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This is a sponsored post brought to you by to help raise money to pay for Kathryn Ely’s Lyme Disease treatment. I grew up in an area where Lyme Disease is quite prevelent and there needs to be so much more research done on this disease! I wish Kathryn the best in her therapy!

Have you heard of crowd funding? It is a way of creating campaigns and funding ideas while making it straightforward to engage and secure donations. It can all be done easily over the web through secure sites. Here is a great example of how crowd funding works:

Kathryn Ely is a young girl with Lyme’s Disease in need of help to pay her medical bills. You can read her story about how a tick changed her life above on her crowd funding page. The awesome part about crowd funding is that there are so many creative ways to get funded. MomEMineral has decided to pitch in and help Kathryn raise money for her Lyme Disease medical bills! They have issued her a coupon code- LEMINLYM so that any purchase made at using that code will give the user $1 off and allow 10% of the proceeds from any product sale to go directly to raise money for her medical bills! At the end of the promotion MomEMineral will post inside of “Funders” section the total they raised as a group!

Mom E Mineral is a family business started by a mom who worked as a Practice Manager for a doctor. In this role, she interacted daily with children diagnosed with Autism. Moved by their families overwhelming love and commitment to holistic healing, Tanya was inspired to launch a business that would allow them (and others!) to quickly and efficiently receive high-quality supplements and health related products. I think it is great that MomEMineral is helping to raise money for this girl’s medical bills. You can help too when you order your supplements and vitamins from MomEMineral with the coupon code, “LEMINLYM”- it saves $1 on each order and gives 10% of the order total directly to Kathryn Ely’s medical fund!

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