Sharing a summer treat at the kid’s latest swim meet! #theicecreamsocial

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My kids are on the summer swim team in our neighborhood and they work hard with daily practices and a swim meet once a week. Swim meets are a lot of work but also a lot of fun…they hang out with friends, goof off with coaches, and eat! They work up quite an appetite with all those races and I always try and bring a variety of snacks for them to refuel on…some healthy and others that are just plane tasty! I got a chance to work with Nestle and share some summer treats at our latest swim meet. I headed off to Walmart to see what kind of tasty treats I could find!

So, at my local Walmart, there is a HUGE selection of icecream to choose from! I was rather amazed to see that it took up an entire isle!
First, I checked out the selection of cones and icecreams on a stick. They looked really tasty but knowing how hot it is right now, I thought they might get a little bit messy! Things melt FAST in this Georgia heat!
Haagen Dazs is one of my all time favorite icecreams because it is very rich and flavorful and has a very simple ingredient list. I was thrilled to see that they were offered in little serving size containers for only 99 cents each! Each little container comes with it’s own spoon which would make handing them out to the swimmers very easy! I found 4 flavors, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coffee.
The swim meet was a blast and everyone LOVED the icecream. I shared some with the grownups, too and they were very impressed! I wasn’t sure the little spoons would work too well but they were great. The icecream melted faster than I thought it would in the heat but even slightly soft the flavor was wonderful. I am glad the kids enjoyed a little treat at the swim meet…they worked hard for it!

 Disclaimer: This shop/project has been compensated as part of a campaign for Nestlé. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.


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