So you think you can slaughter a chicken?

┬áThink About This ThursdayThis morning I headed out to see my local farmer to pick up a share of heritage pork and grass fed beef to stock my freezer. Grabbed a couple dozen free range eggs while I was there and spent some time chatting while I checked out the new piglets. He told me about his new internship program and a few interesting stories about some of his 'students'.Now, let me say that I have thought for YEARS that I would gladly pay my farmer friend to teach me just 1/10 of what he knows about gardening and raising animals. I have … [Read more...]

Have you been Greenwashed?

This week I had an interesting chat with a couple of fellow green bloggers. One of them mentioned that she rarely wrote product reviews for beauty products any more because she just couldn't trust the company's honesty when it came to ingredient claims and certifications. This made me stop and think for a bit...I write reviews for beauty products quite frequently and never really considered that the companies could be outright lying about the ingredients or certifications of their products. I guess I am just naive to expect honesty and … [Read more...]