Making the most of a rare Georgia snow day! Yippee!

I grew up in New England where snow was a given from December through February. We occasionally had snowy Thanksgivings and Easters, too! But my poor children pray every winter for a small glimpse of snow and this year, the powers that be answered in a big way! 6 inches of snow is one for the record books here in Georgia and we spent hours outside enjoying it! My kids have finally mastered the art of sledding and even mommy got out and slid a few times. Reminded me of my childhood! We quickly tired of this tiny hill in our yard though and started sledding down the giant hill/street behind us since their was no traffic. In fact, I am pretty sure that we are not going to be driving anywhere for days since no one is coming to plow/sand/salt the roads. My husband is so happy to have a 4 wheel drive Jeep right now!
However, we were NOT thrilled to be shoveling the driveway! You forget how HEAVY 6 inches of snow is! But, maybe it will help me get my truck out in a few days when the weather gets above freezing. For now, we are just hunkered down and enjoying the thrill of our beautiful snow. The wild critters are a little confused and can’t figure out how to get to the bird bath that is covered with 6 inches of snow…no where to land, poor things. The dog, however, thinks snow balls are VERY cool!


I’m off to go play in the snow again! The neighbors have built a fire in the fire pit and are serving soup and snacks…it’s a snow party!

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6 thoughts on “Making the most of a rare Georgia snow day! Yippee!”

  1. Dogs usually love rolling around in the snow! I’m glad you’re making the most of your rare snowfall. Have fun and enjoy your week!

  2. My assistant is stuck in Atlanta! Her flight for tomorrow is already cancelled.
    I don’t think she’s going to make our Wednesday meeting…
    Enjoy the snow!

  3. I live in KY and we have had more snow this year than past years and are supposed to get another 4 inches tomorrow. Did I mention another front coming this weekend?I am SO ready to move to GA!!

  4. I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago and entered your giveaways, so I didn’t realize you lived in GA. I do, too! My boys and my hubby had fun sledding as well. I prefer the warmth of the indoors but I did go out to collect some snow to make us some yummy slushies! What a winter this has been for us so far. Stay safe and warm!


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