Stop Drinking Bottled Water to Save Money and Go Green!

Over the years, we have spent many hours as a family at the tennis court, soccer field, and school events. The one thing all of these places have in common is a ridiculously large output of disposable plastic water bottles. Single use plastic is destroying our environment and if we could all just stop drinking bottled water, our planet's plastic problem would be significantly smaller.Is plastic really a problem for our planet? And how do you quit a habit like this? I thought I would give you some insight into plastic pollution and share … [Read more...]

Best Natural Weed Control and a New Way to Look at Weeds!

I have been spending quite a bit of time out in the yard for the last few weeks now that spring is finally here. The grass is growing like gangbusters, the garden plants are in their beds and there are tons of projects that need tending to. One thing that I absolutely HATE doing is dealing with weeds. Of course, since I refuse to spray them all with chemicals,  I am left searching for the best natural weed control methods I can find. This usually involve pulling them out by hand and swearing a lot! It's hard work but it does work!This … [Read more...]

How to Mend Socks and Ways to Reuse Them When You Can’t

Have you ever looked at your feet and wondered how to mend socks? I can't proficiency with a needle and thread ends at putting a button back on a shirt. I find this very sad and one day, when I am graced with much more free time than I have now, I would like to learn how to mend socks. My grandmother used to make my clothes when I was little in addition to the baby blankets that my children are still using today. She made her own dish rags, rugs, and was proficient at mending socks as well. Mending socks is a lost art. Sure, there are … [Read more...]

How Do You Decide What Organic Products to Buy? #TATT

With the cost of groceries on the rise and concern over ingredients rising even faster, I find myself struggling with decision  making at the grocery store. What organic products are the most important to buy? Is it more important to buy organic produce and 'regular' cereal or should I make sure that all my corn based products are organic to avoid possible exposure to GMO ingredients? Do I put my money into organic meat to ensure that it was raised humanely or am I supporting 'agribusiness' by not buying my meat from a small, local farmer? And … [Read more...]