Service Projects that are Good for the Planet

As a mom, I feel like one of my jobs is to teach my kids to give back to others.  I particularly like it when I can find service projects that are good for the planet.  It's always nice to accomplish two things with one activity, right?  As we approach the holidays, we need to teach our children (as well as friends and family members) that giving back is vital.  To our souls, our planet, and society as a whole. Service Projects that are Good for the Planet Making sure that kids are fed, clothed and educated can be time consuming. However, we … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Thank the Military for Their Service

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, I wanted to share a few ways to thank the military for their service. When I was growing up, my father was in the Naval Reserves. Some of my earliest memories if him include those shiny shoes, formal navy uniform and that flat topped white hat with the black brim. He always looked so handsome in that uniform!My dad was in the Naval Reserves for 25 years and I like to think that at some point during his service, someone stopped to say THANK YOU for the work he was doing. I may not always agree with … [Read more...]

Ways to Keep Water Clean and Protect our Environment

This post about ways to keep water clean and protect the environment has been sponsored by Tom's of Maine. All opinions expressed here are my own.Last year, my daughter and I participated in a river cleanup with her Girl Scout troop. It was a disturbingly eye opening afternoon that left me seriously concerned with the health of our waterways. Without clean water, humans, plants, and animals will not survive. There is no way around it. We all need water to live a healthy life and without CLEAN water, we are seriously doomed.Today, I am … [Read more...]

How to Recycle Soap and Creative Uses for Soap Around the House

Have you ever gone to a hotel and taken home your half used bar of soap? Most people don't. As a result, house cleaning throws away a perfectly good bar of soap. I am going to share with you a few tips on how to recycle soap so that it stops going to waste. I will also share with you a few creative uses for soap around the house. That half used bar of soap in the hotel will have lots of purposes once you get it home!This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link on this site, we receive a small commission at … [Read more...]

Family Activism and Helping Teens Make a Difference

Family activism is tough when you have kids. If you have teens, you probably realize by now that they enjoy spending their free time sleeping, eating, shopping and hanging with friends. While those are all fun pursuits for teens, they aren't what I consider great life goals. Sleeping til noon and eating an entire bag of chips in one sitting aren't activities that are going to change the world anytime soon.I am trying to raise my teens with an awareness for social issues. While we are definitely on the 'far left' in terms of our beliefs, I … [Read more...]

What to do to Protect the Environment Even if Lawmakers Won’t

I try very hard not to share politics on my blog very often, however, teaching you what to do to protect the environment is kind of the entire reason I started this blog. Sometimes we have lawmakers in office who have an inkling of an idea about how important clean air, safe water, and a strong food production system are. Other times we have shortsighted idiots in office who's only goal is the almighty dollar. When lawmakers fail to act, it's up to citizens to get involved and I wanted to share with you a few things I have done in the last … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Waste at Home and the Tom’s of Maine #LessWasteChallenge

These tips on how to reduce waste at home are part of a sponsored conversation with Tom's of Maine. All opinions are my own.With the growing amount of trash filling up our landfills, learning how to reduce waste at home should be a key factor in your quest for green living. In my own home, we recycle just about everything we can. This is made easier by the county through curbside recycling. However, there are always events in the community that don't offer recycling and it frustrates me. I see vendors selling bottled water and plenty of … [Read more...]

Help Provide Clean Drinking Water to Developing Countries with Emergen-C® & charity: water

This Clean Drinking Water post is part of a VIN campaign hosted by Emergen-C®. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Emergen-C and I make no claims about Emergen-C as a product or its effectiveness.Camping is one of my family's favorite ways to vacation together. Okay, husband and I enjoy camping. We force the teenagers to go because we are cruel and unjust parents who enjoy making their lives miserable. Or so they tell us. Our favorite form of … [Read more...]

Grocery Shopping Tips to Bring About Social Good

As I sit here typing this blog post, I have just returned from yet another grocery shopping trip. No matter how hard I try, I seem to spend an awful lot of time there. Either we are out of something completely vital (heaven forbid my daughter run out of yogurt!) or I have a recipe I want to make and am missing one important ingredient. I know, I really need to plan my shopping better. Just consolidating my trips to the grocery store would save me a lot of time, money, and wear and tear on my car. Not to mention, reducing my carbon footprint! … [Read more...]

Help Provide Quality Healthcare to Expectant Mothers with Kangu!

Before I moved to Atlanta and had children,  I worked in a laboratory doing cancer research for Texas Children's Hospital. It was a challenging yet rewarding job. We struggled to understand how cancer works and researched ways that bone marrow transplants could help cure this horrible disease. While I spent much of my time in the laboratory, we often made trips over to the children's hospital for sample delivery or retrieval. Those days were particular difficult for me....seeing children suffering from devastating diseases is never easy. … [Read more...]

