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I am sick. Why I am sitting up straight and actually blogging, I don’t know but I guess I figure I am going to feel horrid laying in bed or sitting at my computer so I might as well get something accomplished. When I am sick, I love a nice, hot cup of tea and since I was lucky enough to get a chance to review I thought I would tell you a little bit about them!
The people at are dedicated to providing our customers with a complete tea experience. Along with our fine selections of tea, we also offer elegant tea sets and beautiful teapots. Not only will we offer a wonderful selection at a great value, but we also strive to educate on the many health benefits of tea. We will present interesting facts about tea and also show the many interesting application of tea.

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Mango Green TeaI received 2 wonderful teas to try, the Mango Green Tea and the Chun Mee Green Tea. I am very impressed with both of these teas! The Mango Green Tea has these little pieces of actual mango in it, as well as dried pineapple and mallow flowers. It has a wonderful aroma and the flavor is lightly sweet. Once the weather warms up, this will make a great iced tea but right now, the heat of the tea is really helping clear my head and chest congestion! The Chun Mee green tea has a wonderful smooth taste and a pale color when steeped. I really like the flavor of this tea, it has a very faint hint of sweetness to it and it is very mild. I highly recommend both of these teas! 
Cherry Blossom Sushi TeacupI also received this beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom Teacup. carries a full line of all sorts of tea cups, teapots, and tea accessories. They carry full sets, as well as individual cups and saucers and I love the variety of materials you can choose from. They offer clay, stoneware, cast iron and several other types of materials. They are having a wonderful Thanksgiving Sale if you are looking to do a little shopping for that tea lover in your family! The are also offering a great promotional offer where you can get free tea with your order! You can check out all their special offers HERE.  I was very impressed with the teacup I received. It is made in Japan of high quality ceramic. The design is absolutely beautiful!
If you want to learn more about the health benefits of drinking tea, check out the tea information page!
My thanks to for allowing me to review their products.
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  1. angelpumpkin says
    Oops that wasn't what I meant to do....this is what I wanted to say. I love hot teas and hope to try this soon. Full leaf teas with great blends are wonderful. The cup is also very beautiful - great, unique gift ideas ;o)

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