Do you run for fun, fitness, or both? #cbias

Many years ago I had a membership at a very fancy gym. It had state of the art workout equipment, a hot tub and sauna, and personal trainers. After taking a good long look at our finances, we decided this was not worthwhile expense so I sadly said goodbye to my lovely gym. I was particularly sad to say goodbye to the hot tub but orthodontist bills trump gym membership!
My husband is an avid runner. He actually ENJOYS running 13 miles. I don’t have to understand him I just have to love him, right? Well, he SWORE to me that if I just started running I would come to love it…I would find that runner’s high that everyone speaks of and I, too, would be running marathons. Yeah, well, hasn’t happened yet but I keep on hoping! Right now running is still just a way for me to continue fitting into my jeans!
When I was younger, I always swore that I would only run when chased but ditching the gym membership and approaching 40 meant that the pounds were creeping on. Over the past few years my running has been sporadic but I find that if I force myself to put on the workout gear, get the running shoes on and grab the iPod that I WILL get some exercise! Some days I am too tired and cranky to run the hills of my neighborhood and I tend to walk more than run…walk UP the hills…run down the hills and through the straightaway. Have a good song come on the iPod? It pumps me up and helps me run a little harder. There really are a lot of benefits to running. What are they? you ask…well, here are just a few that I came across in my attempts to motivate myself!
  • Diet and exercise is the #1 way to lose weight. Running not only burns fat and calories but  increases lean tissue.
  • Running allows a you to burn an average of 100 calories per each mile you run which is more than most other forms of exercises like biking or walking. How FAST a person runs actually has little effect on caloric output.
  • Running helps lower blood pressure by maintaining the elasticity of the arteries.
  • It helps maximize the lungs’ potential.
  • It strengthens the heart and helps prevent heart attacks.
  • The runner’s high that many runners feel is actually a rush of endorphins that help alleviate pain and can also aid in sleep and relaxation. It can be beneficial in treating clinical depression and other psychological disorders.
Running has a lot of benefits but it can be hard on knees, joints, tendons, etc and having the proper running gear is really important! Hot cotton Tshirts are sweltering when you start to sweat and without the right shoes, your feet will suffer! I have a pair of New Balance running shoes right now that are just not providing any cushion or support. I usually shop once a year for a new pair of shoes and it has been almost TWO since I bought my last pair. I am starting to notice achy feet so I decided that a trip to Sports Authority was necessary. I NEVER pay full price for shoes but I could not find a coupon anywhere online! I searched all my usual deal spots, the Sports Authority website, my Sunday paper…nothing.
What I DID find on the Sports Authority website was a ton of information about how to choose the right running shoe. I was actually really impressed with the amount of information they offer. They even had a  neat little experiment to help you determine whether you need extra arch support! Basically, just step with wet feet onto a slightly absorbent surface and compare the resulting footprints to the diagram on their website. According to the experiment my arches are just about average so I really don’t need to worry about EXTRA arch support. 
As much as I hate to shop without a coupon, I couldn’t put the purchase off any longer so I headed over to Sports Authority to look around. I was truly amazed at the selection of shoes to choose from! I really like that they separate them by types of exercise…running on one side and cross trainers, volleyball shoes, tennis shoes, etc on the other wall. Some of the brands I had never heard of like Saucony and Kanadia. Other brands like Adidas, Rebok, Asics, and Nike are pretty well known.
I must have tried on half a dozen pairs before I found one I liked. It is actually a multi surface running shoe that is good for both street running AND trail running. My husband does some trail running and has suggested I try it. It sounds more enjoyable than running on the side of my street and praying I don’t get hit by a car! The shoe to the right is the one I finally chose.They are an all terrain running shoe made by Asics. It really has a decent amount of cushioning and support and is fairly attractive as well. I know it is silly but I don’t want my running shoes to look UGLY! Like people are really going to notice that, right?
Since I am not going to get into better shape just by SHOPPING for the shoes I decided to get changed and try them out when I got home. Our neighborhood has some nice woodsy trails so I thought I would do a combination street running AND trail running just to see how they work on both surfaces.
On both cement and woodsy trails these shoes are very comfortable. They offer lots of cusion, a decent amount of arch support, and my foot feels very stable even when running on uneven surfaces. Overall, I am pretty happy with the purchase. I would have been even happier had I found a coupon for them but at least I can ditch the old pair and (hopefully) not have achy feet any more after my excersise!

Don’t forget that after you work out, your body needs a little bit of help recovering! Plenty of water, some stretching and cooldown work, maybe a protein shake or bar, and (my favorite part!) a nice soak in the tub to loosen up your overworked muscles! While I don’t think I will ever achieve the euphoria my husband seems to get from running, I hope it at least allows me to continue fitting into my jeans for a few more years!
Want to see my shopping experience at Sports Authority? Just click on the arrow below and see my This Moment journey!

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