A Little #Fitness Humor from Pinterest

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Ah, the magic of the Internet provides some humor and inspiration for those of us that are fitness challenged. 2 days ago I decided on a nice long, brisk walk…I was too lazy (HAH) to find my way to my supportive running shoes so I grabbed my old sketchers instead. I have been limping for 2 days now with a foot injury. Yep, I injured myself WALKING. About as bad as the time I hurt my back bending over to pick up a piece of paper! So, I leave you with a few inspirational and humorous fitness photos from Pinterest!

This…in honor of my husband the marathon runner
These guys like to hide in my underwear drawer, too. Nasty creatures:
Source: Uploaded by user via Nisa on Pinterest
A great excuse to exercise, even if you don’t want to:
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