Healthy Fruit Salad Recipe with Easy Yogurt Glaze

This Healthy Fruit Salad Recipe with Easy Yogurt Glaze is sponsored by Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt and Kefir. All opinions are my own.While fall is fast approaching, I am not quite ready to give up the bounty of summer fruit still available in the grocery store. Sure, pumpkin spice is nice but the crunch of fresh fruit is absolutely delicious! A big bowl of fruit salad makes a healthy snack and is a great addition to just about any get together that involves food. The easy yogurt glaze usingĀ  Wallaby Organic Aussie Style yogurt was a tasty … [Read more...]

German Cucumber Salad Recipe – Gurkensalat

My husband has a very strong German heritage so this weekend, we had friends and neighbors over for an Oktoberfest party. This German cucumber salad recipe was the perfect side dish to go with our grilled Bratwurst and all the delicious side dishes provided by our guests.All you need to do is slice up cucumbers and onions, add a simple oil and vinegar mix and stir in a ton of chopped, fresh dill. The resulting Gurkensalat is full of flavor, nice and crunchy, and absolutely delicious! If you are looking for more Oktoberfest recipes, you … [Read more...]

Sweet and Savory Couscous Recipe

Couscous is one of my favorite side dishes and this sweet and savory couscous recipe is one that I make regularly.  Loaded with dried fruit and nuts, it is a healthy side dish for just about any entree.   Is Couscous a Whole Food? Is couscous processed? Well, yes and no.  If you are following a whole food lifestyle, eating couscous may not fit your definition of whole food.  Couscous is a wheat based product. It is not actually a whole food, however, it is pretty close. The way it is processed removes some of the … [Read more...]

Loaded Baked Potato Slices

I went to the farmer's market this morning and came home with some locally grown Yukon Gold potatoes and a huge bunch of green onions. Of course, my first thought was to make some loaded baked potatoes but I hit the Internet in search of some creative inspiration. I came across a recipe on The Mandatory Mooch that looked delicious and with a few minor changes I came up with these loaded baked potato slices. They were definitely a HUGE hit and the recipe made enough for leftovers that we will eat tomorrow night. I do love recipes that have … [Read more...]