How to Eliminate Clutter and Improve Emotional Health

In a recent conversation with my mom, she told me she is trying to clean out her house and get rid of some things. For my mom, learning how to eliminate clutter is quite a chore…she is a packrat and still has things like my old prom corsage and 50 years worth of cookbooks! It got me to thinking: why do we keep the things we do? To hold on to the memories? Because we feel guilty throwing them away? You are not the only person who needs to learn how to eliminate clutter from their lives. The average American house size has more than doubled since … [Read more...]

Best Tips for Decluttering Your Child’s Room

Want to know the best tips for decluttering your child's room? Keep reading and see what I have learned over the years! My kids, like most everyone elses, have WAY too many toys. They are scattered from their bedrooms to the playroom into the living room and occasionally make their way into my office. I get tired of seeing them, frankly, and we need to start sorting through this mess before the holidays. Since my kids have November and December birthdays there is a HUGE influx of STUFF into my house during the fall and winter. Decluttering your … [Read more...]

Never Buy Second Hand for These 10 Items

Over the years, I have become a huge fan of thrift stores. When you buy second hand, you reduce your carbon footprint and save a whole ton of money. I have spent an amazing amount of time roaming around Goodwill and checking out local garage sales. Even buying items online at places like Etsy and Craigslist have become incredibly popular in the last few years. However, there are a number of items that I will not buy second hand. Sometimes it is just too great a risk for the cost and other times there is some 'ick factor' that I just can't get … [Read more...]

5 Unusual Uses for Aspirin for Home, Health and Garden!

My father has always told me that taking aspirin at the very onset of a cold will keep him from getting sick. It is a tried and true method that he always swears by and he is a relatively healthy man. I don't take too many aspirin, myself, but I have gotten into the habit of keeping it in the house 'just in case'. Because dad told me to. Advice from dad should never be taken lightly! Since I always have aspirin around the house and it does expire eventually, I have found a few unusual uses for aspirin around the house that I thought I would … [Read more...]

Managing Sports Teams and Clubs with TeamSnap

This post about managing sports teams and clubs has been sponsored by TeamSnap but all opinions expressed here are my own.Over the last 10 years I have signed my children up for more activities than I can count. When they were little, we joined the hoards of other suburbanites signing our kids up for soccer. When they showed no aptitude for soccer, we moved on to everything from gymnastics and Tae Kwon Do to Ultimate Frisbee and Running Club. We didn't just sign them up for sports activities, either....oh NO! We had Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, … [Read more...]

How to Go Green Without Going Broke

Earth Day has come and gone and maybe you stumbled across an article or two online about reducing your carbon footprint. The raw vegans insist that eating animal products is single handedly destroying the planet. The anti plastic folks are insisting that you stop buying milk in plastic jugs and instead carry it home directly from the farm in glass bottles. And then you have the real hard core environmentalists who tell you that you need to do away with toilet paper and use only washable cloth scraps to clean your bum. Can you say 'not gonna … [Read more...]

5 Things Your Daughter Should Know About Her Period

I am sharing these things your daughter should know as part of a Playtex® Sport®  sponsored campaign for Socialstars #PlaytexSportSquad.As a child, my daughter was obsessed with babies. She wanted to know how she could get one for herself. Why does that 16 year old girl at church have one and she can't? If she asks Santa, will he leave her one under the Christmas tree? She was intent on figuring out how we could get a new baby. *I* can honestly say that there was no way in heck I wanted one of those little buggers in my life again! So, we … [Read more...]

The Many Uses for Rosemary Besides Cooking!

I have quite an extensive herb garden in the back yard and herbs are the one thing I can actually grow pretty well. Not because I am a good gardener but because they are incredibly 'idiot tolerant' when it comes to my gardening abilities! I have yet to find a bug that actually attacks most herbs. They are very drought tolerant, meaning that when I forget to water them they don't care in the least. And they also have very few nutritional needs beyond plain old dirt with a little bit of manure mixed in. I have been growing rosemary for quite a … [Read more...]

My Holiday Wishes Just for You

December is a hectic time of year, whether you choose to celebrate Christmas, Hanuka, Kwanza, the Winter Solstice or whatever else your chosen holiday happens to be. There are gifts to buy, cookies to bake, parties to attend and obligations to deal with. More so than any other time of year, we get caught up in our never ending to do list. There are things we wish for during this time of year but never vocalize because there is too much else going on. But wishes will never come true unless we work hard to MAKE them happen. I don't believe in … [Read more...]

