teeth brushed, an amazingly long argument between the two of them over sink time and finally bedtime kisses and lights out.  Yes, I am thrilled that I still get bedtime kisses from my children at their age!  Thirty minutes later, I went upstairs to use the bathroom (as I do about every hour now that I am in my forties!) and I hear my daughter calling to me from her room.  Cracking open the door, I hear her whisper to me "Mom, something is playing my guitar!"  Um, okay?  My daughter isn't usually one to make things up so I turned on the light to … [Read more...]

Magnesium Oil: How To Make It and Why You Need It!

This post about magnesium oil is NOT sponsored in any way, shape, or form.  I am simply sharing information that I have found useful.  Keep in mind that I am NOT a doctor and if you have questions about your health you should visit a physician! Over the last several years, I have suffered from an assortment of physical problems, all of which are muscular in some way.  Muscle knots that won't go away, a bad back, aching feet and a host of other issues.  I have spent countess hours and dollars on doctors, therapists and nutritional supplements.  Like most humans, I have Googled my health issues extensively.  Everything I have read indicates that magnesium plays a huge role in muscle health.  I take vitamins, shouldn't that be enough?  Well, interestingly enough...magnesium is one of those … [Read more...]

Building Strong Bones Together with Viactiv Calcium Chews

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation. I received two canisters of Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own. As the mother of a tween daughter, I have plenty of things to worry about. Is she doing well in school? How do I make sure we keep the lines of communication open? What's the best way to keep those BOYS away from her? And of course, one of the biggest things I worry about...how do I make sure she stays healthy? I try hard to feed her well and include a wide variety of fresh foods in her diet but I know there are nutritional gaps here and there. Those nutritional gaps can have long reaching effects. Did you know that 86% of teen girls do not get enough calcium in their daily diets? With 95% of peak bone mass … [Read more...]

Natural Remedies for Headaches

This post about natural remedies for headaches has been sponsored by Amoil Natural Healing Oils and Boombox Network. This post contains affiliate links.  All opinions expressed here are my own.  I have always suffered from frequent headaches.  Sometimes I feel like I have more headache days in a month than NON headache days!  This gets extremely frustrating since I don't get much accomplished when my head is throbbing.  It also makes me very irritable which forces my children and husband to tiptoe around the house for fear of getting their heads chewed off if they so much as whisper too loud.  I really don't like taking over the counter pain medications.  WHY?  Check out my post about the dangers associated with pain relievers and you will understand why!  I try to tackle as many of my … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Medication Overdose and Misuse #GutCheckAGA

This blog post about how to avoid medication overdose is part of a campaign by BOOMboxNetwork.com on behalf the American Gastroenterological  Association.  I received payment for my participation. All opinions stated  within are my own. This post should not be interpreted as medical advice.  If you have questions about your health or current medications please ask your doctor. As a pharmacy technician for a major retail chain I get to talk to quite a few people about an assortment of health related issues.  Everyone seems to want to talk to me about their sensitive rash, stomach problems, or the type of cold symptoms they are suffering from.  Many times they ask the pharmacist's advice about what sort of medicine we recommend to treat their current symptoms.  However, many more people … [Read more...]

Eating Healthier Without Stomach Issues Thanks to CharcoCaps® #CharcoCapsNoMoreGas

We inherit a lot of things from our parents. Their eye color, their body shape, and sometimes even of a few of their personality traits. What did *I* get from my parents? A seriously sensitive stomach! Yeah...thanks a lot DAD! I learned from a very early age that some things are just not good for me to eat, especially if I plan to be in mixed company. It's one thing if you pass gas in front of your husband of 18 years. (OK, am I the only one that actually does that?) It is a whole other thing entirely if you pass gas while in the middle of a lab meeting or in line at the grocery store! Avoiding my 'trigger foods' isn't always easy while eating healthier....nuts, high fiber fruits and veggies, garlic, beans...those are all really tasty and I am not good at denying myself the things I really … [Read more...]

Health Benefits of Turmeric and a Turmeric Tea Recipe

Please note that this post about the health benefits of turmeric is NOT intended to be taken as medical advice!  See your doctor for any health issues you may be having! Several years ago I got a muscle spasm in my shoulder that just would not go away.  No coincidence, I'm sure, that it was around the same time I started blogging.  Despite medication, physical therapy, and massage, that muscle spasm is STILL there and has now created a whole host of other issues as well.  I am trying desperately to get rid of random pains that range from my feet and knee all the way to my neck and back.  It is slow going, especially since I don't like to take medication.  Anti inflammatory meds are not without risk so I started searching for holistic alternatives.  One such supplement I came across at … [Read more...]