Should You Consider Long Term Care Insurance? #GenworthUSA

This discussion about long term care insurance is brought to you by Genworth  and Brandfluential but all opinions expressed are my own.My grandmother is 92 years old and a few months ago had to leave home and begin living in a nursing home. It makes me sad to think that she is no longer living independently like she is used to but this was the best choice in terms of her health and well being. She doesn't care for her current living situation that much. She  really hates that the money she worked so hard to earn all her life is now being … [Read more...]

Genetic Testing Made Easy with 23andMe (#23andMeGenetics #sponsored )

In my pre kids life I worked doing medical research in both an academic and hospital setting. When I got pregnant with my first child I was working at Texas Children's Hospital and every week I saw children who were coming to the facility to be treated for a range of horrible illnesses. I began to wonder if ALL kids were afflicted with one problem or another since there seemed to be so many of them at the hospital. I worried for the health of my unborn child right up until he was born and the doctor gave him a clean bill of health. There are so … [Read more...]

Tips for Caring for Kids Teeth with Braces

Caring for kids teeth with braces is incredibly challenging. When my children were younger, we worked hard to get them to do a good job brushing their teeth. We would buy fruity tasting toothpaste and sing songs to remind them how long they should be brushing for. Once they got the hang of things, I pretty much began ignoring tooth brushing time for about 10 years. I figured they were old enough to do it by themselves and it was one less thing for me to worry about, right? As long as the dentist said their teeth looked okay I wasn't going to … [Read more...]

Natural Fruit Bars Make Getting Healthy Oh So Sweet! #FreshNFruti #sponsored

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community. This natural fruit bars shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.I have mentioned many times over the years that I have a weakness for dessert. Dinner usually includes a little something sweet at the end and when I find myself cruising the pantry for something to snack on,  my eyes are always drawn to sweets rather than the more healthy options in there. Getting healthy can be difficult if you have a sweet tooth! … [Read more...]

Health Care Costs: Can You Afford to NOT Have Insurance? #sponsored

This discussion about health care costs has been sponsored by Aflac and Mom Central Consulting but all opinions are my own.Health care costs are on the rise and with people sometimes struggling to make ends meat,  many families are choosing to cut corners on their insurance and medical needs. I work as a pharmacy technician and every day my patients come to me and ask how to save money on their prescriptions. They look at the copay that their insurance company charges them and wonder why it is so high. Inevitably, they ask "How much would … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Organic Food #DigIn #Ad

This organic food article is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.Organic food is not cheap. Unfortunately, many people are discouraged when they go to the grocery store and see the price tag on organic food and end  up buying something else. Gardening organically is an enjoyable way for me to provide my family with organic food without going broke. Is organic gardening easy? Nope, not in the least! I spend a lot of my summer sweaty, dirty, and picking bugs off of my plants by hand. I guess I must be slightly nuts but … [Read more...]

Stay Healthy Naturally and a Provella Probiotic #Giveaway (#sponsored)

This post on how to  stay healthy naturally is sponsored by Provella and Mom Central but all opinions are my own.As a busy mom, I do not always take the best care of myself. My life can be chaotic...I work 2 jobs, there are kids asking me silly questions like what a rational number is or how to do their algebra homework. My husband seems to be forever sending me things to this bill, buy food for the next tennis match, or maybe can I start planning our summer vacation? Sure, in all my free time I will get right on that! I am sure … [Read more...]

Pampering Ideas that are Eco-friendly

This pampering ideas article is a guest post from Ellen at Confessions of an Overworked Mom. I hope you enjoy learning about how she finds time to pamper herself naturally! As a busy mom, pampering ideas are something that I rely on regularly at the end of a long day. After dealing with work, kids, husband, house, and animals, I need a little bit of relaxation to regain my focus. It seems as though many of the pampering ideas that I find in stores aren't really very eco-friendly. I have come up with a few pampering ideas that I use regularly … [Read more...]

Know How to Get More Fruit in Your Diet?

Knowing how to get more fruit in your diet will come in handy if you are trying to improve your health. Have you ever heard the expression that you should be eating a rainbow of foods every week? Do you know what that means? Basically, you should be eating something of every color at least once during a 7 day period. Fruits and vegetables all have different types of nutrients so eating a varied diet can help ensure that you cover all of your nutritional needs. Green vegetables are higher in different nutrients than bright red strawberries so … [Read more...]

Incorporating Nature Made Vitamins into a Healthy Lifestyle #spon

If you have been following my blog for the last few months, you will have noticed a few posts about healthy living and my becoming a Nature Made Ambassador. I was given the chance to visit the Nature Made vitamins headquarters out in California and spent 2 days learning all about the new Nature Made Vitamelts. While I was there, I also got the chance to visit the Nature Made packaging facility and speak with the scientists who are actively researching the science of vitamins. As a scientist myself, I was really impressed with the quality of … [Read more...]

