I’m a small fish in a big pond but I am smart enough to survive! #BBCATL

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I spent all day yesterday at Bloggy Boot Camp and my brain is totally overflowing with information right now. I met some awesome bloggers, heard some great speakers, ate lots of yummy food and came home with cool swag! This was my first conference so I really had no idea what to expect but it was overall an amazing day!

  • I learned about the business of blogging (yeah, so I really need to talk to my accountant about this stuff!)
  • I learned all about blog design (I am going to make some changes after the holidays! I have blog envy!)
  • I learned how to avoid blog burnout (I REALLY need to listen to this one. I am started to dream about blog stuff in my sleep…so NOT the kind of dreams I want to be having!)
  • I learned how to market myself in this competitive online world (did you know there are 200 MILLION blogs? Okay, I feel really insignificant right about now!)

I learned about all sorts of other things too but my brain is tired and I can’t unscramble it all right now! If you have never attended a conference before, I really recommend you go to one. It was nice to see real people to attach to blog names. The educational sessions really gave me some great ideas on how to help my blog grow and survive in the ever competitive blogosphere!

I am really hoping to get to go to another conference next year! I mean, really…I need to meet a few more of those 200 million bloggers right?

If you want to learn more about Bloggy Boot Camp, check out the SITS Girls community. You can follow on Facebook and Twitter and learn about next year’s tour schedule!

5 thoughts on “I’m a small fish in a big pond but I am smart enough to survive! #BBCATL”

  1. It sounds like you took away the same salient points that I did.

    It took me weeks to process BlogHer 2011 (my first conference). It was like trying to get a sip of water from a firehouse. But everything I learned there was reinforced at BBCATL.

    I look forward to seeing the changes to come. I think your design is pretty.

  2. Thanks! I like the design, most of the stuff I want to do is technical…shrink the header a little, add more tabs to the nav bar, clean up the sidebars, that kid of thing. I think the girl who designed my site was brilliant…just needs a bit of tweaking!

  3. I was a newbie too, and enjoyed it a lot! So glad you did as well. At least I know I have several posts’ worth of info already in my brain!


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