Support Breast Cancer Research and Get a Free Gift!

This breast cancer awareness post has been sponsored but all opinions expressed here are my own.In my life before kids, chaos and social media, I worked in a laboratory doing cancer research. It was an exciting and interesting field but also a very sad one. Cancer is one of those things that we understand quite well, only we don't know how to stop it. The people who are diagnosed with this disease have a long and rather horrible journey to take and I wish scientist could get to the bottom of this mysterious illness. Breast cancer has … [Read more...]

Healthy Community Support with the Champions of Care Challenge! #HealthMartCares #ad

Disclaimer:  This post about creating a healthy community has been sponsored by the Niche Parent Network & Conference. All opinions are my own. Several years ago, my husband decided to take up running. Off he went every day to conquer the hills of our neighborhood and the trails of our local parks. He had a wonderful time, felt better than he had ever felt before and started running more. Soon, he decided he needed a bit more of a challenge then just yet another run through our hilly neighborhood and he started running marathons. He … [Read more...]

Giving Tuesday, Social Good and Giving Back with World Vision

This post about social good and giving back this holiday has been sponsored by World Vision but all opinions expressed here are my own.As we enter into the busiest time of the year for shopping and gift giving, people are starting to whip out their credit cards and make their shopping lists. Kids want video games, grandma wants new slippers, husband has his eye on a fancy alarm clock. These are all great and wonderful gift ideas but what about those people in other areas of the world who are struggling just to survive? Giving the gift of … [Read more...]

Sleep Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness with Estroven!

This breast cancer awareness conversation has been sponsored by Estroven and TapInfluence but all opinions expressed here are my own.Over the years, I have known several women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Friends, acquaintances, family member....each diagnosis makes it all that more obvious that every single woman (and even men!) may be at risk of this disease. I finally got up the nerve to go for my first mammogram last year and will continue to get one regularly. For those of you who haven't gotten one yet...It wasn't bad! … [Read more...]

Steps You Can Take to Fight Climate Change and a #Green Twitter Party! #ClimateReality

Throughout my day I come across a number of people. I try to encourage them to live a greener life through example rather than being preachy about it. Nobody likes to be lectured on the evils of plastic water bottles but maybe seeing me use my stainless steel one will make them think twice next time they go shopping. While I think I make a difference in the way some people think, I know there are a lot of skeptics out there. So many people either don't care about their actions or just don't believe that they can make a difference. Many people … [Read more...]

Using Social Media to Support Your Green Cause #sponsored

This post about using social media to support your cause is sponsored by Social Power but all opinions expressed are my own.I am passionate about a lot of things. I breastfed my kids and want all employers to make this easier for moms to do. I am an active PTA parent and feel that all parents should help out where and how they can. I support Doctors Without Borders and want freedom and safety for the American Mustangs. But more than any other cause, the environment is my hot button. (as if you couldn't tell by reading my blog, right?)  I … [Read more...]

Teacher Appreciation and a HHonors Teacher Treks Travel Grant contest #sponsored

This Teacher Appreciation post is sponsored by Hilton and Global Influence but all opinions expressed are my own.Many years ago I ditched a career in cancer research to stay home with my babies when they were little. It was stressful and emotional and a definite drain on the finances but I didn't regret it for one minute. However, once my kids hit preschool age I found a nice 3 hour program for them to join that would give me a few minutes of peace and quiet once in a while. Of course, I loved the preschool so much I ended up taking a job … [Read more...]

Summer Dessert Recipe: Strawberry Lemonade Pie and a No Kid Hungry Campaign

This Summer Dessert Recipe and No Kid Hungry post is sponsored by ACH Foods and Mom Central Consulting but all opinions expressed are my own. I have a serious weakness for sweets and almost every dinner is followed by some sort of dessert. My mom always used to say that ice cream made the perfect dessert because no matter how full you were, it just melted to fill in all the cracks. There is no such thing as being too full for dessert in my house! I try to tailor the desserts I make to what is on sale or in the pantry whenever I can. … [Read more...]

Encourage Change With This Community Action Toolkit and Promiseland

When my daughter started kindergarten I was approached by a PTA mom to see if I would be interested in joining the school's Environmental Committee. As a green and crunchy hippy momma, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to get involved with this project. Of course, little did I realize what a HUGE commitment I was taking on! The Environmental Committee was actually just that ONE mom and she was leaving to move on to the middle school! So, for 4 years I pushed ahead and worked to get my children's school to reduce their carbon footprint. It … [Read more...]