Popcorn Indiana for whole grain snacking made tastier!

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The first thing my husband does when he walks in the door after work is head to the pantry looking for something to snack on. He eats an early lunch so when he gets home he is starving! Sometimes I feel like I should duck and cover and heaven help the poor soul that gets between him and his snack food! I try and have healthy munchies on hand so he isn’t filling up on chips and cookies. Whole grain crackers, granola bars, and popcorn are pantry staples in my house. I recently received some flavored popcorn from Popcorn Indiana to try and my husband was thrilled to help me test it out! If you haven’t heard of Popcorn Indiana before, here is some information about them from their website:
We had a bold, yet simple plan: to introduce the world to all-natural, handcrafted, small-batch snacks with crunch, flavors and ingredients that would make people, (and their taste buds) really, really happy.  
Popcorn Indiana comes in so many yummy flavors there is no way I could list them all! You can check out their full selection on their website. You will find savory flavors like Wasabi and sweet flavors like Dark Fudge Chocolate Chip and SO many more!
All their products are certified Kosher and gluten free. Their corn is GMO free and they are looking into a GMO free Canola oil to use as well but are still working on that.
For my review, I was sent the Sweet and Tangy BBQ kettle corn and the Cinnamon Sugar Kettle corn. I was really impressed with the ingredient list on these two products. They seemed very simple with easy to understand ingredients.
How did they taste?  I loved the combination of sweetness with the tangy BBQ flavor. There is no hint of that odd smokey taste you sometimes get on BBQ flavored products. And the combination of cinnamon and sugar on a crunchy popcorn was very unique! This is not a flavor I usually associate with popcorn but I think it really works well!


Overall, both flavors were delicious and I had to actually get up and MOVE the bag to the other side of the room because I didn’t want to stop eating it! My husband is going to have to fight me for this stuff next time he raids the pantry looking for snack food!

 My thanks to Popcorn Indiana for allowing me to review their products. If you would like to learn more about them you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Disclaimer: As per FTC guidelines, I received product samples in exchange for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.

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  1. Haha, oh man I can totally relate to the “Had to get up and move the bag to stop eating it”! Mmm, we love popcorn so this sounds good.


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