Use These 10 Foods in Your Organic Garden!

I have had my plants and seeds in the ground for a month now and I am already beyond frustrated with this years organic garden. Two weeks of rain has the basil looking spotty, the leaves falling off the pepper plants and holes in the rhubarb leaves where the slugs have been feasting. Organic gardening is healthy for us and the environment but it is not always easy. Mother's Day will be spent out in the back yard weeding, replanting, and attempting some natural pest control. Yes, I plan on spending Mother's Day in the favorite spot … [Read more...]

Save the Pollinators with a Honeybee Watering Station in the Garden!

The honeybee population is declining at an alarming rate. This does not bode well for people who like to eat food. In order for farmers to grow food and for that food to end up on store shelves, we need bees. There are lots of ways to help save the pollinators. One of the best ideas is to plant things in your yard. Whether you enjoy planting bright flowers or tasty vegetables, plant something this spring and do your part to save the pollinators (and ourselves!) from extinction! Plant bee-friendly flowers and avoid chemical pesticides. Honeybees … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Garden Markers Spoons

A few months ago I went on a bit of a thrift store shopping spree and found a package of about 30 metal spoons for only $3. Who could resist such a deal, right? I could stop worrying about my kids losing the spoons I put in their lunchbox and have plenty of them left over for a few spoon crafts. I decided that with spring coming I would make these DIY garden markers spoons to keep track of the things I plant in the garden. I have a horrible memory and I find that those little plastic markers that come in the pots from the nursery always seem to … [Read more...]

How to Grow Thyme in a Backyard Herb Garden and What to do with it!

One of the things I love most about spring is planting my backyard herb garden. Yes, gardening is a lot of work. Yes, there are bugs, dirt and sweat involved. And yes, you will probably break at least one nail. But there is honestly nothing more satisfying than going outside and picking a few edible things right from your yard. A backyard herb garden is an incredibly frugal way to improve your cooking! Honestly, the little packages of fresh herbs in the produce section are ridiculously priced and dried herbs just don't taste or look the same as … [Read more...]

5 Plants for an Early Spring Garden

The beginning of March brings us a tad bit closer to being able to plant our spring garden. I look forward to days where the sun is warmer, the ground is softer and tiny little buds are started to poke out of tree branches. The key to any successful spring garden is knowing when to begin planting. Obviously, your location plays a huge part in when those first plants get put in the ground. Before you decide to start planting your spring garden, check out The Farmer's Almanac to figure out your average last frost date. This will give you a good … [Read more...]

Herb Gardening: Essential Herbs for your DIY Beauty Products

One of the things I am most looking forward to about spring is getting a few new herbs into the garden. I love having fresh herbs growing in the back yard. It is so easy to just snip off a tiny bit for your recipe whenever you need them. No need to waste money at the grocery store when you only need a tablespoon or two for your meal! While I love herb gardening for my recipes, I am also excited about herb gardening for my DIY beauty products. Fresh herbs not only make your homemade beauty products smell good, they also have a number of … [Read more...]

Fall garden update and planting tips!

Here in Georgia, we are lucky that our fall season is relatively mild. While we do get a decent freeze and sometimes snow over the winter, we can usually plant a few things in early October for a small fall garden. I have discovered a few things about planting a fall garden, though, that might help you in your own gardening endeavors.Fall garden update and planting tips 1. Things that need pollinators in order to yield food do not do that well for me in the fall. Most of the pollinators are either hibernating (do bugs do that?) or have … [Read more...]

Lemongrass: How to grow it and what to do with it!

Several years ago my husband and I stumbled across a lemongrass plant at a local nursery while we were doing our spring garden shopping. Since both of use are HUGE fans of Thai food (which uses a lot of lemongrass) we picked up a plant to put in the back yard. I had no idea how to grow lemongrass but not having to traipse to the store every time we want to make Thai food sounded like a great plan. Growing lemongrass is actually very easy!Can Lemongrass Survive Winter? Growing lemongrass in cold climates can be tricky.  Thankfully, I … [Read more...]

July Garden Update: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

Well, summer is in full swing here in Georgia and I am thoroughly sick of gardening at this point. Considering I have had plants in the ground since March, we are going on month 5 of garden maintenance and it is getting a wee bit tedious. Not to mention it is incredibly hot, the bugs are hungry and the weeds are absolutely ridiculous. I have had some successes and some failures this season and thought I would share a bit of my backyard happenings with you all this weekend. I would love to hear how your own garden is going so please leave me a … [Read more...]

