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Creative New Uses For Old Toothbrushes

Looking for old toothbrush uses around the house? Just because it's a bit chewed up, doesn't mean it can't serve a new purpose. Try one of these ways to repurpose old toothbrushes and extend the life just a tad bit longer.  Do you really need to change your toothbrush? YES! I am slightly neurotic about getting all of us to the dentist twice a year. Of course, at each of these dentist appointments we get a new toothbrush. That means 8 old toothbrushes need to find new uses every single year. On top of that, I tend to replace … [Read more...]

15 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Milk Jugs

Are you throwing empty milk jugs into the recycling bin?  DON'T!  There are dozens of creative ways to reuse plastic milk jugs around the house.  From easy DIY bird feeders to homemade weights for your next workout, here are a few ways to use repurposed milk jugs to reduce your carbon footprint.   I have WAY too many plastic milk jugs! Since my daughter has a near obsession with milk, the one thing I am always recycling is plastic milk jugs. There are days I think I would be better off just buying my own cow but … [Read more...]

Creative Uses for Tin Cans

I’ve found a lot of the products I purchase come in tin cans. While I always recycle them, I also try to find creative ways to repurpose them. If you are looking for creative uses for tin cans, try one of my fun suggestions below! Easy and creative uses for tin cans As a first step, properly clean each can and file any sharp edges. Consider lining the edges with Duct or masking tape for extra protection. As a reminder, please supervise your children during these crafts.   Make a Tin Can Vase Remove any labels from the can and … [Read more...]

Creative Ways to Reuse Mint Tins

Asking yourself  'What can I do with empty mint tins?'  Or 'Can mint tins be recycled?' Well, this is the post for you!  As a fellow mint lover, I find myself storing empty mint tins in my junk drawer for future crafts or storage needs.  I decided to share a few creative ways to reuse mint tins and other ways to keep them out of your trash can! Can mint tins be recycled? If you are not crafty and have no need of tiny storage containers, recycling old mint tins may be your best choice.  But, CAN YOU recycle … [Read more...]

Creative Uses for Egg Cartons Once You Eat All the Eggs!

Do you eat a lot of eggs? Are you looking for creative uses for egg cartons around the house? You have come to the right place! I have become quite the queen of upcycling and reusing egg cartons is incredibly helpful in many ways.   I thought I'd share a few ways to upcycle egg cartons and help you reduce your carbon footprint.  10 Uses for Egg Cartons Once You Eat All the Eggs! Breakfast for dinner is a huge hit in my house (thankfully!) and omelets, quiche, and breakfast casseroles are all quick weeknight meals that … [Read more...]

10 Creative Ways to Repurpose old Magazines

Are you decluttering the house and looking for creative ways to repurpose old magazines?  I know I certainly am! Once a year my daughter comes home with a magazine sales flyer as a fund raiser for school. I truly detest those fund raisers but feel I need to do my part to help support the school. I therefor buy exactly ONE magazine from her every year. But somehow, my name is on some list where I randomly get free magazines in the mail every week. And I now have WAY too many magazines in this house.  Upcycling magazines is a great way … [Read more...]

Cool Things to Do with Old Tires

Here in the suburbs, a car is an absolute must have item. While I would love to ride a bike or take public transportation sometimes, it doesn't happen very often. In order to safely drive my car, I need a good set of tires on it. That means I have to put new tires on my car regularly, leaving 4 mostly still in good shape tires that need a new home. I usually ask the auto facility to recycle them but there are plenty of cool things to do with old tires if you want to be creative.   Cool Things to Do with Old Tires If you are … [Read more...]

Frugal Landscaping Ideas: How to Upgrade Your Yard on a Budget!

Finding affordable landscaping is tough.  You are better off tackling easy backyard projects that you can do yourself rather than paying a professional.  Here are a few frugal landscaping ideas that will allow you to upgrade your yard on a budget.  These landscaping ideas on a budget mean more money YOU! My husband and I are passionate about our outdoor space. From the patio and fish pond to the pots of jalapenos and pretty flowers by the mailbox. It makes us happy to see an area that is both comfortable and … [Read more...]

Recycling Old Clothing Gives New Life to Old Clothes

Have you looked at your wardrobe and started wondering how to start recycling old clothing? As you work on decluttering the closet in the coming months, stop to think about the impact of your closet clean out.  What are you doing with your old clothes?  Donating used clothes is a great choice.  But what happens to clothing that is beyond repair and reuse?  Did you know that textile recycling is gaining in popularity?   Old clothes gain new life as something other than clothes when you recycle them.  … [Read more...]

Ways to Keep Water Clean and Protect our Environment

This post about ways to keep water clean and protect the environment has been sponsored by Tom's of Maine. All opinions expressed here are my own. Last year, my daughter and I participated in a river cleanup with her Girl Scout troop. It was a disturbingly eye opening afternoon that left me seriously concerned with the health of our waterways. Without clean water, humans, plants, and animals will not survive. There is no way around it. We all need water to live a healthy life and without CLEAN water, we are seriously doomed. Today, I am … [Read more...]

Indoor Air Pollution Solutions for Your Home

This post about indoor air pollution solutions for your home is sponsored by Honeywell but all opinions are my own. Breathing is one of those things that humans can't really live without. The air we breath is vital to our long term health and survival, right? But, did you ever stop to think about how clean the air is in your home? Think of all the indoor air pollutants that float around in our bedrooms and kitchens. Fumes from your nail polish remover, mold from the house plant soil, and dander from the dog all result in poor indoor air … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Waste at Home and the Tom’s of Maine #LessWasteChallenge

These tips on how to reduce waste at home are part of a sponsored conversation with Tom's of Maine. All opinions are my own. With the growing amount of trash filling up our landfills, learning how to reduce waste at home should be a key factor in your quest for green living. In my own home, we recycle just about everything we can. This is made easier by the county through curbside recycling. However, there are always events in the community that don't offer recycling and it frustrates me. I see vendors selling bottled water and plenty of … [Read more...]

How to Cut a Glass Bottle in Half with String for Upcycled Crafts

I bet you are wondering why in the world you would want to know how to cut a glass bottle in half. Isn't that dangerous? (yes!)  Don't you need special glass cutting tools? (no!)  Maybe you want to start trying your hand at upcycled crafts.  Cutting a glass bottle in half isn't easy but it does come in handy sometimes.  Why Are We Cutting Glass Bottles in Half?   Maybe (like me!) you have a 16 year old son who proposes the idea to his Advanced Placement Environmental Sciences teacher as his midterm project. … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Wooden Bird Feeder

This easy DIY wooden bird feeder is made from Popsicle sticks and twine.  It is a simple upcycled craft that kids will enjoy making.  And then, the whole family can enjoy bird watching in the back yard! Popsicle Sticks Are Great For Bird Feeders! My children’s favorite treats during the summer are ice and yogurt pops. As a result, we end up with an awful lot of wooden sticks by the time September rolls around. In an effort to reuse as much as possible, I give the sticks a good rinse and store them in my art bag for future … [Read more...]

Earth Day Craft Idea: Make a Tin Can Bird Feeder!

Need an easy Earth Day craft idea?  Recycled crafts like this tin can bird feeder are a great way to celebrate!  Upcycle old tin cans into a simple bird feeder to attract birds to your back yard.  Teach children about going green while you reduce your trash output! How to Teach Kids About Going Green Earth Day is fast approaching and I am a huge fan of getting kids involved in our efforts to go green. Children are the future of this planet.  If we do not teach them how to be good stewards of the Earth, it will not … [Read more...]