How to Start Saving Money on Organic Food

If you learn how to start saving money on organic food, you will be able to feed your family healthier without totally destroying your food budget.  Will you be able to do all of your family's grocery shopping for only a few dollars like you see on those extreme couponing shows?  No.  I'm sorry but that is very unlikely.  It's extremely frustrating that it is cheaper to eat junk than healthy foods but that is the reality of our current food system.  It seems like whenever the grocery store has a sale on cereal it's only the colored ones with … [Read more...]

Easy Tips for Grilling Vegetables Perfectly!

If you are looking for healthy barbecue ideas, these tips for grilling vegetables will come in handy this summer.  With grilling season in full swing, everyone is throwing hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.  What about grilling vegetables?  I rarely see slabs of eggplant or skewers of bell pepper on the grill at my neighborhood pool party. When you imagine a meal cooked over the grill, most people usually think of steaks, burgers and hot dogs. One way to reduce your carbon foot print this summer is to learn how to grill vegetables instead of … [Read more...]

Reasons to Support Sustainable Palm Oil Suppliers

A couple of days ago I received an email from asking me to sign a petition to encourage the Girl Scouts of America to remove palm oil from its list of ingredients due to environmental concerns. Why?  Because none of the palm oil in them comes from sustainable palm oil suppliers.   My daughter is a Girl Scout...thus requiring me to buy and eat large quantities of said cookies but I signed the petition anyhow.  As long as my Samoas are still tasty I am all for making them more environmentally friendly!  Then, I started wondering...what … [Read more...]

Why Should I Buy Organic Meat? Well, Here’s Why!

Have you ever asked yourself ' Why should I buy organic meat?'  I would like to give you a few reasons that I hope will convince you to make the switch. Recently,  I made a trip out to my local farmer to pick up some eggs.  I love being able to watch the hens foraging and see the pigs wallowing in their favorite mud puddle.  I have been buying all of my beef, pork and eggs from local farmers for the last several years and I have been thrilled with the quality of everything I have purchased.  Is it CHEAP? No!  Is it worth every penny is spend?  … [Read more...]

Sustainable Seafood Companies and the Importance of Sustainable Fishing

Having grown up on the coast of New England, I know a thing or two about seafood.  I know that lobster is ridiculously expensive but tastes divine.  I know that absolutely nothing tastes better than a fresh clam roll with tartar sauce and lemon.  And I know that no pantry should EVER be without a few cans of tuna.  But, guess what I know that is even more important than any of those things.  Can't guess?  Well, I also know that our oceans are in danger and when we support sustainable seafood companies, we are doing our part to protect the … [Read more...]

Buy Free Range Chicken and Take the #ChangeYourChicken Challenge!

Over the years, one of the things I have become most passionate about is the humane raising of animals for food.  Yes, I know I could just stop eating them and solve the problem completely.  However, we choose to limit our meat consumption and support farms that raise their animals humanely.  All of the pork and beef I buy comes from a small local farmer who raises them out in the field as humanely as possible.  One of the meats I have the most trouble finding locally is free range chicken.  I usually end up buying something called 'naturally … [Read more...]

How Do You Decide What Organic Products to Buy? #TATT

With the cost of groceries on the rise and concern over ingredients rising even faster, I find myself struggling with decision  making at the grocery store.  What organic products are the most important to buy?  Is it more important to buy organic produce and 'regular' cereal or should I make sure that all my corn based products are organic to avoid possible exposure to GMO ingredients?  Do I put my money into organic meat to ensure that it was raised humanely or am I supporting 'agribusiness' by not buying my meat from a small, local farmer?  … [Read more...]

Bottled Water: Let’s think about this, shall we?

My kids both play on a tennis team and one of the 'rules' of the governing body states that water must be provided for the players at every match. That sounds like a good plan, right?  Wouldn't want a bunch of dehydrated kids running around on the tennis courts.  However, this rule means that every single week somebody must provide bottled water and this week it is me.  I LOATH bottled water.  I really and truly see bottled water as the epitome of everything that is wrong with society today. We just throw money at something that we could … [Read more...]

