Tips to Boost Energy and Make it Through the Afternoon Slump! #sponsored

These tips to boost energy were inspired back a selection of products I received from Cascadian Farms but all opinions expressed are my own.

My summer vacation has finally drawn to a close.  Family trips are finished, company has gone home and the children are back in school.  Instead of feeling productive today, however, I am in serious need of a nap.  During the chaos of summer we were always on the go and there was never TIME to be tired.  However, now that I am trying to get back into blogging, housework and errands it seems like I have zero energy.  I look at the pile of laundry, the mountain of bills, and the dog hair covering every surface and I seriously wonder how I am going to find the energy to get my life back in order.  Sure, I have the lists all ready and goals written out but I find my eyes drooping and my head bobbing.  Next thing you know my kids will walk in the door after school to find me drowning in a puddle of drool while I snore like a buzzsaw!  Nope, not going there!  In an effort to motivate myself I started doing a little research for tips to boost energy.  Here is what I have found that I am hoping keeps me moving a little quicker in the afternoons!

 Boost Energy and Make it Through the Afternoon Slump

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1.  Get a good night sleep:  Absolutely nothing is going to put a pep in your walk and boost energy levels if you are running on 3 hours of sleep.  Nothing on your to do list is quite as important as your health and well being.  Make sure you get as close to 8 hours of sleep as you can every night.  You will find yourself with your head on your desk a lot less often if you get a full night’s sleep every night.

2.  Don’t skip meals:  Food is fuel and just like when your car’s gas tank is empty it stops running…same goes for you.  Eat small, nutritious meals throughout the day that are high in protein and low in simple carbs.  Carbohydrates that are beneficial include whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, or multigrain bread.  Don’t fill up at lunchtime on a plate of white pasta unless you plan on sleeping through your next conference call!

3.  Get out in the sun:  There is something about sunshine hitting our skin that just helps boost energy.   I’m sure there is some complicated chemical reaction going on under our skin but all we need to know is that sunlight perks us up.  Consider eating your lunch outside if the weather is nice.

4.  Get some exercise:  You don’t need to hit the gym or run a marathon to boost energy through exercise.  Just a few jumping jacks and simple stretches are enough to get the blood pumping.  A ten minute walk out in the sunshine with a handful of nuts will get you sunlight, exercise, AND protein!  You will be a machine by the time you get back to your desk!

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5. Stay hydrated:  This is incredibly important! Even mild dehydration can lead to listlessness and low energy.  If you are tired of plain water, zest some oranges, lemons or limes and slice them into rounds.  Add them to a large pitcher of water and leave it on your counter to remind you to keep filling up your glass.

6.  Try aromatherapy:  Certain scents can be very energizing.  Peppermint particularly has a lot of zip to it and will help you boost energy naturally.  Burn it in candles, sip it in herbal tea or even try these Peppermint Lotion Bars to keep your skin hydrated.

7.  Cut down on caffeine:  You may think that caffeine is giving you your afternoon energy but the slump that follows a caffeine ‘high’ is downright oppressive.  Sugar will do the same thing…really quick boost and then a serious slump afterwords.  Skip the coffee and energy drinks and try a few other methods to boost energy,

8.  Take a mini siesta:  No, you should not take a 3 hour nap after lunch but a 20 minute cat nap might be just the thing to help perk you up a bit!. Close the blinds, take the phone off the hook and set a timer.  A few minutes of shut eye may help you make it through the rest of the day without falling asleep behind the wheel on the drive home.

9. Get a checkup with your doctor:  Sometimes medical issues like anemia and depression can cause our constant feelings of being tired.  If you absolutely can’t keep your eyes open and don’t know why, get a checkup.  Talk to your doctor about your bloodwork and see if he has any suggestions.

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10.  Keep healthy snack on hand at all times:  When our blood sugar drops, so does our energy level.  Make sure you keep a supply of healthy snack on hand to give you a bit of a boost.  The best choices are high in fiber and protein as well as complex carbohydrates.  Organic and GMO free are (of course) always great characteristics of a healthy snack!

I received a wonderful selection of Cascadian Farm products to try out over the last few weeks.  I have been a fan of Cascadian Farm for years and on any given day you will find their cereal, granola bars,  or frozen vegetables in my house.  Cascadian Farm is not only a leading producer of organic foods here in this country but it is an actual real PLACE.  It is a 28-acre farm in western Washington’s Upper Skagit Valley in the foothills of the  North Cascades mountain range. Today, they have grown beyond their original farmland and are working hard to convert conventional farms to organic, sustainable farm land to grow crops for their wide selection of products.  The original farm is still in use, however, and they run a roadside stand nearby to sell their organic crops to the local population.

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I absolutely love all of the Cascadian Farm products that I have tried out.  The chewy granola bars are moist and sweet, loaded with dried fruit and whole grains.  The crunchy granola bars have a very simple ingredient list with only about 7 ingredients.  And yes, you can actually pronounce them all.  My family’s favorite is the peanut butter but they all really hit the spot when that 3 PM slump hits.  Morning is made much simpler with a bowl of Cascadian Farm cereal and the granola is a big hit in my house.  If you have to run out the door without breakfast in the morning, throw a baggie of granola in your purse and stock your work fridge with yogurt.  The granola on top will make the yogurt a bit more filling.  This also makes a great afternoon snack if you find yourself with your head on your desk and your eyes closing.

SHAPE magazine recently announced the winners of its 7th Annual Snack Awards, an annual list of the best snacks to help you make delicious and nutritious snack choices. Cascadian Farm was among the list of winners with their Oats & Honey Crunchy Granola Bars. They are made with non-GMO, organic ingredients like rolled oats, honey and sunflower oil.   There are only 180 calories per package so you can fuel up without totally blowing your diet.  In order to be considered Shape-worthy, the winning healthy food choices had to meet these nutritional criteria:

·         Have 200 calories or less per serving

·         Contain 0 grams of trans fat and be low in saturated fat

·         Have no more than 400 milligrams of sodium

·         Offer nutritional extras, like portion-controlled packs, whole grains, or additional vitamins and minerals

If you are looking for a healthy way to boost energy I recommend you skip with gallon of coffee and concentrate on fueling your body with the nutrients it really needs.  Not that coffee isn’t tasty…I certainly enjoy a cup in the afternoon myself!  But, try to limit the caffeine to one cup and find other ways to keep yourself moving during that afternoon slump.


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  27. Cascadian Farm's Mission is to Preserve our Planet for Future Generations to Come.
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