#Fitness Friday: Running for a Mickey medal!

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Fitness Friday

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My husband is an avid runner and several months ago he and a few of his co workers decided that they were going to start training for a marathon. He has run 10k’s and half marathons but never a full marathon until now. For those of you who are NOT runners…a marathon is 26+ miles. Yes, he is voluntarily running 26 miles. This will be several hours of running and I don’t know how he does it, to be honest! But, he has been seriously focused for the last few months. So, this afternoon we leave for a 4 day trip to Disney so he can run the Disney marathon and earn a Mickey Mouse medal!
As I have watched him train, I realized that there are several things he does that have made him stick with his training. These 3 things would help anyone who wants to start exercising so I thought I would share them with you. I am sure part of his success comes from his determination and personal need to succeed but these easy tips probably helped too! That is hubby on the right, all decked out in running attire. He will be awake at 5 AM Sunday morning running through Disney. Now, THAT is dedication! I really don’t like 5 AM all that much!

1. Keep a journal:  Keeping a written log of your training gives you accountability. You can be as detailed as you want but every day you need to write something in it. Didn’t walk the dog, go to the gym, get on the exercise bike or even move more than 10 feet from the couch? Do you really want to write THAT in your journal? If you are trying to lose weight and modify your diet, you can also make it part food journal as well. Putting things into writing has a way of making it more ‘real’.

2.  Find a friend:  Everything is more fun when shared with friends, right? Not only does finding a buddy give you someone to talk to when you work out, it also helps keep you motivated. So, you are feeling blah and don’t feel like walking? Well, when your training partner calls and chews you out for being a bum, you better believe you will be strapping on your sneakers and heading out the door! Friends don’t accept PMS as an excuse!
3. Set goals:  My husband and his coworkers decided months ago to train for this marathon. They support one another, discuss training techniques, and share runner’s magazines. Without a goal, motivation drops. One statistic I found said that only 3% of people in the U.S. have written goals, and these people accomplish 80% more than those who don’t.
So, for your New Year’s “get in shape, lose weight, and get healthy” plan to work, maybe you should consider starting a journal, finding a friend to support you, and setting achievable goals to work towards!
I am thinking I need to start adopting some of my husband’s techniques. I don’t think I could keep up with him on a run but I know I have a few friends out there who would help motivate me when all I want to do is curl up in my chair with a book!
Do you have any tips for your workout success?
What keeps you going when you are having a bad day?


  1. So simple yet so sensible!
    I made a goal to train for a half marathon and your post reminds me that I can just do it.
    Good luck to your hubby and good luck to you starting.
  2. Looking good in my favorite pair of jeans keeps me motivated but some days are easier than others. You can do it!
  3. This is awesome! I want to be a runner. Last summer, I just decided to run a 1/2 marathon. My goal is to run another this summer and beat my original time.

    It is hard for me to run during the Chicago winters and I'm not the biggest treadmill fan but when it warms up I will hit the lake trail.

    During the other months, I hit the gym and take classes. The group exercise thing keeps me motivated. Just this last Friday, I talked my girlfriends into making going to the gym and eating healthy our girls' night out. We went to Flirty Girl Fitness and had a blast.
  4. Tamra Augostino says
    Congratulations to him. My best friend flew down from Vermont to run also. She made it and now has her own Disney Medal also.

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