#Fitness Friday: What’s on your workout playlist?

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Have you ever been in the middle of a run or working out in the gym and your iPod battery dies? One minute you are listening to some really awesome music, working up a sweat and really pushing yourself and the next minute all you hear are crickets and the sound of your own breathing. That right there signifies the END of my workout. I cannot exercise without music…its like my motivation just flies out the window the minute the iPod turns off!

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I have very broad taste in music. I have been know to listen to German metal, Country, Hip Hop, Bluegrass, Zydeco and whatever else catches my attention. When I work out, though, I like my music to be fast, loud, and have a good beat to it. I have this unconscious need to move to the beat of the music…I think it stems from all those years in band! So, a fast beat means a better workout and I have a playlist on my iPod called Gym Music for those songs that really inspire me to move fast and work up a sweat!

There are numerous scientific studies that have looked at the effects of music on athletes. I will not even try and go into the science here…suffice it to say that the research involved lots of electrodes and analysis of exact beats per minute of the songs. Here is a basic breakdown of the type of music that they recommend choosing for your workout:

According to  The Sport Journal, your music should have:

(a) a strong, energizing rhythm
(b) positive lyrics having associations with movement
(c) rhythmic pattern well matched to movement patterns of the athletic activity
(d) uplifting melodies and harmonies
(e) associations with sport, exercise, triumph, or overcoming adversity
(f) a musical style or idiom suited to an athlete’s taste and cultural upbringing. 

I don’t really use a scientific method for choosing my playlist. If a song makes me want to walk faster, run harder, or do a few more situps than I throw it in my playlist. Here are a few things that really work for me in my exercise routine:

So, what’s on YOUR playlist? 

Bathing suit season is coming and I need a few more songs to work out to!



  1. Sexy & I know it! Basically anything with a seriously good beat.
  2. I'm classic rock and classic music but I have been trying to expose myself to the new stuff.
    Positive lyrics and a good beat does help the mind set.
  3. LOL yeah, LMFO is a good bet :)
  4. Hmmm, I use classic rock from the 80's and newer tunes like Lady Gaga and The All American Rejects.
  5. German metal...are you a Rammstein fan by any chance? (Listening to "Herzeleid" as we speak!) I think we're workout twins in a lot of ways. I, too, cannot workout without music. I made a special playlist for my iPod with really upbeat music - like you, it has everything from metal to bubblegum pop. I think The Sport Journal is on to something with the "Positive lyrics associated with movement" bit, since Pussycat Dolls are one of my favorites to listen to in the gym - the music is dance-y and has all the lyrics like, "Don't you wish you were hot like me?" ;) What can I say, I find it motivational! LOL!!!
  6. Beeb: I am amazed that there is someone else out there that likes Rammstein! Du Hast is my favorite of the ones I have heard!

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