How to Attract Beneficial Insects to Your Garden

Knowing how to attract beneficial insects to your garden can make or break your harvest. I am an avid food gardener and every year my back yard gardens hold a variety of fruits, veggies and herbs that I can feed my family. The first step is to plant in rich soil that is as natural and organic as I can find. I water regularly and inspect my plants frequently for problems. But, no matter how vigilant I am about growing healthy plants, the truth of the matter is that without beneficial insects, I will have very little harvest come summer! Insects … [Read more...]

Sun Loving Garden Plants and a #Gardening Linky and Update

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Organic Choice for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.Sometimes, finding the right spot in your yard to grow your garden is the first step to successfully growing your own food. Some plants like radishes, lettuce and rhubarb do very well in partial shade. However, there are a number of garden plants that thrive on the heat of 8 straight hours worth of sunlight. I have trouble growing those in my yard since I have so many mature trees blocking out the sun for part of the day. I have to … [Read more...]

5 Spring Garden Chores to Give Your Garden a Boost

We are already at the end of April and here in Georgia, spring is well on it's way. Of course, depending on where you live, you may just now be getting out into the garden to start your spring garden chores. The work you do BEFORE summer gets here, could ensure your garden's success this season. Planning ahead, being patient, and keeping a watchful eye out will help ensure that you have a wonderful harvest come July! Here are just a few of the spring garden chores that you should tackle  to ensure that you have plenty of produce to harvest this … [Read more...]

How to Plant a Teabag Garden

This discussion about how to plant a Teabag Garden has been sponsored. Ever have one of those days where the teenagers are belligerent, the dog escapes from the yard, and your dishwasher decides to start leaking all over your kitchen floor? I seem to have those days an awful lot! At the end of such a day I look forward to a cup of tea, usually accompanied by something in the chocolate family. Using teabags in the garden is a great way for me to reduce the carbon footprint of my teabags!A mug of hot chamomile tea can be the … [Read more...]

Tips for Planting a Butterfly Garden to Support the Pollinators!

Last year, my daughter's Girl Scout Troop planted a butterfly garden at the local elementary school. It was a very educational service project and the girls were in charge of every step of the process. They had to do the research on what types of plants to put in their butterfly garden, do the shopping, weed and plant the bed, and then water for a couple of months until it became established. They did a wonderful job and I like to think that they learned a few things along the way while still having plenty of fun! I thought I would share the … [Read more...]

Vegetable Gardening in the Southeast

I received one copy of Vegetable Gardening in the Southeast from the publisher at no charge to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on a link and make a purchase I will receive a few pennies to put towards my blogging adventure.I grew up in New England and my dad was an avid gardener. He was quite successful at it, too. Once you get all the rocks out of the ground, gardening in New England isn't too hard. You have a short growing season but we got so … [Read more...]

How To Start Growing Peanuts In Your Garden

This past summer I decided to try my hand at growing peanuts. Why do I want to grow peanuts? Because they are seriously nature's tiny miracle! There is so much goodness packed into one tiny little peanut! If I could grow them in my garden, I figured I would be well on my way to adding more of that nutritional goodness to my diet, right? Well, growing peanuts is not as easy at it seems! I am going to share my experience growing peanuts in the garden, however you can also grow peanuts in containers as well.  How to Grow Peanuts in … [Read more...]

Attract Birds to your Yard with Popcorn Balls!

This post about how to attract birds to your yard was inspired by a product I received for review but all opinions expressed are my own.Birds are one of a gardener's best friends. They are great at eating all those little pests that take over our garden plants every year. Caterpillars, beetles and all sorts of creepy crawlies do their best to leave us with fruits and veggies that are full of holes and very unappetizing. In order to attract birds to your yard, you want to create an environment that they feel safe in and that has everything … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Wooden Bird Feeder

This post has been sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions expressed are my own.My children’s favorite treats during the summer are ice and yogurt pops. As a result, we end up with an awful lot of wooden sticks by the time September rolls around. In an effort to reuse as much as possible, I give the sticks a good rinse and store them in my art bag for future crafts. One project that caught my eye this month was this easy, DIY wooden bird feeder. Bird watching is a favorite hobby at my house and a great learning experience for kids to help … [Read more...]

How to Freeze Zucchini

The other day, I went out to the garden and discovered two gigantic zucchini hiding under the leaves. Of course, I already have several zucchini in the refrigerator just waiting for me to make something delicious with it. During the summer it seems like everywhere I look I see tons of zucchini and it is incredibly cheap to buy. It makes sense to learn how to freeze zucchini so that when winter rolls around you can still be eating locally raised zucchini instead of vegetables imported from overseas. Once you learn how to freeze zucchini you will … [Read more...]