7 Reasons Not to Buy Valentines Day Flower Arrangements

Valentines Day is right around the corner and that means millions of people heading out to buy cards, candy, and of course,  Valentines Day flower arrangements!  Why do we celebrate February 14th as a day of love? One legend says that the holiday originated from the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalis, a fertility celebration that used to be observed annually on February 15. In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius turned it into a Christian feast day and moved the date to February 14 in honor of Saint Valentine, a Roman martyr who lived in the 3rd century.  … [Read more...]

Are fake ones just as good as the real thing?

Christmas is almost here and everyone is rushing around looking for Christmas trees to put in their homes.  Some people choose real trees while others look for the best artificial Christmas trees they can find. Are those people making the better choice? Is it better for the environment to choose a real tree or should we all be looking for realistic artificial Christmas trees? In a few weeks there will be millions of dried up evergreen trees heading to the dump.  They have fulfilled their one and only requirement of decorating our homes for … [Read more...]

How to Recycle Gift Cards and Other Creative Re-purposing Ideas

How Many Gift Cards Does It Take to make 9000 tons of plastic?  Last week I headed over to my local Barnes & Noble book store to buy all of my children's teachers a small gift card in appreciation of all their hard work this year.  There are a lot of teachers...and music instructors and Girl Scout leaders and a bus driver to buy for so I ended up with quite a stack of gift cards and a very large bill.  But, I really wanted to say thank you and since I don't know what they actually want or need, a gift card is the perfect gift, right?  Well, … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Sustainability: What is Being Done to #Green the Super Bowl? #SB47

As the Super Bowl approaches, millions of people are getting ready to watch the big game on TV.  They will eat junk food, yell at coaches and spend a few hours watching funny commercials with friends and family.  However, in New Orleans there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes to put that game on TV for you.  Fans are flying in from miles away, security is being put in place, food is being prepared to feed the masses and of course, football players are working on plays.  All of this for a game that will only last a couple of hours.  … [Read more...]

Fast Food: Can It Be A Part of Your Green Living Plan?

I have a confession to make:  I eat fast food.  Not every week of course or I would not fit into my pants but I have been known to go through the McDonald's drive through on occasion and indulge in fries and a diet soda.  I find myself feeling guilty about that some days....how can I possibly say that I am striving to reduce my carbon footprint yet still eat fast food? I am sure that I am not the only one who has a weakness for salty fries or the occasional cheeseburger.  While fast food isn't exactly healthy, it fits in some days to our … [Read more...]

Global Warming, Hamburgers and Maple Syrup

The other day I was using Stumbleupon to browse through some websites that focus on a range of environmental issues. I came across 3 sites in a row that seemed to be about completely different topics but were actually very closely linked.  The first website I came to was an article about the downfall of the maple syrup industry.  As a native New Englander, I was horrified at the concept of this world running out of maple syrup.  And NO, I cannot just switch to that artificial garbage in the plastic squeeze bottle with the cabin on the front.  … [Read more...]

Green Living: Make it a Priority in 2013!

This month, everyone is talking about making resolutions to change the way they live.  Some people want to lose weight, others want to stop smoking, and many of us just need to get organized and find a balance between work and life.  I would like to encourage you to make changes in your life that are good for not only your own health but also the health of our planet.  Green living should be on the top of everyone's list of resolutions this year.  WHY?  Because we have  only been given ONE planet on which to live and it is in our best interest … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly Fashion: The right choice can reduce your Carbon Footprint

Every once in a while my husband comes to me with an idea that he thinks I need to blog about.  He is very helpful when it comes to my blogging inspirations!  This weekend, he came across an article about fashion designers who are trying to reduce their environmental impact by creating eco friendly shoes, clothes and accessories.  There are a ton of eco friendly fashion companies on the web but this article really focused on the big name brands going green.  Designers are coming up with all sorts of ideas, some of which are still in the … [Read more...]

A Culture of Cleanliness: A Green Society is a Dirty One!

Last night my son got out of the shower (after a good 30 minutes of ensuring his complete and total cleanliness!) and joined his sister at the kitchen table to work on his homework.  Seconds later, I hear hollering....not unusual when both kids are in the same room but I heard the words 'It's raining in the kitchen' and I knew this was going to be bad.  Sure enough, my husband and I ran into the kitchen to investigate and found water pouring down through the light fixture over the kitchen table.  Of course, my husbands first response was to ask … [Read more...]

Drive through Funerals? Our laziness is out of control!

It is a beautiful, sunny morning and you have just arrived at the dry cleaners to pick up the one pair of pants your husband owns that cannot be machine washed.  There is an empty parking lot  with plenty of spots right in front of the door.  There is also an empty drive through lane right next to it.  Which one do you choose?  A startling number of Americans would rather use the drive through than get out of the car on a beautiful day and walk the whopping 50 feet to the front door.  We have become a drive through nation and our health and the … [Read more...]

