A vacation visit from the Fairy Hob Mother

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I spent the last few days hot and sweaty in Charleston, SC. We kayaked in the swamp with alligators, toured old town Charleston from the back of a horse drawn carriage and wandered around Fort Sumpter as we listened to a historical account of the Civil War. The highlight of the trip was definitely the 3 hour long kayak tour that took us through the cypress forest swamps of Beidler Forest. We got to see tons of gators (yes, they were actually in the water with us!), snakes, and birds. I am very glad to say we did not see the infamous swamp fairy! Never heard of the swamp fairy? According to legend, they really do exist and they are not particularly pleasant little creatures! They have been know to set traps for humans to lure them away from possible rescue and then attack! Thankfully they must be afraid of alligators because we made it out of the swamp in one piece…very sweaty and eaten by mosquitoes but unharmed by fairies!

What a nice surprise to find out that I HAD been visited by another sort of fairy during vacation…the Fairy Hob Mother! Unlike the swamp fairy, the Fairy Hob Mother certainly meant me no harm! This particular fairy is actually a very ingenious man named Matthew who wanted my help to spread the word  about his wonderful website Appliances Online.

The Fairy Hob Mother likes to spread joy to bloggers by visiting them and exchanging some much needed promotion for an Amazon gift card! I am all for shopping on Amazon! Since I used up all my bug spray on the swamp trip I need to invest in some more!

So, how can YOU get a visit from the Fairy Hobmother? Leave a comment below and you could get an email from Matthew with the subject line “Greetings from the Fairy Hobmother!” Don’t forget to leave him a way to find you…you wouldn’t want to miss out on an Amazon gift card because you forgot to leave your email!


10 thoughts on “A vacation visit from the Fairy Hob Mother”

  1. I would absolutely love the Fairy Hob Mother to visit me. Also I am glad the Swamp Fairy did not attack you! Fingers are crossed that I can get a visit from the Fairy Hob Mother. : )

  2. I’d love a visit from the fairy hobmother, because this week has been absolutely horrible so far and that would surely brighten up my day!

  3. I would love for the fairy hobmother to visit me too! If he were so inclined he could contact me at momsmutterings(at)yahoo.com.
    Glad you had a fun vacation! I want to go canoeing again!

  4. Never been Kayaking.. Looks like a ton of fun. Being a mom of 2 small kids we aren’t in the time where I get to get out very much.

    The Fairy Hobmother is amazing..!! I hope I could get a nice little visit, Oh WISH! ♥


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