No, that’s NOT a bug…it’s just a piece of black pepper, really!

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Ya know, it is really a good thing that I am not responsible for actually FEEDING my family from the things I grow in my garden! Right now, about the only plentiful thing in it is lettuce. And there is some infestation of tiny lettuce bugs on it that makes actually eating it require gallons of water to wash them all off! My poor son always seems to be the one to get the ‘strays’ in his salad bowl and he is starting to thoroughly inspect every piece I put in front of him!
Other than the lettuce, I have managed to harvest a few white radishes and some small green onions that have been growing for what seems like ages! Last week I picked a few pansies and my parsley isn’t doing too bad, thankfully. My daughter likes to go out there with the kitchen shears and bring me in the parsley…even showed her how to chop it nice and fine last week…still a little nervous about children with knives!
So, anything growing in YOUR garden this month or is it buried under the snow?

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  1. lol- since we decided to stay at camp most of the summer, I skipped the garden at home. I tried container gardening at camp, but there was not enough sun to get much!

    Found this post via Twitter- I'm @bloggingbizmom

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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