Toilet Paper Roll Fire Starters Make Campfires Easy!

These toilet paper roll fire starters are a great way to make campfires start blazing quickly.  There is certainly no shortage of toilet paper tubes in most households.  With a family of 4 and 3 bathrooms in my house, we go through quite a bit of toilet paper.  For every roll of toilet paper that gets replaced, I am left with one empty cardboard tube to dispose of.  Most of the time, those toilet paper tubes end up in the recycle bin but there are plenty of creative ways to reuse them.  If you are a fan of camping or bonfires, you can turn that … [Read more...]

Camping in Georgia: Watson Mill Bridge State Park

My family has always been a huge fan of camping. A couple of days spent in the woods with no distractions from televisions, phones, video games or household responsibilities can be very relaxing. I am also a firm believer in the fact that children will never come to truly appreciate nature if they are not actually exposed to it occasionally! Last week was my children's spring break from school so we decided to pack up the gear and head into the woods. April is the ideal time to go camping in Georgia because if you wait much later and go during … [Read more...]

Weekend Camping Adventure on Lake Hartwell in North Georgia

Well, we had a great weekend camping adventure on Lake Hartwell in North Georgia with the Cub Scouts. If you haven't tried your hand at camping as a family yet, I highly recommend it. We are lucky that camping in Georgia can pretty much be done all year round. We have a few chilly months in the winter but they aren't horrible. Camping is a great way to bond as a family and it makes for a great outdoor adventure!Our Weekend Camping Adventure We stayed at Camp Rotary on Lake Hartwell and had a tent site on a small peninsula surrounded by … [Read more...]