Service Projects that are Good for the Planet

As a mom, I feel like one of my jobs is to teach my kids to give back to others.  I particularly like it when I can find service projects that are good for the planet.  It's always nice to accomplish two things with one activity, right?  As we approach the holidays, we need to teach our children (as well as friends and family members) that giving back is vital.  To our souls, our planet, and society as a whole. Service Projects that are Good for the Planet Making sure that kids are fed, clothed and educated can be time consuming. However, we … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Thank the Military for Their Service

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, I wanted to share a few ways to thank the military for their service. When I was growing up, my father was in the Naval Reserves. Some of my earliest memories if him include those shiny shoes, formal navy uniform and that flat topped white hat with the black brim. He always looked so handsome in that uniform!My dad was in the Naval Reserves for 25 years and I like to think that at some point during his service, someone stopped to say THANK YOU for the work he was doing. I may not always agree with … [Read more...]

Help Your Kids Learn the Value of Giving this Christmas

The Boys and Girls Club of America is a blessing to many families during the year, but especially during the holidays. There are so many families that struggle with finances and emotional support during the holidays and BGCA does it's part to help those in need. They offer education and career programs, leadership training, art programs, sports and many other activities to help strengthen and support children who are struggling. We do a lot of giving during the holidays....presents to children, cookies to the neighbors and even our spare change … [Read more...]

How Can You Make a Difference by Shopping Small?

Want to make a difference by shopping small this holiday season?  Or are you more concerned with Black Friday sales and big box store deals?  Small business Saturday is a day to support your local community, for their benefit AND yours!Why Big Business Causes Big Problems The holidays are fast approaching and everywhere I look I see Black Friday ads from major retailers. All of the big box stores are gearing up to provide shoppers the hottest new toys, clothes and electronics at deep discounts.How can they provide these … [Read more...]