Grass Cutting Tips for a Green and Healthy Lawn

With the heat of summer in full force and lots of regular rainfall, our grass is growing incredibly fast.  I have started looking for a few grass cutting tips to keep our lawn as healthy as possible. Without a healthy lawn, the constant downpours cause erosion in my backyard.  The grass also keeps the dog from tracking in dirt regularly so proper lawn care is essential.  I don't like to add a lot of chemicals to my lawn and always look for natural lawn care tips first to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals.  If you are passionate about having … [Read more...]

Green and Healthy Picnic Ideas for Summer

Summer is here and if you are looking for some healthy picnic ideas, you have come to the right place! My teens have two more weeks of school and I am torn between excitement and dread for the coming months.  I love those kids like you would not believe but two teenagers at home all day every day is enough to stress out any mom!I find that the key to maintaining my sanity over the summer is two-fold.  Keep them well fed and get out of the house occasionally.  Both of those things can be accomplished by taking a picnic basket to the park.  … [Read more...]

Best Natural Weed Control and a New Way to Look at Weeds!

I have been spending quite a bit of time out in the yard for the last few weeks now that spring is finally here. The grass is growing like gangbusters, the garden plants are in their beds and there are tons of projects that need tending to.  One thing that I absolutely HATE doing is dealing with weeds.  Of course, since I refuse to spray them all with chemicals,  I am left searching for the best natural weed control methods I can find. This usually involve pulling them out by hand and swearing a lot!  It's hard work but it does work!This … [Read more...]

Frugal Landscaping Ideas: How to Upgrade Your Yard on a Budget!

This post about frugal landscaping ideas has been sponsored by Groupon.  All opinions expressed here are my own.My husband and I are passionate about our outdoor space.  From the patio and fish pond to the pots of jalapenos and pretty flowers by the mailbox.  It makes us happy to see an area that is both comfortable and attractive.  However, with two teens who have college aspirations, our budget is limited.  That means there is no hiring a gardener or spending a fortune on decorative lawn accessories.  We have found, over the years, that … [Read more...]

Tips for Adding Wild Bird Nesting Boxes to Your Yard

Last weekend, my family and I participated in the great backyard bird count.  We love bird watching and it was a great way to help scientists figure out migration patterns, population size, and habitat changes for local birds.  If you enjoy bird watching like we do, one thing you need to consider is adding wild bird nesting boxes to your yard.  Birds often return to the site they were hatched in order to lay their own eggs.  Adding nesting boxes to your yard will help ensure species survival and also increase the population of birds in your own … [Read more...]

Creating a Peaceful Backyard Space for the Perfect Place to Relax!

Yesterday, I looked at my yard and found the daffodils blooming.  After a dreary winter, my picnic table needs cleaning off and my yard needs some serious maintenance.  I am determined to start creating a peaceful backyard space when spring finally sets in full force.My family spends a lot of time outside during the warm months of spring and summer.  A cup of coffee during a morning fire or a glass of wine after dinner are great ways for us to relax together.  We have worked hard to create a peaceful backyard space over the last few years, … [Read more...]

How to Attract Beneficial Insects to Your Garden and a Garden Linky!

I am an avid food gardener and every year my back yard gardens hold a variety of fruits, veggies and herbs that I can feed my family.  I plant in rich soil that is as natural and organic as I can find.  I water regularly and inspect my plants frequently for problems.  But, no matter how vigilant I am about growing healthy plants, the truth of the matter is that without beneficial insects, I will have very little harvest come summer!  Insects are incredibly important to a backyard gardener and there are a lot of things we can do to ensure that … [Read more...]

How to be an Eco-Friendly Homeowner This Spring

I am compensated for the posts I write for SC Johnson but all opinions expressed here are my own.With the onset of spring  there are flowers to plant, lawns to mow and home repairs that need to be tackled. There are a number of changes we can make to our homes and yards to help reduce our impact on the world around us. When you sit down and plan your budget and list of “to-do’s” for the coming months, consider some of my recommendations on the SC Johnson Greener Choices blog for a more eco-friendlier season!  … [Read more...]

Spring Garden Chores, a Quick Update and a Garden Linky!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gro-ables for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.We are already at the end of April and here in Georgia, spring is well on it's way.  Of course, depending on where you live, you may just now be getting out into the garden to start your spring garden chores.  The work you do BEFORE summer gets here, could ensure your garden's success this season.  Planning ahead, being patient, and keeping a watchful eye out will help ensure that you have a wonderful harvest come July!  Here are just a … [Read more...]

Love Tea? Plant a Teabag Garden! #AmericasTea

This discussion about how to plant a Teabag Garden has been sponsored.  I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. This post contains affiliate links. #AmericasTea #CollectiveBias. Ever have one of those days where the teenagers are belligerent, the dog escapes from the yard, and your dishwasher decides to start leaking all over your kitchen floor? I seem to have those days an awful lot!  At the end of such a … [Read more...]

5 Cheap and Natural Organic Gardening Solutions

After the record amount of snowfall we have seen this winter, I am ready for spring to finally arrive.  Okay, Atlanta got a whopping total of about 5 inches of snow this winter but hey, that really is a record for this area!  The snow is finally melted and the daffodils are already starting to pop out of the ground.  In preparation for our organic gardening projects this summer, my husband turned the compost into the soil of one of the garden beds this weekend.  In a couple weeks I will start planting a few cool weather crops so I thought I … [Read more...]

Tips for a Healthy and Productive Spring Garden

Atlanta is finally starting to thaw out from #Snowmagedon and the sun is shining brightly onto what is left of our rare snowfall.  When I went outside earlier I could hear dripping from the roof and most of the grass is almost visible again.  My little garden beds lay empty (or full of now dead plants!) and they are just waiting for me to show them a little bit of love.  While my kids are having daydreams of more snowmen and hot chocolate,  I am having dreams of my upcoming spring garden.  I am tired of being cold and am looking forward to … [Read more...]

Green Up Your Camping Routine! #SCJgreenerchoices #spon

This post on how to green up your camping routine is sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions expressed are my own. Camping and hiking are two of my family’s favorite spring and summertime activities. I love getting back to nature, exploring the woods, cooking over a fire, and ignoring my cell phone every once in a while! Camping is a great way to teach children to appreciate nature and the importance of eco-friendly planning during trips. Check out my article on the SC Johnson Greener Choices blog for a few ways to reduce your … [Read more...]

Creating an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Living Space #SCJgreenerchoices #spon

This post about Eco-Friendly outdoor living spaces has been sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions expressed here are my own. My family spends quite a bit of time in our backyard during the spring and summer months. We love to grill, enjoy bonfires, entertain friends and just relax outside. Over the years, we have made a number of changes to our backyard and patio in an effort to create a more eco-friendly, outdoor living space. If you enjoy backyard entertaining and would like to improve the design of your terrace, consider some of my … [Read more...]