Healthy Labor Day Party Tips

Summer is drawing to a close and September is almost here. Are you looking for Labor Day party ideas that won't completely ruin your diet? Healthy Labor Day party menus should include fresh summer produce, plenty of grilled dishes and even refreshing cocktails. Soak up the sun and, enjoy some relaxation and fun with your family and friends with these healthy Labor Day party tips.Healthy Labor Day Party Tips As a last hoorah to end the summer, our neighborhood always throws a huge Labor Day pool party complete with BBQ and an assortment … [Read more...]

7 Reasons to Start Running to Lose Weight

Running to lose weight can be a great addition to your workout regimen. The struggle to lose weight isn't always an easy battle. Counting calories, making time for exercise, and that frustrating morning weigh in can eventually have people throwing in the towel and reaching for the potato chips. Struggling on your weight loss journey? Maybe you should start running to lose weight!Can you lose weight just by running? Dropping those extra pounds is a numbers game. Burn more calories than you consume and pounds will disappear. How do … [Read more...]

Heart Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Adopt Right Now

This conversation about heart-healthy lifestyle tips has been sponsored by St. Joseph® Low Dose Aspirin.  All opinions are my own.Last fall, I got a frantic call from my father.  My mother had been taken to the emergency room with heart problems.  I flew home the next day and things were touch-and-go for several days.  Thankfully, she recovered enough strength for a heart valve replacement.  After months of physical therapy and recovery, she is doing significantly better.  It was an eye-opening event that made … [Read more...]

Healthy Summer Tips for the Whole Family

Wondering how to have a happy, healthy summer vacation?  Here are a few healthy summer tips for the whole family to ensure that the next few months are both fun and safe!Healthy Summer Tips for the Whole Family Summer is here (even if the calendar says it isn't!) and the weather is HOT.  Summer vacation brings a relaxed atmosphere to the house that I love but having two teens lounging about all day is enough to drive me batty.I have already started planning ways to create a happy and healthy summer for the whole family. … [Read more...]

Use These 10 Essential Oils to Strengthen the Immune System

If staying healthy and preventing illness are on your mind, there are many natural ways to boost immunity.  Are you considering essential oils to strengthen the immune system? Essential oils for health are one part of an overall healthy lifestyle that you may want to consider. Disease Spread on a Global Scale For the last few months, it seems like everyone is running around like a chicken with it's head cut off freaking out about disease. Whether they're worried about Ebola, the flu or the recent measles outbreak, everyone is … [Read more...]

How To Maintain Heart Health As You Age

This post about how to maintain heart health as you age is sponsored by MitoQ.  All opinions expressed here are my own.Last fall, I got a frantic call from my father.  My mother had been hospitalized due to heart problems and the prognosis was grim.  Prior to this moment, I knew my mother had a heart murmur.  She had mentioned to me a few days previously that her doctor had recommended a valve replacement.  But she never hinted that her heart problems were life threatening.  I flew home to be with my parents … [Read more...]

National Nutrition Month Ideas for Healthy Living

These National Nutrition Month Ideas for Healthy Living are sponsored by BabbleBoxx.  However, all opinions are my own.   Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month?  Who knew that nutrition had it's own month, right?  Need ideas for healthy living to kick start your journey to better health?  I have some great products to share with you.  Share these National Nutrition Month ideas with your friends and family.  Don't get healthy alone!  The journey to a healthy life is way more fun if you have … [Read more...]

Tart Cherry Moon Milk Recipe for Relaxation and Better Sleep

Moon milk is a relatively new wellness trend that has been incredibly popular in the last year.  What is moon milk exactly?  Basically, it is an upscale, yuppy, herbal variation on the glass of warm milk at bedtime.  If you are looking for relaxation and better sleep, this tart cherry moon milk recipe may be just the thing you need!When Relaxation and Better Sleep Elude You The last 6 months have been incredibly stressful for me.  In October, my mom was hospitalized with heart problems.  Despite a grim prognosis, … [Read more...]

