You Can Be One In A Billion!

Think About This ThursdayA billion is a very big number. A billion grains of sand would take up about 6 cubic feet. A teaspoon of good, rich soil can contain up to a billion bacteria. There are 90 billion probiotic bacteria in a cup of high quality yogurt. Think about this:  If one billion people but their mind to something...what could we accomplish?Earth Day is tomorrow, Friday, April 22, 2011. This is the 41st anniversary of the beginning of a grass roots effort to raise public awareness about the environment and inspire actions to clean it … [Read more...]

Can you grow tomatoes in a gas station parking lot?

Think About This ThursdayWhat do you think of when you hear the word 'farm'? Does it bring to mind a few acres, a tractor and a couple of pigs? Or do you picture thousands of acres of corn, growing in perfect rows, weed free and destined for a feedlot? The face of farming in today's society has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Small farmers, who's farms have been passed down in their family through several generations, are going out of business or losing their property to developers. There has been a movement in recent years by … [Read more...]

Nature Abhors a Monoculture (AKA the %$#! weeds are taking over my grass!)

Think About This Thursday See this beautiful picture over on the left? That is some one's grass. Not MY grass! My grass is filled with weeds, bare spots, and the assorted dog toy. I have complained mightily about our horrible yard to my husband but since neither one of us is willing to spend large amounts of money on nasty chemicals, fertilizers, or yard services we have grudgingly learned to live with our ugly turf. As my husband is fond of saying "Nature Abhors a Monoculture". (hey, we're science geeks, we actually use words like 'monculture' … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Taking Baby Steps toward Going Green by Cheryl C. Malandrinos

Think About This ThursdayToday's installment of Think About This Thursday is a request from Cheryl C. Malandrinos for your assistance in going green! Everyone has to start somewhere on their journey to an eco friendly existence...where did YOU start? What baby steps did you take to go green in your life? Please leave comments and think about what type of actions, products, or lifestyle changes you would recommend! I asked Diane if I could be her guest blogger today because I need your help. Here’s the situation: we’re a busy family of four with … [Read more...]

Think about this Thursday: What are the benefits of essential oils?

Today's Think about this Thursday post has been written by Jo from Jo's Health Corner. I would love it if you could check out her blog and say hello! She offers some great suggestions for obtaining optimal health without going broke! Here is some helpful information that she has put together about the benefits of essential oils!Benefits of essential oilsEssential oils are a wonderful addition to a natural medicine cabinet at home. They are very versatile, and I love that I can use the same bottle for multiple things. I use the same essential … [Read more...]

How many legs did that thing have? (Think about this Thursday)

You are innocently washing your dishes or cleaning your kitchen floor, your neighbor has his yard service fertilizing his lawn, when you realize that you need a fresh pineapple from the grocery store for that new recipe you want to try. You hop in the car and drive to the store and pick up your conventionally grown pineapple from half way around the world and then head back home. Sound familiar? Every aspect of our lives create pollution of one sort or another and that pollution ends up in our water, our air, and in every living creature on … [Read more...]

Eating Locally: How and Why You Should Support a Local Farmer

I am always looking for educational opportunities to share with my children. A trip to the grocery store is a geography lesson all by itself. Apples from New Zealand, oranges from South Africa, and grapes from Chili. The list of countries goes on and on. Eating locally is challenging when you shop at a large chain grocery store but it is vital for a sustainable food supply! There are many benefits of eating locally grown food for both you AND the planet. Eating Locally: Does it Matter? We hear every day about how we live in a … [Read more...]