Should I put the Motorola Bionic on my holiday list? #MotoCalyp #cbias

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I am in serious need of a mobile phone upgrade. My original iPhone (the 3G model from MANY years ago!) has gotten so slow that I cannot even access my email while on the go any more. I have NO video capability, can’t play movies, and accessing the Internet is a frustrating experience I try and avoid whenever possible!

As a member of Collective Bias (a social shopper’s insight group),  I was asked to do a little research into the Motorola Bionic to see if it is something I would be interested in changing to. I really didn’t know too much about it but was curious to learn what it could do for me in terms of keeping me better connected while on the go.

The first place I think of when I am considering a new technology purchase is Best Buy. They have always had very knowledgeable sales staff and great prices so this is where I headed first. The crowds have already started picking up in the store with the holidays fast approaching but there were 2 people in the cell phone section and only one other customer so I was free to look around and ask questions as needed.

The biggest problem I encountered here was that the phones were all just pretend demo models! The only phone in the whole store that I could actually play with and USE was the new iPhone 4S. I was a little disappointed but learned that the Bionic is a Verizon only phone with a price tag of $249 with a 2 year contract. Since I currently have AT&T (and have for about 7 or 8 years) this phone would require that I change carriers and I’m not sure how I feel about that!

Next stop was my local Verizon store to see if they had a model that was actually functional…one where I could try out the touch screen and open up games to see how they look on the screen. I was in luck. The Verizon store had a TON of people working and I was actually able to use the Motorola Bionic. I tried out the Internet first…WOW…fast is an understatement! No waiting for things to load with this phone, that is for sure! Video capable, the ability to play movies, and the biggest thing that the sales people discussed was it’s ability to handle Flash Player, which my iPhone cannot do.

So, after my trips to Best Buy and Verizon, I went online to see what Motorola has to say about it’s Droid Bionic phone. This is where I got the REAL details of this phone! Speed, memory, accessories, and all the other nitty gritty facts you need when doing comparisons with other phones. If you want to see all the specifications of the Motorola Bionic in detail, check out the Tech Specs page. Here is a brief summary of what you may want to know about it:

  • 8 megapixel camera
  • 8x digital zoom
  • Android Platform
  • 4G Lite
  • Talk time (battery) up to 650 minutes
  • Carrier: Verizon
  • Touch Screen
  • 1 GHz Dual-core processor
  • 16 GB on board memory
  • music enabled and video capable
So, what did I think of this phone? Honestly, I am really impressed with the speed! There was no hesitation at all when pulling up the Internet and the graphics were just amazing. The preloaded games were fun to play with and I did a google search in seconds that found me a Starbucks right down the street. I liked that you could customize the phone so it looked unique..put your apps where YOU want them which is unlike my iPhone.
While the specs are impressive and I absolutely love the phone, what it all comes down to is cost. I have been with AT&T for almost 8 years and am grandfathered in to a really sweet price for unlimited data. On a month by month basis, Verizon will cost me more per month as well as cost me an additional $50 to upgrade to IT versus the iPhone 4S. I think the Bionic itself is probably a cooler phone with a lot more possibilities in terms of mobile access (like the Lapdock and the  Vehicle Dock) but I just can’t make the switch to Verizon. If it came with AT&T as the carrier I would upgrade to it in a heartbeat!
If you are considering betting a Motorola Bionic, they are offering a great deal right now where you can Buy Now & Get Free 2-day Shipping.  I hate having to pay shipping on anything!

If you want to see my whole shopping experience, check out my Google+ story! I learned quite a bit about the Bionic and realize now just how far behind in technology my cell phone really is! It has been 5 years since my last phone upgrade and technology changes so fast my phone is just about obsolete!

Disclaimer:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.

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