Roasted Beet Salad with Blue Cheese and Walnuts

A few days ago I was writing a gardening post called 5 Plants for an Early Spring Garden. I found a beautiful stock photo of beets to use in the post and have been craving them ever since! When I was growing up, beets were strictly a canned food item and we didn't eat them very often. I remember they were always rather bland and I had honestly never seen one with a stem and leaves still on them. As a gardener, I have not had too much luck growing my own beets yet. I keep trying but the heat here in Georgia makes keeping the soil  consistently … [Read more...]

Easy Apricot Jam Recipe with no Canning Required!

Did you know that National Apricot Day is January 9th? Did you even know that National Apricot Day existed? No? Me neither! Seriously, though, I love apricots and almost always keep them in my pantry for a quick, healthy snack. Dried fruit has tons of fiber and since it is relatively high in sugar it satisfies my craving for sweets without making me feel too horribly guilty. When I was at Sprouts Farmers Market a few days ago, I picked up a pound of dried apricots to use in this homemade jam recipe. I don't make a lot of homemade jam because I … [Read more...]

Homemade Pretzels with Beer Cheese is a Delicious Oktoberfest Recipe!

My husband and I love traveling, although we don't get to go as often as we should. One place we have been to quite a few times is Cincinnati, OH because we have family there. With a strong German heritage on my husband's side, we were immediately drawn to a restaurant nearby called Haufbrau House. Every time we go, we make sure to get their homemade pretzels with beer cheese which are honestly to die for. They serve them with a delicious beer cheese and the whole experience is just magical.I decided to try making homemade pretzels myself … [Read more...]

Homemade ginger syrup recipe and what to do with it!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was horribly nauseous for about 10 hours out of every day. Whoever started calling it 'morning sickness' got it totally wrong for me. I was sick from lunchtime until bedtime for 6 months. Since ginger is such a great anti nausea treatment I started inhaling it every way I could find it. Ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger snaps and even hard ginger candies went with me everywhere. The nausea went away when my daughter was born but I had developed a taste for ginger that has stuck around ever since. It is … [Read more...]

How to Make Homemade Croutons

Now that we are home from vacation my husband and I feel a desperate need to start eating healthy again! Too much meat, fried foods, desserts and alcohol were consumed over the last two weeks. I have stocked up on salad ingredients and we will be eating a lot of greenery in the coming weeks. My son's favorite part of the salad is (of course!) the croutons on top. Croutons are nothing but toasted and flavored bread so I have no idea why the cost so darn much at the grocery store! Homemade croutons would be much cheaper, right?I decided … [Read more...]

Whipped Blackberry Honey Butter Recipe

I am sadly reaching the end of my blackberry harvest. The hot temperatures and minimal rainfall have pretty much ended the berry production on my plants. I am happy to have harvested several good sized bowl fulls to put on cereal or just eat by the handful. I had a few handfuls left of the last batch and was looking for something creative to do with them. I decided to put together a whipped honey butter and incorporate the blackberries into it. Honey butter is a huge treat when I go to restaurants...I slather it on rolls and would lick the bowl … [Read more...]

Zucchini Carrot Slaw and a Zucchini Recipe Collection

This zucchini recipe collection has been sponsored by but all opinions expressed here are my own.For years I have been struggling to grow zucchini and squash in my garden with almost no luck at all. Every year the dreaded squash bugs have destroyed my plants before I can actually get any zucchini from them. This year, I tried using 2 different organic approved pesticides in my garden out of sheer desperation and it seems like it may be working! I have managed to pick about 6 yellow squash so far this season and have tons of baby … [Read more...]

Silver Turtles, Kids in the Kitchen and a Lesson in Patience

These silver turtles may not be the most beautiful meal but since they were made by my kids, I loved eating them for dinner tonight! Silver turtles are usually made over the campfire, however, they can also be made in the stove. If you love making these tin foil meals while camping, don't forget to bring some sort of tongs to pick them out with! Then, check out my post on uses for wood ash after the campfire is done!My children are in their early teens and as part of their 'summer chores' I decided that they needed to learn how to cook. … [Read more...]

