#Fitness Friday: Track your progress with the iHealth Digital Scale

Growing up, my mom always seemed to be battling her weight. I vowed early on that I would take better care of myself so that hopefully I would never have to go through the lifelong struggles that she has. I try to be careful with what I eat and exercise when I can but as I approach 40 it is getting harder and harder to stay at my target weight. With swimsuit season fast approaching, it is time to get serious about losing that 10 extra pounds that has snuck up on me! I recently received the iHealth Digital Scale from Best Buy to try out. The … [Read more...]

A Little #Fitness Humor from Pinterest

 Ah, the magic of the Internet provides some humor and inspiration for those of us that are fitness challenged. 2 days ago I decided on a nice long, brisk walk...I was too lazy (HAH) to find my way to my supportive running shoes so I grabbed my old sketchers instead. I have been limping for 2 days now with a foot injury. Yep, I injured myself WALKING. About as bad as the time I hurt my back bending over to pick up a piece of paper! So, I leave you with a few inspirational and humorous fitness photos from Pinterest!This...in honor of my husband … [Read more...]

#Fitness Friday: I got nothin’….exept germs!

Apparently I came home from my husband's Disney Marathon with some kind of mutant germ that is trying it's best to kill me. I have been sick for about 10 days now...I started out with my normal holistic regimen of saline, herbal teas, vitamins, fluids and sleep. I have moved on to self medicating with my kid's steroids and inhalers in an attempt to not cough up a lung. I am about to throw in the towel against these Micky Mouse mutant microbes and head to the doctor for a round of antibiotics. Since I am allergic to just about every common … [Read more...]

#Fitness Friday: Fit grownups make fit kids

If my son were an animal he would be a sloth. Honestly, that boy only moves fast when there is food on the table! TV and video games are not allowed during the week so he spends his time reading, doing Lego's, or some other stationary activity. Even when he goes outside to play he like to climb a tree and just 'think' (as he puts it...). My daughter on the other hand is like a baby bunny...cute and cuddly but hopping in a million different directions. Her nickname at school is 'Wiggles'. How I got 2 such different kids I really don't know! If … [Read more...]

#Fitness Friday: Running for a Mickey medal!

Fitness FridayMy husband is an avid runner and several months ago he and a few of his co workers decided that they were going to start training for a marathon. He has run 10k's and half marathons but never a full marathon until now. For those of you who are NOT runners...a marathon is 26+ miles. Yes, he is voluntarily running 26 miles. This will be several hours of running and I don't know how he does it, to be honest! But, he has been seriously focused for the last few months. So, this afternoon we leave for a 4 day trip to Disney so he can … [Read more...]

Last minute gift idea! Country Dance 2 Wii game! #Fitness Friday

Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds or you just really love country music, put your dancing shoes on, grab your Wii remote and start movin' to the music! Country Dance 2 for Wii has over 18 CMA award winning artists and 30+ songs for you to enjoy. Did you know that thirty minutes of line dancing burns about 150 calories??Some information about the game:  Basically, you just grab your Wii remote and try to replicate the dance moves on the screen in order to earn  points. Up to 4 players can dance at the same time and it even offers a … [Read more...]

#Fitness Friday: Organic yoga clothing from Prancing Leopard and a discount code!

The last few weeks have been fairly hectic and the stress is starting to show in the muscle knots of my shoulders! According to WebMD, Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years and right now close to 11 million people are enjoying this form of fitness. By stretching your muscles through various yoga poses, you release the lactic acid that builds up with muscle use and causes stiffness, tension, pain, and fatigue. The result is increase flexibility and range of motion in joints. It feels so wonderul after a stressful day to just lay on … [Read more...]

#Fitness Friday: Sleep your way to a skinnier you!

Losing weight is hard, especially during this time of year when holiday parties, cheese balls, and candy canes all conspire against us! Stress and a really long to do list can mean late nights and very little sleep. Combine a shorter night sleep with an increased number of calories and it is no wonder our underwear seems to be shrinking! Recent studies have shown that people who sleep less have a tendency to WEIGH more. Two studies conducted at the University of Chicago in Illinois and at Stanford University in California have looked into the … [Read more...]

Let Fitbit help you make every step count! #Fitness Friday

Over the last few years I have become much more sedentary than I used to be. When my kids were younger I spent all day chasing them around the house, taking them to the park, and popping them in the stroller for a walk just so they would stop touching things they weren't supposed to be touching! Now that the kids are older, they don't require quite so much chasing any more and I have become way too familiar with my couch. Sure, we might go hiking on the weekend or I might strap on the running shoes for a Saturday morning run but my day to day … [Read more...]

Hitting the mall can be good for your health! #fitness

If you are heading out the the mall today to do some shopping you may have to battle more crowds than the cyber shoppers but YOU will be burning more calories while you shop! How many? Well, that depends on your body weight, how fast you walk, how many heavy packages you are carrying, and numerous other factors. According to Nutrition ATC,  a 3 hour shopping trip to the mall will burn at least twice the number of calories that sitting on your couch and shopping from your laptop will burn.So, if you are looking to work off a few of those slices … [Read more...]

Getting Fit One Step at a Time! #fitness

Fitness FridaySo,  the holidays are fast approaching and along with them comes the cookies, candies, eggnog, company parties and all those other sweet and tasty events that conspire to add inches to our hips and make our diet goals just fly out the window! There is no magic pill when it comes to keeping weight off...it is a numerical formula...how many calories come IN and how many calories get burned OFF. Since I have no willpower when it comes to sweets, my caloric intake is going to go UP in the next few months. The only way I am going to … [Read more...]