Eco friendly Sports: What is your favorite activity doing to the environment?

As a family, we are all fairly active in a number of different sports.  Our lives revolve around tennis, Taekwondo, gymnastics, and running but I never really stopped to think of how those activities  effected the environment.  We tried to find activities that were relatively close to home and I have even found some great ways to recycle tennis balls but that was about all the thought I gave to the topic.  Then, last week I came across an article about eco friendly sports and how our choice of physical exercise can really increase our carbon … [Read more...]

The Leaf Blower: A lazy person’s lawn manicure

I absolutely love this time of year.  Growing up in New England, Fall was always my favorite season.  The brilliant reds and oranges of the maple leaves, the crisp, cool mornings, and the earthy smell of the air as the leaves started to drop to the ground.  Then my dad would hand me a rake and tell me to go clean up the yard.  THAT part of Fall I could seriously have done without.  I can not tell you how many garbage cans full of leaves I hauled out to the woods while I was growing up!  I swore that when I was older, I would buy a leaf blower … [Read more...]

Hummer: The Military Assault Vehicle of the Suburbs

Living in the suburbs can seem a little bit like an upscale war.  We fight crowds at Walmart, enact military maneuvers to grab the last empty parking space at the mall, and decode the mysterious terminology that comes out of the mouths of our teenagers.  However, I do not see any reason why a person would require a military assault vehicle to drive their kid to soccer practice.  Sure, some of the moms out there are scarier than a 5 star general but are the roads so bad we need a Hummer to make it over the potholes?  I really don't think so.  … [Read more...]

Olympic Waste of Resources?

In my house, the TV has been on for the last week and tuned to constant Olympic coverage.  While I find it entertaining to watch, my husband is absolutely fanatical about cheering on our US athletes.  I am starting to recognize many of the athletes by name and country of origin just through subconscious osmosis of information.  My husband and I were chatting last week about what happens to Olympic cities and their newly created venues when the games are over and I was truly horrified to learn that many of these buildings are abandoned or torn … [Read more...]

Eating Insects: Saving the Environment One Cockroach at a Time!

Think About This Thursday Over the last few years, I have started trying to alter my eating habits to include less animal protein.  After doing research on animals raised using conventional farming methods, I decided that for both ethical and health related reasons I would no longer support large scale animal farms.  There are numerous reasons to avoid feed lot meats and many green gurus suggest that the raising of animals for protein at all is destroying our environment.  There are issues involving runoff and pollution of waterways, … [Read more...]

Eco-friendly or Eco-crazy…where do you draw the line?

Think About This Thursday I like to think that I am an environmentally friendly sort of girl.  I buy organic produce, support my local farmer, recycle and compost.  I have a garden and put my kids' lunches in reusable containers.  I can consider myself green, right?  Mmmmm...maybe and maybe not.  All depends on who you ask. I am part of a number of groups both online and in real life that are focused on living an environmentally friendly lifestyle and I have to say that sometimes I feel like I am just not doing anywhere near enough to help … [Read more...]

Landfills are overflowing with leftovers. YOU can help!

Think About This Thursday How many times have you gone to a restaurant for dinner and been delivered a plate that was overflowing with food?  While some people may be able to eat their own weight in steak and French fries in one sitting, most people are going to leave a significant amount of food on their plate.  Many of those will choose not to bring home their leftovers.  Back in the kitchen, chefs are throwing out food left and right...from your plate and from their pantry and refrigerators.  The amount of food that restaurants throw away … [Read more...]

Recycling Attitudes: How do you deal with “I just don’t wanna!” ?

 Think About This ThursdayThe other day I was talking to a friend of mine about recycling.  We were at a school event that was selling cans of soda and bottles of water and Gatorade and were frustrated at the lack of recycling bins available.  Several HUGE bags of trash were collected and not a single one of those disposable bottles and cans were recycled.We started discussing mandatory recycling programs and didn't really understand WHY people were so adamantly opposed to recycling.  We have both known a number of people over the years who … [Read more...]

Green Grilling Tips: From Food to Fire!

 Think About This ThursdayMy husband and I are avid grillers and no matter what the season, you will often find our grill sizzling with an assortment of tasty foods.  The great thing about the grill is it falls to the husband to do the actual cooking.  I know, I should be some liberal and self sufficient woman and tend the fire myself but why should I when the hubby enjoys it so much??  So, I prepare the food and he cooks it on our very awesome ceramic Green Egg grill.  If you have one of these grills, welcome to the cult (I mean club!).  We … [Read more...]