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There are a lot of things I think America is really good at however healthier eating really isn’t one of them.  We have people who inhale light yogurt full of artificial sweeteners and fake colors and call it healthy.  People join weight loss programs where packaged, processed food is delivered to your door and they think they are getting healthier.  Many Americans consider French Fries to be a vegetable.  I think we need to look to other countries to truly learn what healthier eating really means!

When my husband traveled to Thailand for work it took him a while to get used to the fact that they served fish and rice for breakfast.  High protein, low carbohydrate breakfasts are popular in many other countries.  That protein helps fuel your body and keep you full longer.

In Italy the latte (creamy and sweet) is usually reserved for early morning.  A dark shot of espresso with a meal is the only other coffee traditionally drank once morning is over.  Starbucks would go out of business if people stopped drinking their expensive and high calorie afternoon coffee drinks!

healthier eating means fewer lattes

Americans desperately try to cut the fat out of their diet completely while many other countries eat far more fat than we do yet are actually thinner.

I firmly believe that America does not understand the true meaning of healthier eating.  And in addition to healthier eating we need to be moving more…less sitting and driving, more walking and biking!  Another aspect of a healthy lifestyle that our European friends have mastered!

The Swedish culture can be quite inspirational when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle.  They really have mastered a much healthier work-life balance than we have in the US.  Check out the video below to find out what happens when  American business woman Clarissa attends a local yoga class while on a business trip in Sweden.   Oh if only MY gym offered a yoga class like this!

WASA  are a healthy snack option, or a great way to start your day.  They are not quite a cracker…more of a ‘crisp bread’ made with only whole grains and natural ingredients.  Whether you eat them plain or spread them with peanut butter, they make a quick and healthy snack.  You may even want to consider topping them with berries, cheese, nuts or whatever other healthy foods you have in your kitchen!  The combination of homemade fig jam and blue cheese may sound odd but it was delicious!

Healthier Eating with WASA

Healthy Eating with WASA crackers

 If you want to get on the road to healthier eating, consider what our European friends are doing!

If you would like to learn more about WASA crackers and start eating healthier the Swedish way you can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Ah, yes 😉 Leave it to the Swedes.
    I eat similar to a European diet or old school diet of nourishing foods. I’m not big on processed foods and I am a fan of WASA. Great product.

  2. All great advice! We can certainly learn a lot from many different cultures regarding healthy habits, waste reduction, education and so much more.

  3. That yoga class looks fun! I agree most Americans don’t really grasp what eating healthier means, it is all about fad diets. Schools really don’t do a good job educating kids about healthy eating

  4. What a great way to stay fit and healthy and do it deliciously!

  5. Ohhhh the one with berries and goat cheese looks so tasty! I agree, we could learn a lot in North America by looking at they way our European friends do things.

  6. Oh yum that looks good. Definitely a great light lunch.

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