Elations joint supplement for the aches and pains of middle age!

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I hate to admit it but I am almost 40. Yep, that point in life where I can be called ‘middle aged’. I cringe at that term but every morning when I wake up I am reminded by all those assorted aches and pains that I am not as young as I once was! I hate taking pain medications and instead try and rely on vitamins, herbal supplements, heat and (when the husband is accommodating!) massage to loosen muscles and sooth aching joints.
Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplements have become quite popular and usually I only see them in pill form but new liquid varieties like Elations are becoming more popular. I would much rather drink my vitamins than have to take a pill!
See this sling? I am a HUGE fan of the sling to carry your baby in! I don’t like those front carriers with all the straps and complicated designs. I prefer the one piece of material, tie your kid onto your body type of wrap! My son was over 30 pounds before he learned to walk so I wore this A LOT! That is him, over there on the right. At age 11 he is in a size 9 1/2 shoe and is almost as tall as me. I am just glad I don’t have to carry him any more!
In order to relieve some of my aches and pains, I headed to Walmart to shop for Elations joint supplement.

I had no trouble finding the product and love that you can choose between a powder or a ready made liquid. They had a couple really tasty sounding flavors to choose from and it also contains calcium which is helpful for just about all middle aged women! I had to search around a bit for the other items I like to use for pain relief (heating pads and ibuprofen for when it gets really bad).

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This supplement was pretty tasty, although it took a few minutes to dissolve. This isn’t a right away kind of relief so it will have to be a supplement that I take for a while if I want results. I would love to know if any of you have tried Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplements and if so, what type? Have you had any luck with resolving  your joint issues? If you want to see my Walmart journey you can click on the Whrrl link below!
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