Tips for Making Homemade Bread

Disclaimer:  I have been compensated for the posts I write for SC Johnson but all opinions expressed here are my own.Bread is a staple in our house, and, with hungry, growing teens, it is a great way to fill them up without spending a fortune. Making your own bread is an inexpensive and healthy option that also reduces your carbon footprint, since many pre-packaged food items can create a lot of waste. Although I am not an expert at baking bread, I have seen quite a lot of improvement in my skills over time. If you’re up for giving homemade … [Read more...]

Tips for a Greener Holiday Feast

This post about a greener holiday feast has been sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions expressed here are my own.The holidays are HERE  and many of us are preparing a huge holiday feast this week. With family and friends coming to visit, we often find ourselves struggling to figure out what to feed everyone. While it is easy to fall back on quick and easy solutions, those are not always the most eco-friendly decisions we could be making. With a little planning and thought, it’s possible to feed all your guests and reduce your small … [Read more...]

25 Popular Recipes from Turning the Clock Back and My New Year Food Goals

This post about my most popular recipes has been sponsored by Glam Media but all opinions expressed here are my own.If you have been following my blog for a while you will have learned a few key things about the type of foods I enjoy.  In my popular recipes this year I have tried to show my readers how to reduce the fat in things by adding yogurt instead of more fattening ingredients  I have showed you ways to hide nutritious things in your recipes so your kids don't know they are eating healthy.  I have shared my love of desserts, my … [Read more...]

How to Pack an Eco-friendly Lunchbox

This post on how to pack an eco friendly lunchbox has been sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions express are my own.School is finally back in session, and with that comes the task of preparing my children’s lunch each morning. There are several benefits that come with preparing your children’s lunch, including reducing your carbon footprint. Come check out my post on the SC Johnson Greener Choices blog to help you green your child’s lunch this school year! Disclaimer:  I am compensated for the articles I write for SC … [Read more...]

Handy Tips for Freezing Produce #SCJGreenerChoices

These tips for freezing produce have been sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions expressed here are my own.One of my favorite things about summer is the abundance of fresh produce available. If you are not a fan of gardening yourself, farmers markets make it easy to find locally grown fruits and vegetables. Stocking up on fresh produce during the summer and freezing it can save you quite a bit of money as the prices of produce go up during the winter season. If you enjoy gardening, freezing your harvest can be helpful if you don’t have a … [Read more...]

How to Freeze Zucchini

The other day, I went out to the garden and discovered two gigantic zucchini hiding under the leaves.  Of course, I already have several zucchini in the refrigerator just waiting for me to make something delicious with it.  During the summer it seems like everywhere I look I see tons of zucchini and it is incredibly cheap to buy.  It makes sense to learn how to freeze zucchini so that when winter rolls around you can still be eating locally raised zucchini instead of vegetables imported from overseas.  Once you learn how to freeze zucchini you … [Read more...]

Preserving Blueberries: My First Attempt at Canning! #sponsored

This post about preserving blueberries is sponsored by Fagor America.  I received their pressure canning kit at no charge to facilitate this post but all opinions are my own.Eating local, in season produce is easy when you live only a few hours from Florida and it is the peak of summer.  I go to farmers markets and even out to my own back yard and there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables available.  When winter gets here, however, all the produce is coming from Chili or South Africa and I refuse to buy things that are not grown … [Read more...]

Tips to Eat More Local This Year #SCJgreenerchoices #spon

These tips to eat more local this year are sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions expressed are my own.With spring comes an abundance of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. There are a number of ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your diet, one of which is to eat locally produced foods. Come check out my article on the SC Johnson Greener Choices blog to learn a few tips to help you eat more local foods!Disclaimer:  I have been compensated for the articles I write for SC Johnson but all opinions expressed are my own. … [Read more...]

Do you know where your Easter ham came from?

Easter is coming soon and I am really looking forward to cooking and spending time with my family.  Ham has become the traditional Easter food here in the US.  Back in the olden days, pigs were slaughtered in the fall. Since there was no refrigeration, the pork that wasn't eaten during the winter was cured for spring. This curing process took a long time and the first hams were ready right around Easter.  This made ham a natural choice for Easter dinner.  Many people will be heading out this weekend and  picking up an Easter ham for their fancy … [Read more...]