Homemade Cherry Ice Cream Recipe With Chocolate Chips

Making homemade ice cream isn't something I do very often.  However, it is a delicious summer dessert that just NEEDS to be made at least once when the weather is hot!  Cherry ice cream is one of my favorites and adding chocolate chips is an absolute must.  This homemade cherry ice cream recipe is easy to make and will be a big hit with both kids and adults! If you are looking for cherry recipes this summer, try this one! Tips for Making Homemade Ice Cream Want to make homemade ice cream but aren't sure where to … [Read more...]

Easy Peach Icecream Recipe Perfect for a Summer Dessert!

We are in full peach season here in Georgia and they are delicious in this easy peach icecream recipe! I have been buying them every week at the local farmers market and the kids are eating several a day. When you need a summer dessert, fresh fruit is delicious. However, turn it into homemade icecream and it tastes even better! My husband (wonderful man that he is!) decided to try making Peach Ice cream with the ice cream maker that hasn't seen the light of day since I found it at a garage sale 15 years ago! Ours looks exactly … [Read more...]

Kahlua Chocolate Truffle Recipe

I make homemade candy and this Kahlua chocolate truffle recipe is one of my favorites. I don't have a lot of hobbies but I take pride in my homemade candy! Every year at Christmas I make up to 17 different varieties totaling about 30-40 pounds.Boxes of homemade chocolate truffles go to neighbors, teachers, friends, and family and the list grows every year. Actually, I am starting to have people ask to get ON the list which is becoming a problem because the list is getting LONG and I am running out of candy!Kahlua Chocolate Truffle … [Read more...]