I think I’m gonna need some help…

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Okay, I think I went a little crazy at the garden center today but the plants were all Buy One Get One Free! How could I pass up such an awesome deal, right? And I got tons of organic and heirloom plants. I will be planting about 6 or 7 varieties of tomato, another 6 or 7 different peppers, along with 2 kinds of eggplants, basil, and a few flowers to attract polinators to the garden. I also bought seeds for cucumbers, squash, beans, and zucchini. Add in a new raised cedar bed that I have to build beg husband to build for me and I am going to be VERY busy tomorrow! Anybody want to come and help?

I still have lots of early spring stuff in a lot of the beds but I am hoping to plant around it and let it grow a few more weeks. I just picked the last of the radishes but I think I am going to find a shady spot and plant some more. Okay, off to relax with a glass of wine and early to bed. Up with the birds tomorrow to start planting!

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