Portable Solar Power for all us iPhone addicts!

 Solar Power
This morning at breakfast my son and I were discussing fossil fuels (a topic they are talking about in his science class). He was truly amazed to discover that electricity actually uses fossil fuels…he understood all about gasoline and oil and natural gas but I guess he never really learned where electricity comes from other than the plug in the wall! I was a little shocked considering this is the child who knows all about solar energy and wind turbines! How did I miss teaching him about the creation of electricity? Well, we had a nice little chat about the electric power industry and the creation of energy! Now he will be a little bit more aware of the environmental impact our technology has on the environment!
We are a fairly high tech house and at any given time there is usually something plugged in and charging…phones, DS players, and iPods are scattered about on every surface getting charged up and ready to use! Seeing as I am an iPhone addict, I charge my phone daily….sometimes at home and sometimes in the car if I am out and about all day. If you are an iPhone addict like me there is a company called Goal Zero that can help you stay charged up while reducing your ecological footprint at the same time! They provide portable solar power for people who are constantly on the go!
Solar energy is a much cleaner way to charge up your technology and if you are away from home for a few days…camping, hiking, boating, etc…you may not always have access to a plug to charge your technology. With Goal Zero, you can take the energy of the sun from wherever you happen to be and charge up things like:
  • Cell Phones
  • iPod/MP3
  • iPad
  • Laptop
  • USB Devices
  • GPS

Goal Zero has tons of different options to choose from, depending on what you want to charge up. Their kits come in many different sizes and some will stay charged longer than others. They have a handy comparison chart on their website to help you make the choice that fits best for your lifestyle.

I am always looking for ways to green up my everyday life and I like that Goal Zero provides solar solutions that are actually portable. The purpose of my iPhone is to keep me connected when I am on the go, right? No reason I should have to stop going just because the battery dies!

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