Healthy Eating Tips: Easy changes for better health

Disclaimer: This healthy eating post is sponsored by Zevia but all opinions expressed are my own.I have tried hard over the last several years to get my family on board with my healthy eating plan. I find that by changing the way I shop and by taking more time to prepare foods from scratch I tend to eat healthier. Healthy eating isn't always easy for me. I like chips and junk food just as much as the next girl but keeping it out of my house is the first step towards not eating it! Sure, when I go out with friends I splurge on chips and … [Read more...]

Healthy Eating Made Easy With Yopa!

I like to think that I take fairly good care of myself most days but to be honest, it is something I have to work at. Healthy eating and exercise are important in order to stay in good shape but some days, life gets in the way. There are days that I am running errands for several hours or sitting around watching my kid's tennis match. Times like these, it is easy to forget about healthy eating and instead grab junk food to make it through the days. However, when I do that I can definitely tell a difference in how I feel. I run low on energy, … [Read more...]

My On The Go Routine With Sunsweet #AmazingPrune #spon

As a busy mom, I find myself constantly on the go with my kids. Between school, work, sports and errands I spend a lot of time in my car. I have found that I get awfully hungry throughout the day and, if I don’t plan ahead, I have a tendency to stop at the drive-through for a quick pick me up. Come check out my article on the Spry Living website to learn how I incorporate Sunsweet products into my on the go routine. I made some delicious Banana Prune Muffins so along with my on the go tips, you can get a great recipe for these healthy Sunsweet … [Read more...]

Mushrooms Can Boost The Nutrition Of Your Recipes! #sp

Disclosure; This article about mushrooms is brought to you by the Mushroom Council. I received compensation for providing you with this information but all opinions are my own.I am always trying to find healthy new recipes that my family enjoys. We are increasing our intake of fruits and vegetables, reducing meat consumption and trying to boost the nutrition of every meal. Of course, feeding a family of 4 who all have very different preferences when it comes to foods is not always easy. Inevitably, I get some thumbs up and some wrinkled … [Read more...]

Light Up Your Workout Routine With Panther Vision

Have you ever tried walking a hyper dog at night with your hands full of leash, flashlight, and a bag of something that said dog decided to leave in your neighbor's yard? Ever try running at night while gripping a flashlight in your sweaty hand? How about camping in the middle of nowhere and trying to pee on a tree at night while holding on to a flashlight and a roll of biodegradable toilet paper? I have done all of these things and can tell you, an extra hand would have really come in...well...handy! While walking, running and hiking in the … [Read more...]

Tips for Healthy Living with Sunsweet Prunes! #AmazingPrune #spon

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a wide variety of products from Sunsweet Prunes and learn about ways in which they fit into my healthy lifestyle. Ever since I hit 40,  I have been much more conscious of my health than I ever was when I was young. Issues like bone health, fiber and antioxidants all of a sudden are becoming much more important to me. I would love to have you check out my article on the Spry Living website to find out more about how dried plums (otherwise known as prunes!) can play an important part in your own … [Read more...]

Get Healthy With These Simple Steps for Busy Moms!

As a busy mom, I don't get a lot of free time to myself. With two jobs and two kids I feel like I am constantly being pulled in 10 different directions. I do not have time to spend 3 hours at the gym or plan complicated diet programs. I barely have time to eat breakfast most days! Just because I am busy doesn't mean I want to ignore my health. I just need to find simple and FAST ways to get healthy by incorporating small changes into my everyday life. If you are just as busy as I am, you might try to include these simple steps to get healthy … [Read more...]

A Vitamin Day Pledge and 10 Tips for a Healthier You

 Did you know that today is National Vitamin Day? I honestly  never knew such a thing existed until I got chosen to be a Nature Made Ambassador. On my trip to the Nature Made facilities I learned a ton of great information about vitamins. One of the most important messages that I took away from that visit was that vitamins are not meant as a substitute for healthy living. They are just designed to fill in the gaps when our nutrition and lifestyle don't quite meet our needs. This year, I have vowed to take better care of myself and … [Read more...]

Heath Benefits of Coconut Water in Your Diet

In the last couple of years, my husband has started running marathons and the training can be rather brutal at times. While I don't mind the occasional jog of a mile or two, he regularly runs 10 or 15 miles (or even more) and actually enjoys it. Yes, I think he is a little crazy, too, but he is certainly staying healthy! When he runs, he sweats. And I don't mean he sweats just a LITTLE bit. I mean it looks like he jumped in a pool by the time he has finished his run. Because of this, he really has trouble trying to stay hydrated during his … [Read more...]