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The earth is a very big place. Human beings may be very small , but we have an incredible impact on the world around us. Each choice we make, whether it is big or small, effects our surroundings. Thankfully, there is a growing movement of individuals and organizations helping their communities by giving back a little bit of what they make. It is possible for companies to earn income and power change in the world.  North American Power is one company that is trying to give power to the people and let them positively effect communities in need.
When you choose North American Power as your energy supplier, they will let you choose an organization to support every month. You can even upgrade to their 100% renewable energy “product”. In just four simple steps you can help educate children, alleviate hunger and poverty, and promote peace in a world that needs it.

How are they turning Kilowatts into Kindness?

1. Save :with their competitive rates and satisfaction guarantee
2. Give: Each month that you use over 250 kilowatt-hours we’ll begin donating $1 to a charity of your choice. Typically, customers use over 750 kilowatt-hours per month so almost everyone will qualify each month.
3. Share:   North American Power provides you with your very own NAPower.com website to refer customers and track all of your saving, giving and earning. Refer your friends so they can join the movement and start saving, giving, sharing and earning too!
4. Earn: The more people you refer, and the more people they refer, the more money you’ll make.
If you are 100% green and you refer other 100% green costumers they offer double commissions
Check out this video to learn more!
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