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This past summer, my son got invited to a friend’s birthday party. The boys were going to go see The Avengers in the theater and my husband quickly decided that he was going to tag along as well! He absolutely loves superhero type movies…why should the kids be the only ones who get to have fun, right? He and Drew absolutely loved the Avengers movie so when I got the chance to try out the Avengers Augmented Reality App for the #MarvelAvengersWMT campaign with Collective Bias I knew this was one I could really get the whole family involved in! What is the Augmented Reality App, you ask? Let me tell you, I have never tried anything like this app before…first step is to head over to iTunes and download the free app for iPhone. iPad or Android. Here is what you are looking for:

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avengers augmented reality

Avengers Augmented Reality


The next step is to head over to select Walmart stores to see what kind of awesome interactive activities you can unlock with it. I brought my husband along (seeing as he is nothing more than a really big kid when it comes to superheros!) and a map that showed where all the trigger points were in the store. The map can be found on the Walmart website if you want to download the app and go on your own treasure hunt! What was I hunting for at Walmart? I wanted to bring home some cool Avengers stuff for an Avengers themed family fun night. Nothing we like better than a Saturday night at home doing fun stuff! So, on my trip to Walmart, I was greeted with Avengers signage before I even walked in the door with the signs on the security checkpoints in the doorway.


Since the directions on the sign specifically told me to head to the deli for a pizza, I decided to follow directions! Of course, it helps that I was heading over to the deli to find pizzas anyhow! The fresh MarketSide Pizzas were easy to find and came in several sizes from medium to colossal. Only the large sizes had the Avengers characters on them and there were a few varieties to choose from. I grabbed pepperoni since it is the kid’s favorite but had to grab a small cheese for the hubby. He is watching his blood pressure and pepperoni is on the not allowed list! These pizzas look so yummy…kids are going to be thrilled with our Avengers night of fun!

avengers augmented reality


avengers family fun night

So, upon first glance, this just looks like an ordinary cardboard box with a superhero on it but it is actually an Augmented Reality trigger point! How do you know? Because on the front is a symbol with a large *A*. When you go to participating Walmarts you will see this symbol on a number of different trigger points throughout the store so you know to grab your iPhone, iPad, or Android and open up the app. The app has tons of different activities you can participate in from superhero quizzes that are triggered by avengers signs to some really awesome Augmented Reality action images like the one I found when I scanned the pizza with my phone. You really can’t get the full effect of Augmented Reality from  a still picture but trust me, this was totally awesome! There were bombs going off and rockets exploding, airplanes whizzing by and all sorts of animated 3D effects. You can see the pizza box sortof below the virtual city…it was truly amazing to watch!

avengers at walmart

I spent some time at Walmart just picking up general stuff I thought we should have for our family fun night. Mostly food…my family is all about the food! Along with pizzas I picked up some fruit and desert. I tried finding more Avengers merchandise but my store was seriously lacking in Avengers stuff! They had a ton of toys but that was all I could find! I looked for Avengers blankets to snuggle under and Avengers pajamas like I saw on Walmart.com but no luck. They didn’t even have their Halloween costumes out yet which I was sortof surprised about! But, I knew I could find some cool stuff online so after I finished checking out I headed home to plan the rest of the family fun night! What sort of things do my kids like? Even at 10 and 12 they still love to color so after we finished eating dinner and got into our jammies I printed out some free avengers printable masks and sat my daughter down to add a little bit of color!

avengers marketside pizza

avengers printables

After eating and coloring, the kids really wanted to see the Avengers in action but the release date isn’t until September 25th! So, what is a mom supposed to do to entertain children with a craving for an Avengers movie? Hit up the Comcast on demand section! While the ‘real’ Avengers movie might not come out until the 25th, there are a few other options…there are a ton of animated Avengers cartoons and you can see some of the Avengers superheros in movies of their own like Captain American, Thor, and the Hulk! What did my son choose? The Invincible Iron Man! This was a nice, long animated movie (about 70 minutes or so) which told the story of how Iron Man came to be. We actually decided that ONE movie wasn’t enough and headed over to Amazon Prime and streamed the Captain America movie as well! Not quite the same as watching the REAL Avengers movie but it will have to do until it comes out on DVD on Tuesday September 25th! After our movies were finished we tried our hand at a little bit of Avengers trivia! There are a ton of sites on the internet to find Avengers trivia so my my kids took turns quizzing my husband to see how much he remembered about the Avengers! The trivia was HARD and we honestly did horribly at it but had fun trying to answer the questions anyhow!

avengers trivia

As part of the #MarvelAvengersWMT campaign I got a first hand look at the new Avengers Graphic Novel that will be available with the DVD when it comes out in stores this week. My son is HUGELY into graphic novels…is there a 12 year old boy who isn’t fascinated with these things? Remember comic books when we were kids? These are like comic books but even better because the graphics are way more detailed and it is in more of a book form than a magazine like those ‘old style’ comic books were. He was thrilled with the graphic novel and you should definitely consider picking this up when it comes out! After all of these Avengers activities he is so excited to see this movie again! I think this will probably be one of the few movies we actually BUY on DVD instead of rent since it will most certainly be watched over and over again!

avengers graphic novel


My whole family had a blast watching some of the old cartoons staring the Avengers and I can honestly say that the Captain America movie was great too! Now, after a night of pizza, crafts, and trivia we are even more excited for the Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD Release this week. I may have to buy the DVD/graphic novel combo because this graphic novel will be a Marvel collector’s item and I know my husband will want to tuck one away someplace safe! Unlike my son who will happily read through it a dozen times til it’s dog eared and well loved! If your kids are super hero fans you should definitely check out the Exclusive Blu-Ray/DVD/Novel Combo Pack at Walmart! Check out my Google + Album for more on my shopping experience and Avengers Family Fun Night!

If you want to learn more about The Avengers, here are some links to check out:

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