Parisi Artisan Coffee is perfect for holiday entertaining

We always drink more coffee whenever we have company. There is just something about sitting around the kitchen table with friends and family and enjoying a hot cup of coffee that is amazingly relaxing. I always make sure to have a couple of extra bags of beans in the cabinet during this time of year. Of course, being a bit of a coffee snob, I like to make sure to have GOOD coffee to serve my guests and am always keeping my eye out for new brands to try. I recently received a bag of Parisi Artisan Coffee to try and have been very impressed with the flavor. If you have never heard of this company before, here is a little bit about them from their website:
The artisan in the name Parisi Artisan Coffee® is more than simply a description of skills we apply to the science of selecting and roasting specialty coffee, but a definition of how we approach our entire business – from our relationships with coffee farmers to the charitable organizations we support. We strive to pursue the practices and products that fulfill the “tradizione di famiglia”.

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All Parisi coffees are hand-crafted, some are certified Fair Trade, some organic and some are certified through their own artisan standard called the Eco World Family Farm. All of their roasts originate from only the highest quality, specialty grade Arabica beans.

For my review, I was sent a bag of the Parisi Sunrise Sensation. This coffee is actually a blend of three Fair Trade Organic coffees. Parisi describes this blend as being stout and balanced with a definite leaning towards the bold end of the scale, as opposed to mild.

My opinion:  This coffee has a very bold aroma… eye opening even right from the bag! It has a nice strong flavor without being bitter or overpowering. This is the perfect blend of bold, dark coffee with a flavor mild enough for everyone to enjoy. I was really impressed!

If you would like to buy Parisi coffee, it is carried at several major retail locations or you can purchase it online. You can check them out on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about them!

My thanks to Parisi for allowing me to review their products!

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