15 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Milk Jugs

One of my goals in the new year is to find ways to reuse things I have around my house. Since my daughter has a near obsession with milk, the one thing I am always recycling is plastic milk jugs. There are days I think I would be better off just buying my own cow but until my home owners association is willing to overlook livestock in the back yard, I am stuck buying milk in jugs from the store. I decided to start doing a bit of research on creative ways to reuse plastic milk jugs. If I could keep just one or two out of my recycling bin a month … [Read more...]

DIY Decorative Jar Lids for an Upcycled Valentine’s Day Treat Jar

Valentine's Day isn't really a huge deal in my house. I don't have small children and my teenagers think the holiday is a bit cheesy right now. My husband and I are not particularly the 'romantic' sort of couple. There is no flashy jewelry, trips to the spa or exotic vacations in store for us on Valentine's Day. But, I still want to do something simple for my husband to let him know I love him. He is, of course, the guy that kills cockroaches and unclogs drains. He deserves a little something special now and then! These decorative jar lids are … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Treasures and a DIY Washi Tape Picture Frame

I have been spending the last couple of weeks browsing around a few thrift stores and antique shops in my area. I love finding second hand treasures at affordable prices. The first few places I went to were 'antique shops' and I found that the prices were much higher than I was willing to spend. I like old things...I just don't want to spend a fortune on them just because they are OLD. I also don't want to buy things that I am just going to look at. I find that most antique shops have things that you would not actually use...old dolls, delicate … [Read more...]

How to Turn a Cereal Box into a Beautiful Gift Box

This morning when the kids got up I made them breakfast like I do every weekday morning. I was very energetic and poured cereal into a bowl. I'm not overly ambitious at 6 AM. After putting the bowls on the table I was left with yet another empty cereal box to throw into the recycle bin. I am sure just about every household in American throws away a cereal box or two every week! I decided to put my scissors and washi tape to good use and turn that cereal box into something slightly more useful!You can make this gift box out of just about any … [Read more...]

Recycled Craft Idea: Make these easy CD coasters!

Last week my husband came home from work and told me he had brought me home a GIFT! YAY for gifts, right? Was it diamonds? Chocolate? Maybe a trip to a spa? Nope, my husband brought me home a stack of old CDs from work that were about to be thrown in the trash! Well, at least my 'live green' message is getting through to somebody, right? Since I now had a stack of old CDs to use, I started to look through recycled craft ideas on Pinterest to figure out what do do with them. You would be amazed at how many recycled crafts there are on the … [Read more...]

Creative Uses for Orange Peels

I have been compensated for the articles I write for SC Johnson but all opinions expressed here are my own.My children love fruit – especially oranges – and we go through a ton of them! Oranges are sweet, easily transportable and loaded with vitamin C to help fight off colds. While they make great snacks, they leave behind a large amount of waste − their peels. What most people don’t know, however, is that orange peels have a number of beneficial household uses as well! So the next time you go to toss those peels away, consider reusing them … [Read more...]

How to Reuse Aluminum Foil

I have been compensated for the articles I write for SC Johnson but all opinions expressed are my own.One of my least favorite chores of all time is cleaning residue off my cookie sheets. We’ve all been there, you forget to spray the pan with oil before placing it in the oven and before you know it, you have a hardened mess on your hands. In order to make my life easier and avoid mistakes such as this, I’ve learned to line my sheets with aluminum foil. However, doing this leaves me with an abundant amount of used foil that I hate throwing … [Read more...]

Creative Uses for Old Mason Jars

I have been compensated for the articles I write for SC Johnson but all opinions expressed are my own.A few months ago I decided to try my hand at canning blueberries, and, although it was fun, it turned out to be a lot of work. Surprisingly enough, the canned blueberries have lasted me a while (I’m still going through my summer batch!) but have also left me with a cabinet full of empty jars and lids ready to be put to use. Check out my article on the SC Johnson Greener Choices blog for a few creative uses for your old mason jars. If you do … [Read more...]

