Del Monte, DOAWK and a contest! #Snacks4WimpyKid #Cbias

My kids love going to the movies but we don't splurge on it very often due to the price. The tickets alone are rather expensive but when you consider the cost of movie snacks on top of that, the cost for an afternoon of fun can be staggering. One way we cut back on the cost of our family day at the movies is to snack at home before we go. Not only is this a good financial choice, it is also MUCH easier to eat healthy at home than at the movie theater! Have you seen the yellow liquid stuff they call butter? What does Del Monte have to do with … [Read more...]

The Fresh Egg Cookbook

I received a copy of The Fresh Egg Cookbook for this review but all opinions are my own.A couple of years ago I started buying my eggs from a local farmer and was truly amazed at the difference between those eggs and the ones I had been buying at the grocery store. And considering I was buying expensive organic and cage-free eggs, I really didn't expect quite the huge difference but boy was I wrong! I will never go back to store bought again as long as my local farmer keeps supplying them. Since current legislation says I need 3 acres to … [Read more...]

Sell your house faster with these simple ideas!

Did you know that December and January are two of the worst months to sell your house? Of course, if you are a home BUYER, that is when you will get the best deal but for those people trying to sell their homes right now, they will have to put in a little bit extra work! I remember when we moved to this house a few years ago...we were given some very useful tips from our real estate agent and even though it took 6 months to sell, we did get into our new house in time for the new school year. Want to sell your house faster? If you are one of the … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Traditions From Around the World

Well, Mother's day is here and gone and now we can start thinking about what to do for those dads in our lives! Are you wondering what do to for Father's Day? Want to send Father's Day wishes to awesome dads near and far but can't find the perfect quote about dads or the best color tie?  Well, maybe checking out these Father's Day traditions from around the world will help inspire you! Family traditions are important for many reasons.  Find a few to start this Father's Day!Dads Deserve an Awesome Father's Day! My husband is an … [Read more...]

10 Things Americans Waste Money On

The hubby and I have been a little stressed out about money the last week or so. I guess we are probably not alone in that concern but with the possibility of a government shutdown heading our way, we are worried. As a government employee, if the feds don't come up with a budget by next Friday he will be furloughed until they do...hence NO PAYCHECK! So, I decided to include this list I came across about the TOP 10 things Americans waste money on as an inspiration to myself to tighten the purse strings. (these are items that are considered … [Read more...]

Family Dinner: Families that eat together, stay together!

When I was growing up, there were certain RULES that had to be followed at dinner time. It was a given that we would eat together every single night. You didn't go to soccer practice or flute lessons during dinner time. Family dinner became something I was passionate about because of the experiences I had growing up. Were things perfect every night? Nope. I lingered for an hour every time my mom served Brussels sprouts. But, it was a time to gather together after having been apart all day and it gave me a sense of family even when I tried to … [Read more...]

Edible: A Celebration of Local Foods

Edible is an amazing book perfect for anyone who cares about delicious, safe, sustainable food.  If you want to fully appreciate the food community, no matter where you live, I encourage you to read Edible: A Celebration of Local Foods by Tracey Ryder and Carole Topalian.Edible: A Celebration of Local Foods From the Back Cover: A gorgeous full color celebration on North America's local food heroes and traditions, Edible is for anyone who cares about delicious, safe, sustainable food being cultivated and created every day by people in … [Read more...]

I Killed a Penguin: An Ecological Memoir

Showing the importance of nature for our physical, financial, and emotional health, I killed a Penguin, is a serious book with an important message. It is  written in an easy-to read, lighthearted style. How do small actions of one average consumer contribute to the death of a penguin? It is a sobering though. This ecological memoir really brings to light the impact that our every day choices make on the world around us.  I Killed a Penguin: An Ecological Memoir BUY THIS BOOK ON AMAZONTitle: I Killed a Penguin Subtitle: An … [Read more...]

Edwin Fremont Ladd: Pure Food Crusader

Edwin Fremont Ladd: Pure Food Crusader  is not a light reading kind of book. There are facts and figures and photocopies of old documents and lots of legal speak. However, for those truly interested in the history of food legislation, this is a very interesting read!Edwin Fremont Ladd: Pure Food Crusader Title: Pure Food Crusader: Edwin Fremont Ladd Subtitle: The Pure Food Crusade for Sanitation and Health of the Nation and Its People ISBN: 978-0805970968 Author: Culver S. Ladd Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc Genre: … [Read more...]

Be a Speed Vegan and Cook Vegan Food Quickly

Decreasing our consumption of animal based foods would greatly improve our health and environment. I am always on the lookout for recipes that will help our family have a meatless night or two in our weekly menu. With this book, you can be a Speed Vegan and cook vegan food in a hurry! If you are looking for a vegan cookbook, definitely check this out! Be a Speed Vegan and Cook Vegan Food in a Hurry! Title: Speed Vegan (Amazon link) Subtitle: Quick, Easy Recipes with a Gourmet Twist Author: Alan Roettinger Publisher: Book … [Read more...]

The Vegetable Gardener’s Book of Building Projects

The Vegetable Gardener's Book of Building Projects is filled with 39 building projects. With the help of this book, you can transform your modest vegetable garden into a model of efficiency and comfort. In my opinion, it is well organized, simple to understand, and includes a wide variety of projects. The Vegetable Gardener's Book of Building Projects BUY THIS BOOK ON AMAZONTitle: The Vegetable Gardener's Book of Building Projects Subtitle: 39 Essentials to increase the bounty and beauty of your garden Author: by Editors … [Read more...]