Tips for Buying Ethically Sourced Jewelry

Wedding rings on bench

This post about ethically sourced jewelry is sponsored, however, all opinions expressed here are my own.   Are you considering jewelry gifts this year?  Are you concerned about the sustainability of the gold, diamonds, and other jewelry materials used in it?  From ethically sourced gold to lab grown diamonds, there are many options to choose … Read more

Frugal Landscaping Ideas: How to Upgrade Your Yard on a Budget!

Flowerbed in the form of a tea set of old automobile tires

Finding affordable landscaping is tough.  You are better off tackling easy backyard projects that you can do yourself rather than paying a professional.  Here are a few frugal landscaping ideas that will allow you to upgrade your yard on a budget.  These landscaping ideas on a budget mean more money YOU! My husband and I … Read more

Celebrate America Recycles Day with These Green Activities!

Carton Recycling

This post about America Recycles Day was sponsored by the Carton Council as part of an Ambassador Activation for Influence Central.  All opinions expressed in my post are my own. Did you know that America Recycles Day is coming up on November 15th?  In fact, did you even know that recycling HAD a national holiday?  … Read more

Stop Drinking Bottled Water to Save Money and Go Green!

water bottle

Over the years, we have spent many hours as a family at the tennis court, soccer field, and school events. The one thing all of these places have in common is a ridiculously large output of disposable plastic water bottles. Single use plastic is destroying our environment and if we could all just stop drinking … Read more

Indoor Air Pollution Solutions for Your Home

Indoor Air Pollution Solutions for your Home

This post about indoor air pollution solutions for your home is sponsored by Honeywell but all opinions are my own. Breathing is one of those things that humans can’t really live without. The air we breath is vital to our long term health and survival, right? But, did you ever stop to think about how … Read more

Easy DIY Wooden Bird Feeder

This easy DIY wooden bird feeder is made from Popsicle sticks and twine.  It is a simple upcycled craft that kids will enjoy making.  And then, the whole family can enjoy bird watching in the back yard! Popsicle Sticks Are Great For Bird Feeders! My children’s favorite treats during the summer are ice and yogurt … Read more