Creative Ways to Reuse Your Mint Tins

This post about reusing mint tins has been sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions expressed are my own.Heading through the grocery checkout line with kids can be challenging−especially with items such as soda, candy and toys placed at the end of every aisle within easy reach. One thing I always seem to say yes to is a tin of mints. Everyone loves having fresh breath so keeping a tin of mints tucked into a purse or car can come in handy. At the end of the month, however, there are several empty mint tins that inevitably end up in the … [Read more...]

Need Altoids Tin Projects? Make a Tic-tac-toe Travel Game!

I always seem to have a tin of mints in my purse and my all time favorite brand is Altoids. This means that I have accumulated a large number of Altoid tins over the past few years. Rather than recycle all of these tins,  I have been trying to find ways to reuse them occasionally. There are a lot of creative ways to re-purpose Altoids tins like I did in my homemade lip balm post. I have been looking for other Altoids tin projects and I came up with a simple Tic-tac-toe travel game that takes only a few minutes to make. I am including a photo … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Wooden Bird Feeder

This post has been sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions expressed are my own.My children’s favorite treats during the summer are ice and yogurt pops. As a result, we end up with an awful lot of wooden sticks by the time September rolls around. In an effort to reuse as much as possible, I give the sticks a good rinse and store them in my art bag for future crafts. One project that caught my eye this month was this easy, DIY wooden bird feeder. Bird watching is a favorite hobby at my house and a great learning experience for kids to help … [Read more...]

Tips for Cutting Air Conditioning Costs

These tips for cutting air conditioning cost are sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions expressed are my own.Spring has come and gone leaving us with the heat of the summer blaring in full force. Living in the south, the heat forces us to run our air conditioners for at least six months out of every year. As a result, we are left with staggering electric bills. One way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint is to minimize the amount of work that your air conditioner has to do. Check out my post on the SC Johnson Greener Choices … [Read more...]

Need Eco Friendly Crafts? Make Yogurt Cup Bracelets!

If you are looking for eco friendly crafts, yogurt cups come in very handy! Every week I go to the grocery store and spend about $20 just on yogurt. Yes, we do like the high-quality brand name yogurts but still, there are a lot of yogurt containers in my cart every week. Big ones, small ones, and all sorts of shapes...yogurt containers can be used for many things including a few a few eco friendly crafts. Since my daughter is very crafty and has a slight addiction to the hot glue gun, I am always looking for creative ways for her to keep busy. … [Read more...]

Creative Uses for Your Tin Cans #SCJgreenerchoices #spon

This post about creative uses for your tin cans is sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions expressed are my own.I've found that a lot of the products I purchase come in tin cans. While I always recycle them, I also try to find creative ways to re-purpose them. Remember,  as a first step, properly clean each can and file any sharp edges. Consider lining the edges with Duct or masking tape for extra protection. Also, please supervise your children during these crafts. You can check out the directions for a tin can birdfeeder or head over … [Read more...]

Creative Ways to Reuse Bottle Caps #SCJGreenerChoices #sp

This post on ways to reuse bottle caps is sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions are my own.Many years ago my husband installed a wall-mounted bottle cap remover in our garage and placed a box under it to catch all of the caps once removed. After several years we have quite a collection of bottle caps and have started to wonder what to do with them all! Check out article on the SC Johnson Greener Choices blog for some of the fun, creative ideas I came up with! Ways to Reuse Bottle CapsDisclaimer:  I have been compensated for the … [Read more...]

Hummer: The Military Assault Vehicle of the Suburbs

As I drive around town in the suburbs of Atlanta, I am constantly amazed at the number of people driving Hummers back and forth to Target. Next to that military assault vehicle, my puny little pickup truck looks like a matchbox car. I know living in the suburbs can seem a little bit like an upscale war. We fight crowds at Walmart, enact military maneuvers to grab the last empty parking space at the mall, and decode the mysterious terminology that comes out of the mouths of our teenagers. However, I do not see any reason why a person would … [Read more...]