Ways to Use Fresh Lemons in Beauty Routines

I love the warm weather and am always inspired to buy more citrus as the temperature start to rise. Lemons, limes and oranges get their own separate fruit bowl from April through August! I decided to look for ways to use fresh lemons in my beauty routine. Since they are always there on my counter, it only makes sense to use them as often as I can, right? Have too many lemons?  Keep reading for a few lemon beauty hacks!  Ways to Use Fresh Lemons in Your Beauty Routine Wondering what to do with too many lemons? I have … [Read more...]

The Frustrating Search for the Best Safe Nail Polish Brands

For the last several years, I have been on a furious hunt for safe nail polish brands. I have never understood my teenage daughter's obsession with nail polish. I never painted her nails when she was little because I always worried about toxic nail polish ingredients. She discovered nail polish on her own once she hit about 4th grade and has been crazy about it ever since. I have learned over the last few years of having teenagers that it is best to pick my battles carefully. She happily washes with my organic, locally made soap and uses an … [Read more...]

How To Get Aloe Vera Gel From Your Aloe Plant

Learning how to get aloe vera gel from your aloe plant is a handy skill to have! My son recently had a bad experience with a chemical hand sanitizer. We rarely use them but we were out and about and I didn't have any other option. After the rash cleared up,  I decided to make homemade hand sanitizing spray for those times when we couldn't get to soap and water.I searched around on Pinterest and Googled a few things to find out how to do this. Most articles seemed to say "combine alcohol with aloe vera gel and add essential oils'. I could do … [Read more...]

Manuka Honey Lip Scrub Recipe for Smooth Healthy Lips

This Manuka honey lip scrub recipe is an easy homemade lip treatment for smooth, healthy lips!   Honey lip scrubs with coconut oil are both antibacterial and moisturizing, making this the perfect winter lip product!A Much Needed Winter Lip Treatment Every winter, my lips get horribly chapped and dry. I admit, I am a lip balm addict and never go anywhere without it in my purse. This Manuka honey lip scrub recipe is an easy homemade lip treatment if you suffer from the same winter lip problems that I do.Adding this homemade … [Read more...]

DIY Moisturizing Body Wash for Dry Skin

Having grown up in New England, I can honestly say that I really enjoy fall and winter weather. I love the smell of leaves and the feel of a crisp breeze. What I don't love, however, is the dry skin that comes with turning the heat on in my house. This DIY moisturizing body wash for dry skin is an easy way to restore the moisture to your skin that the dry air just sucks right out of your body. If you love homemade beauty products, you could also try my Lavender Honey Milk Bath Recipe.Castile Soap is a Must Have Item for Natural … [Read more...]

Easy Candy Cane Sugar Scrub Recipe

Tis the season for candy canes and my family could not be any happier. Not only do I love the TASTE of candy canes, but I love the smell of them as well. This easy candy cane sugar scrub recipe requires no actual candy canes, although you could crush some up and put them in there if you would like. During the winter, I probably make a sugar scrub recipe just about every month. The exfoliating and moisturizing properties of homemade sugar scrubs help keep skin smooth and silky during the dry winter months. My whole house smells wonderful right … [Read more...]

What to Look For in a Natural Face Wash

This post about natural face wash is sponsored by Puristry and brought to you by the ShopShare Network. All opinions are my own. Many years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, I realized how sensitive our bodies are to synthetic ingredients. From growth hormones in milk to artificial fragrances in beauty products, I started doing some research. Slowly, as my knowledge increased, I started being more conscious of the products I was eating as well as those I used in my beauty routine. If you are just getting started on your journey to … [Read more...]

Green Shaving Tips for Smooth Summer Legs

Well, spring is finally here and I have traded sweatshirts for Tshirts. That means pretty soon I will be swapping out my jeans for shorts and capris. And do you know what that means? That means I need to start shaving regularly again if I want smooth summer legs. Honestly, that is my least favorite part about the warm weather. Not only am I so white that I practically glow, I need to spend way more time in the shower every day attempting to make my legs look as smooth as a baby's bottom. Loads of fun, right?Yes, I know that some women are … [Read more...]

Aging Hair Tips for Locks that Look Younger Than You Really Are!

This post about aging hair tips was sponsored by Nature Made as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.I have been noticing for the last couple of years that my hair is starting to look 'not as brown' as it used to be. I don't have a ton of gray hair yet but the color just seems to be rather dull. There is a lack of vibrancy and shine to my hair and the only thing I can think of that is causing it would be age. There isn't much I can do about the age factor. We all get older … [Read more...]

Easy Lavender DIY Oatmeal Milk Bath Recipe

The last few weeks have been fairly stressful and I was thankful to have this easy lavender DIY oatmeal milk bath recipe on hand. I finally got the taxes finished (YAY!) and the check has been sent off to the IRS (BOO for no refund this year!)  I spent the weekend teaching a 17-year-old how to drive and volunteering at my daughter's Girl Scout cookie booth sale. Between paying the bills and dealing with housework, there wasn't a lot of 'me time' and I am determined to change that this week.My need of stress reduction led me to today's … [Read more...]