Setting Financial Goals to ensure Retirement Security #RetireHappyNow

My husband and I have always been goal oriented people. Within a year of dating, we knew we wanted to get married and started planning the 'where, when and how' of making it happen. We both wanted to have our children while we were still young so we set a goal of 2 children before I turned 30. We bought our first house with the understanding that it was a 5 year ownership before we upsized to something in a better school district. And we have a very firm retirement security plan because our goal is to retire by the time my husband is 58 (in 15 … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Pie and Washi Tape Note Card Make a Nice Teacher Gift

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BIC® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.Ever since my children were in Kindergarten, I have volunteered in their classroom. I was the mom cooking with them on Friday mornings, reading to them on Earth Day, chaperoning the field trip, and organizing holiday parties. I loved every moment I spent with them and I learned something very important about myself. I discovered that I do NOT have the patience to be a teacher! Seriously, after an hour of volunteering I was about ready to strangle … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Treasures and a DIY Washi Tape Picture Frame

I have been spending the last couple of weeks browsing around a few thrift stores and antique shops in my area. I love finding second hand treasures at affordable prices. The first few places I went to were 'antique shops' and I found that the prices were much higher than I was willing to spend. I like old things...I just don't want to spend a fortune on them just because they are OLD. I also don't want to buy things that I am just going to look at. I find that most antique shops have things that you would not actually use...old dolls, delicate … [Read more...]

Tips for a Happy and Healthy Pet this Holiday Season

I can honestly say that some days I feel like I'm living in a zoo. Yes, the teenage boy smells slightly like a wildebeest some days, but I live with a few too many ACTUAL animals as well. There are feathered things and scaly things and furry things that need tender loving care on a regular basis. Most days, their care fits right into my normal everyday schedule without any problems. We have a routine that works and everyone knows what to expect. However, with the holidays rolling around soon, our schedules are bound to get out of whack. If you … [Read more...]

Skip the Cafeteria’s School Lunch and Start #LunchingAwesome with Applegate!

This school lunch post has been brought to you by TapInfluence and Applegate but all opinions expressed here are my own.My children have always hated the food offered through the school lunch program. The grilled cheese is soggy, the canned green beans are squishy and many of the offerings are not readily identified as food. Needless to say, they don't buy school lunch very often. What does that mean for me? Basically, it means that I am awake every morning at 5 AM packing three lunches...every sing day (two kids, one husband...they eat a … [Read more...]

National Self Improvement Month means Checking Your Credit! #LifeLockHealthyCredit

This self improvement post is sponsored by LifeLock but all opinions expressed here are my own. Over the summer, I don't have much time to do anything for myself. The kids are home from school, the pool is open, and vacations need to be planned. I'm lucky I find time most days to get the beds made and dinner cooked. Once September comes around,  I finally feel like I can breath again and that means there are a number of things that need to get checked off the to do list. Organize the medicine chest, take piles of stuff to the thrift store and … [Read more...]

Tune in to Cutthroat Kitchen: Superstar Sabotage Tournament

This post about Cutthroat Kitchen has been sponsored but all opinions expressed are my own.My husband and I love to watch the Food Network together and there are always great cooking shows on for us to watch. We enjoy seeing hosts travel to far off lands to eat exotic foods, cook mainstream favorites in their own kitchen, and compete against each other in a brutal cooking competition. One of our favorite TV food personalities has always been Alton Brown. We even have a few cookbooks of his and they have some great recipes in them! Last … [Read more...]

How to Save Money at the Pharmacy

I spent almost 15 years working in a retail pharmacy and it broke my heart every time someone told me they couldn't afford their medications  Healthcare is so very important but there are many people that struggle with rising medical bills and are looking for any way they can to save money at the pharmacy. Medications are not generally cheap but there are a lot of ways that you can cut your pharmacy bills. If you find yourself spending a fortune for your medicine every month, here are just a few ways that you can start saving a little bit of … [Read more...]

Your Back to School List Should Include Identity Theft Protection #LifeLockUltimatePlus

This back to school discussion has been sponsored by LifeLock but all opinions expressed here are my own.Every year before my kids go back to school I have to register them with the county at the school they will be attending. I have no idea WHY I have to reregister them every single year but I do and it is a huge pain in the neck. I go online to the school's website and have to fill out a ridiculously long online form with all the required data. This year as I was filling out the back to school form I came across a question I don't think … [Read more...]

Genealogy Tips: How to Start Researching Your Family Tree #surnameproject

These genealogy tips are brought to you by but all opinions expressed here are my own.When I was young my father discovered the joys of genealogy. What did that mean for me? It meant that we went to every family reunion armed with paper and pencil to interview everyone that was willing to talk to him. It mean that we spent a LOT of time wandering around old grave sites and doing rubbings and taking photos. It meant that the basement started to gather a huge collection of old books and an impressive photography setup. Dad was … [Read more...]