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I was listening to the radio in the car last week and I heard a commercial for a very popular brand of lawn and garden products. The were advertising a great new product that you could spread on your lawn to ‘kill bugs’ for 3 full months! They said (and I am paraphrasing here…) that you would have a bug free lawn for months with only one application of this product. Stop and think about that…what is this stuff REALLY made of and do we really want to kill ALL the bugs in our lawn for months? There are lots of beneficial insects that would be wiped out as well! Not to mention what type of chemical you are exposing yourself, your children, and your pets to! Safe Home Products offers a number of safe alternatives to chemical pesticides, as well as a ton of other products for house and home that you can feel safe using! If you have never heard of Safe Home Products, here is some information about them from their website:
We are a growing e-commerce reseller of consumer products that improve safety, security, health and quality of life. Safe Home™’s customers create a safer, healthier home through an extensive, high-quality product line of over 20,000 products including carbon monoxide and radon detectors, emergency preparedness equipment, environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies, pet products, pest control solutions and home medical equipment; everything from pest control products and furnace filters to air purifiers and travel safety products.
Click here for more InformationMy family spends a lot of time in our backyard and here in Georgia we have a serious bug problem! The mosquitos are fierce, the yellow jackets plentiful, and the fire ants are a nightmare. Safe Home Products offers several ‘trap’ type products for the flying insects like the Contech Outdoor Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap and the Contech Outdoor Fly Trap and Lure. Both of these systems work very similarly. They contain NO pesticides and are an environmentally safe way to control bugs outside. Just add the ‘bait’ to the bottom of the reusable container and add a tiny amount of water and 2 drops of dish soap. The bait attracts the bugs which get stuck in the jar. Even better, the design of these traps hides the dead bugs from view so you don’t have to look at a container full of dead things!
Click here for more InformationPair these containers with the Bite Shield Geraniol Citronella Mosquito Pillar Candle and you are well on your way to a bug free yard, naturally! Citronella oil, a plant based insect repellent, is considered by the EPA as a biopesticide with a non-toxic action. The candle also contains Geraniol, a natural essential oil derived from the geranium plant. I actually don’t mind the smell of citronella! I think it smells a LOT better than some of those bug sprays on the market!

Safe Home Products offer so many unique products. You can find everything from air purifiers to soap and shampoo! I received Kirk’s Castile Soap and Kirks Castile Natural Shampoo Body Wash  and I was very pleased with how both of them work. They use NO animal tallow NOR petroleum products in their products and are made of coconut, palm oil and other natural ingredients. The scent comes from all natural sources. The shampoo is designed to leave no residue on your hair. It creates a rich lather and rinses out easily, leaving your hair squeaky clean! It is hypoallergenic and biodegradable, contains NO Animal By-Products and is never tested on animals. My hair was very soft after I followed my normal routine of conditioner and blow drying. The bar soap had lots of ‘suds’ to it and the scent is very mild….I was very happy with both of these products.

If you are looking to reduce your family’s exposure to harmful products, Safe Home Products offers a number of safer alternatives to many items that you use every day! If you would like to learn more about them, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
My thanks to Safe Home Products for allowing me to review their products!

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