Living a Natural Lifestyle Starts with Just One Purchase

This post about living a natural lifestyle is brought to you by Tom’s of Maine . The content and opinions expressed below are that of Turning the Clock Back. I was raised in a rather conventional home as a child. My mom didn't buy organic food and I certainly didn't use any products that were considered natural. In fact, there was one person in my class who was a vegetarian and we all thought that was downright strange. Living a natural lifestyle is not something I was ever exposed to as a child. My early days on my own had me eating a lot of … [Read more...]

How to Find the Best All Natural Beauty Products

Every time I need to shop for makeup or skincare products, I remember how hard it is to find the best all natural beauty products. Over the past few years I have tried to make the switch from conventional products to natural ones. Sometimes I find a product that I really like and it's easy to ditch the chemical laden, artificial stuff. Other times, I buy one brand after another with pitiful results. I keep trying new ones, though, because I feel it's important to reduce my exposure to certain chemicals that are prevalent in traditional beauty … [Read more...]

Honey and Almond Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe

One of the habits I acquired during our years of poor graduate student life is always hitting the clearance shelves at the grocery store. You might wonder how this plays into my brown sugar scrub recipe but I found a deal I couldn't pass up. Marked down to a ridiculously cheap price was a TON of organic brown sugar. Seriously. I picked up a dozen bags of organic brown sugar for about $10. Woo-hoo! Of course, now I'm looking for ways to use brown sugar so it doesn't go bad! Sugar scrubs are always a huge hit in my house so I did a little digging … [Read more...]

Anti Aging Breakthroughs from MitoQ

This information about anti aging breakthroughs has been sponsored by MitoQ but all opinions are my own.As a forty something woman, I can tell you that there are days that I feel very old. At 5 AM when the alarm goes off and my joints creak getting out of bed I feel old. Every time I find another grey hair I feel a tad bit older. Listening to my teenage daughter talk about how some boy's hair is totally on fleek...I feel REALLY old. Sound familiar to you? Well...I don't really want to feel old and am always keeping an eye on the newest anti … [Read more...]

Cranberry Sugar Scrub Recipe with Vanilla

This cranberry sugar scrub recipe was inspired by my latest trip into the freezer. I'm one of those people that stocks up on cranberries after the holidays and buys WAY too many of them. Hey, they're on clearance for pennies, right? Why not stock up and find some creative cranberry recipes all the way through June! Well, I still have several bags of cranberries in the freezer so I decided to make this cranberry sugar scrub recipe. I added a little bit of vanilla along with the cranberries and will be enjoying some seriously yummy showers over … [Read more...]

15 All Natural Sugar Scrub Recipes

I finally broke down last week and turned the heat on. I hated to do it….I was starting to enjoy those low utility bills! But, seeing as we are actually getting into the 30’s at night it was really starting to get a tad bit chilly in the house. Within days of turning on the heat in my house I was slathering on moisturizer to deal with dry, itchy skin. It always amazes me how fast my skin dries out as soon as the cold weather hits! I find that sugar scrubs are a great way to deal with winter skin. I have made a number of them over the years and … [Read more...]

Natural Skin Care Tips for Radiant Skin after 40

This post about Natural Skin Care Tips has been sponsored but all opinions expressed here are my own.I was recently going through some of my photos and I was shocked at how young my husband and I looked in them. Even photos that were taken just 5 years ago show off a person that is much thinner and younger looking than I am right now. There is something about the magic number *40* that just signifies the downhill slide into 'not quite so young any more'! Since I don't see myself getting facelifts and collagen injections any time soon, I am … [Read more...]

Antioxidant Skin Care Products from MitoQ

Getting old isn't all that much fun. I can no longer eat whatever I want without gaining weight and I have more aches and pains than I can count. My energy levels are definitely not where they should be. And my skin is starting to lose that 'youthful glow' that I had in my 30's. I do what I can to combat these natural side effects of aging. Good food, plenty of water and regular exercise help quite a bit. However when I was offered the option of trying out new antioxidant skin care products and an energy supplement from MitoQ I thought it … [Read more...]

Pucker Up with this Raspberry Sugar Scrub for Lips!

Winter is harsh on our lips and some days I feel like I am applying lip balm just about every hour. I am the queen of lip balm....I find them in my pants pockets, in the car, and quite often I find them in the dryer. You could say I am a bit of a lip balm addict, especially in the winter! However, lip balm application is not always enough to keep my lips smooth and soft. And with Valentine's Day fast approaching, we all want soft, kissable lips, right? I might be old and married but I do like a nice kiss from my husband on Valentine's Day! I … [Read more...]