How to Make Mint Simple Syrup

This mint simple syrup recipe contains affiliate links.Mint is one of the easiest plants to grow in the garden but you have to be careful to keep it well tended. Mint is fairly invasive and will quickly spread outside of it's designated growing spot. Some people plant mint in submerged pots to keep it contained or build a plastic 'wall' underground out of plastic edging to contain the growth. Once your mint becomes well established you will soon find yourself wondering what in the world you are going to do with all that mint!This … [Read more...]

Easy Sesame Ginger Salad Dressing Recipe

I was provided a review copy of the cookbook used for this recipe to use for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.I recently decided, as part of my New Year's Resolution, to try to go gluten free to help with some assorted health problems I've been having. It's only been about a week and already I am pretty sure I am going to starve to death! I have a strong love of bread, pasta, and carbs in general. Sure, it is usually whole wheat bread and organic pasta but still....very heavy on the carbohydrates. My new diet plan includes lots … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Bread with this Easy Brioche Recipe

This post about how to make your own bread was inspired by a cookbook I received at no charge to review. This brioche recipe is reprinted with permission. This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on a link and make a purchase I will receive a very small amount of money to put towards my blogging adventure.There is something comforting about the smell of homemade bread baking in the oven. As I sit here, my brioche is in the oven cooking and I am drooling with anticipation of a warm slice slathered with butter. I don't … [Read more...]

Easy Snack Recipe: Pizza Biscuits

I am pretty sure I hear the words "I'm hungry" out of my children at least 47 times a day. Normally they are sidetracked with school and assorted after school activities but over Christmas break there is nothing for them to to but argue with each other and eat. At over six feet tall already, my 14 year old son can eat a bag of Goldfish crackers in one sitting. I decided I needed to make a more filling snack or start buying stock in the snack cracker companies. I started looking for an easy snack recipe that wouldn't take too long to make and … [Read more...]

Healthier Fourth of July with Mango Relish #Recipe and Applegate Hotdogs!

This healthy fourth of July post is sponsored by Applegate but all opinions expressed are my own.Summer is here and what better way to enjoy the hot weather than to send my husband outside to grill up our dinner! With cookouts, picnics, barbecues,  and parties, there will be a lot of hot dogs eaten in the next month. I don't usually buy traditional hot dogs because, honestly, I am fairly concerned with what goes in them. There is always a ton of jokes about hot dog ingredients but have you ever read the ingredient label? For a … [Read more...]

Easy Gazpacho Soup Recipe with Naked Power Garden Tomato Kick #sponsored

This easy gazpacho soup recipe is sponsored by Naked juices and Glam media but all opinions expressed are my own.It is relatively easy for me to get my family to eat more fruit. A bowl of grapes on the table disappears in minutes. The kids are always happy to drink smoothies with plenty of berries and bananas in them. However, getting more vegetables into my family's diet is not as easy. I do not want to eat carrot sticks for breakfast. I am not as tempted to reach for vegetables as a snack, either. I was recently asked to try out the new … [Read more...]

Home Made Shake and Bake Recipe

When I was growing up, my all time favorite dinner was Shake and Bake pork chops. Now that I am an adult, I must admit that I still love Shake and Bake pork chops but I really DON'T love wondering what's in it. Since I am trying to reduce the number of processed foods I serve to my family, I decided to figure out how to make Shake and Bake pork chops without buying anything premade. There are a lot of recipes online for home made Shake and Bake but they are all just a tad bit different. Basically, it all depends on your own personal taste … [Read more...]

Cheesy Quinoa Cakes Recipe

My husband and I have jumped on the newest food trend...Quinoa! Have you tried this stuff yet? Quinoa is a very versatile and nutritious grain that cooks fairly quickly and has a very nice flavor. You can get it in white, red or black but usually I see the white. I even found it organic at Krogers which I was pretty impressed with. Since all things taste better (in my opinion) when you add cheese, I decided to take my beloved quinoa and get cheesy with it. If you decide to try out this recipe, make sure you use a non stick pan and plenty of … [Read more...]