Make Valentine’s Day simple yet romantic with Newtree chocolate spread

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Many years ago, my husband and I were struggling to pay bills on his graduate student stipend but still wanted to do something romantic for Valentine’s Day. A quick trip to the store yielded fresh strawberries, some chocolate, a very cheap bottle of Champagne and a tradition was started. Rather than battle the restaurant crowds or buy expensive gifts for each other, we prefer to stay at home and celebrate Valentine’s Day together ALONE. Or, at least as alone as you can get with 2 kids sleeping upstairs. Our taste in Champagne and chocolate has improved over the years but those two things still taste amazing when paired with fresh strawberries! Newtree Chocolates recently sent me a jar of their dark chocolate spread to try and it is truly decadent! If you are not familiar with Newtree, here is some  information about them from their website:
Born out of the vision of our founder Benoit de Bruyn who has always been inspired by nature’s innate ability to maintain harmony, NEWTREE crafts innovative Belgian-inspired products that invite you to Savor Life in its best form without compromise. 

Newtree is a company that not only cares about the quality of the chocolate it produces but also about the effects it’s actions has on the environment as a whole. They are a carbon neutral company and their product are packaged with FSC certified paper and printed with vegetable-based inks. They support reforestation and sustainability initiatives in the Amazon and other communities around the globe.

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Their products include Belgian chocolate bars, spreads and waffle cookies. Their chocolate bars have such unique flavor offerings like Almond, Belgian Biscuit, Superfruit, Flax and Lime Granola. The Chocolate spread comes in 2 varieties: Pleasure Noir (a 70% dark chocolate spread with chicory) and a Pleasure Lait (a milk chocolate spread with honey).

For my review I was sent a selection of their snack sized bars. Each bar is the perfect size for an after dinner nibble…about 4 bites worth. They are the perfect blend of creamy dark chocolate with a bit of texture from the biscuit, granola, flax, fruit, etc. My favorite was the Lime Granola…just a hint of lime went amazingly well with the sweetness of the chocolate. I also really loved the superfruit with it’s sweet/tart fruit balancing the dark chocolate.

I was also sent a jar of the Pleasure Noir to try. It was thicker than I expected but just 20 seconds in the microwave gave it the perfect consistency for dipping strawberries into! It had a wonderful chocolate flavor with a smooth and creamy texture. The perfect accompaniment to my sweet and juicy fruit!

If you are considering a romantic evening that includes chocolate I really recommend you try the products from Newtree Chocolates!

My thanks to Newtree for allowing me to review their products. If you would like to learn more about them you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. That looks decadent and delicious. I had not heard of this brand before. Thanks for the introduction.
  2. everydayproducts andmore says
    Those look so good i love this going to get that.I love that it is so easy and you don't have to cook the chocolate down very simple and easy to use my kind of product.
  3. I love making chocolate covered strawberries for my hubby for Valentine's. The jar of Pleasure Noir looks delicious!
  4. That sounds like a really romantic tradition that you and your husband have. Also, a great idea for those who are struggling with money but still want to celebrate the holiday. The chocolate looks delicious. Now I want chocolate covered strawberries. Yum!
  5. That looks so delicious! Perfect idea for a valentines night in.
  6. That looks delicious!

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