7 Effective Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain

 Natural remedies for chronic pain are not always as easy as just popping a pill. I have been dealing with chronic pain for years. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with something called myofascial pain syndrome. It's a disease similar to Fibromyalgia but slightly different in how it presents. Basically, I suffer from chronic muscle stiffness, muscle spasms, chronic inflammation, and trigger points throughout my whole body and no one knows why.  Oh joy, right?  Basically, that means I am searching for chronic pain relief … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Medicine Cabinet

Despite the deplorable weather, I can assure you that spring really is on it's way! Here in Georgia, I already have trees forming tiny buds, daffodils blooming, and bluebirds checking out our bird houses. With the warmer weather comes an inherent need to spring clean my house. Since expired medicine can be ineffective (and possibly dangerous),  cleaning and organizing the medicine cabinet are incredibly important.  I thought a would share a few spring cleaning tips for your medicine cabinet to help you get started.Spring … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Nutritional Benefits of Indian Cuisine With These Delicious Ideas

My husband and I are adventurous foodies.  We have eaten alligator on a stick at a Texas fair and wild boar from our hunter friends.  In addition, we also love a wide assortment of ethnic cuisine.  Bold spices, exotic foods, and small local restaurants always get us excited to eat!  One cuisine we have been eating more of lately is Indian food. There are a ton of nutritional benefits of Indian cuisine that makes me feel good about eating it!With our reduction in meat consumption comes a renewed exploration of … [Read more...]

Simple Meditation Tips for Mindful Living

One of my goals for the new year is to stop multitasking and learn to focus my mind on one thing at a time. I want to quiet my mind from the chaos that is constantly scrolling through it and decided to share some simple meditation tips if you want to join me.   Meditation is different for everyone.  You may prefer guided meditation or using meditation videos to help you relax.  There is no one RIGHT way to meditate but hopefully this post will get you started on a mindfulness meditation journey that will help you relax and … [Read more...]

Staying Fit After 50 Is Easier With These Simple Tips

This post about staying fit after 50 has been sponsored. All opinions expressed here are my own.When I was in my 20s, staying fit was easy. I had a supercharged metabolism and plenty of time to exercise. In my 30s, I had small kids to chase around all day and not as much time to work out but staying fit seemed to still be in my reach. Now that I am in my 40s, things are a bit more challenging. My metabolism is slowing down and between work and kids, finding time to work out isn't always easy.I am going to be 50 in a couple of … [Read more...]

Mental Health and Teens: Does Your Child Need Counseling?

This post about counseling, mental health and teens has been sponsored.  All opinions are my own.As the mom of two teens, I worry about the amount of stress in their lives.  Grades, social media, and societal expectations create a huge amount of angst in kids who's hormone levels are fluctuating like mad. Our community, like many in the US, has been shocked by teen suicide, gun violence, and other events that may be the result of extreme stress. Mental health and teens is a topic that needs to be addressed more often and … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Getting a Cold This Winter

Learn how to avoid getting a cold this winter and your life will be significantly easier. No more sick days, no more passing that cold between every member of your family, and no more feeling like your head will explode unless your husband goes out right now and buys you some decongestant. I am working on avoiding germs and boosting immunity in between prayers for good health. Want to join me in my quest for winter health?  Whip up a batch of my natural flu shot remedy and fight off the flu before it starts!How to Avoid Getting a … [Read more...]

Stress and Nutrition: Improve Childhood Mental Health With Nutritious Food

This post about stress and nutrition is in partnership with, an initiative of the Center for Youth Wellness.  All opinions are my own.   Food plays a critical role in our lives.  It not only nourishes our bodies, but also fuels our minds and brings us together with friends and family. Of course, we know how food affects our bodies: Nutritious foods keep us healthy and energized. Eating too much junk food often causes our bodies to put on excess weight and our arteries to get clogged.  It's the same with … [Read more...]

Understanding the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Allwell Medicare. All opinions are 100% mine.   I spent 15 years working in a large, retail pharmacy.  We got several phone calls every week asking about health insurance and prescription coverage.  And when open enrollment rolled around, we got 10 times that many calls!  Open enrollment runs from October 15 to December 7.  It is during that time when people begin purchasing health insurance for the following year.  And if you (or your loved ones) … [Read more...]

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Effects on Mental Health

This post is in partnership with, an initiative of the Center for Youth Wellness.  All opinions are my own.I was very lucky as a child that I came from a home with very little stress.  Sure, there was arguing over grades or limits that my sister and I didn't like.  We argued with our parents like most kids probably do. But I had two loving and capable parents present every day, and that shaped how I raise my own kids.  I know that not all children are as lucky as I was and as lucky as I think my own kids are. And those … [Read more...]

Teaching Medication Safety to Teenagers

This post about teaching medication safety to teenagers has been sponsored by Influence Central as part of an Influencer Activation.  All opinions expressed in my post are my own.My son left for college in August.  When he left, I sent him with a large box of over the counter medications.  I also shared dozens of medication safety tips with him.  From reading the labels to checking expiration dates, I told him as much as I could. Since I spent 15 years as a pharmacy technician, medication safety is a very big issue for me.  However, when he … [Read more...]