Learn How to Make Homemade Condiments

I was provided a review copy of Homemade Condiments at no charge in order to facilitate this review but all opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on a link and make a purchase I will receive a very small amount of money to put towards my blogging adventure.I am a label reader when it comes to most of the food that I eat. I like to be able to recognize the ingredients in a particular product and have it free of artificial stuff I can't pronounce. (Except for the occasional bag of … [Read more...]

The New Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day Cookbook

This artisan bread cookbook review was made possible by a free copy of the book from the publisher. All opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on the link and make a purchase I will receive a small amount of money to put towards my blogging adventure.I have been tossing around the idea of asking for a break maker for Christmas because I absolutely love the smell and taste of homemade bread. The biggest drawback to a breadmaker though (besides price) is that it takes up so much room … [Read more...]

Raw Food For Dummies Book Review

I received a copy of Raw Food For Dummies  for review. As I try to eat healthier I find myself interested in a number of different diet concepts. Some people go for high protein, low carb diets. Others choose to give up meat and/or animal based products. Some will only eat light and low fat foods. I recently met someone who was a raw vegan and the concept was fascinating.How does one start a raw food diet? Are you left eating carrot sticks and fruit every day? Is it possible for raw food to be a bit more complex and interesting? I have … [Read more...]

Meals in a Jar Book Review

Why settle for preservative-packed frozen dinners, freeze-dried backpacking food and military MREs when a healthier and tastier option can easily be stored in the pantry? Meals in a Jar provides the step-by-step, detailed instructions needed to create all-natural breakfast, lunch and dinner options that you can keep on a shelf and enjoy at any time. Meals in a jar work great for picnics, too. Check out my other healthy picnic ideas and start taking your meals on the go!Meals in a Jar Book Review  Title:  Meals in a Jar Subtitle:  Quick … [Read more...]

Petite Treats Book Review

Petite Treats Title:    Petite TreatsSubtitle:    Adorably Delicious Versions of All Your Favorites from Scones, Donuts, and Cupcakes to Brownies, Cakes, and PiesAuthors:  Morgan Greenseth , Christy BeaverPublisher:  Ulysses Press (December 11, 2012)ISBN:  978-1612431116Format/Length:   Paperback: 180 pagesMy Review: 5 From the Publisher:For hip bakers looking to dazzle guests, nothing beats the small treats found in this handy volume. From mini fruit scones at brunch and bite-size pies after dinner to … [Read more...]

Poptails: A Boozy Treat For Your Party Guests!

The holidays are coming quickly and people will be celebrating by inviting family and friends over for food and drinks. I am always looking for creative ways to show off my culinary skills and I recently received the book Poptails: 60 Boozy Treats Served on a Stick and thought this would be perfect for holiday entertaining. What are Poptails, you ask? It is a blend between a popsicle and a cocktail! A creative way to make frozen treats from alcoholic drinks! Poptails: 60 Boozy Treats Served on a StickTitle:  PoptailsSubtitle:  60 … [Read more...]

150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

If you are a cookbook addict like I am, your shelves are probably overflowing with culinary inspiration. However, a good cookbook doesn't have to teach  you how to make exotic French cuisine or a fancy 12 course meal. A good cookbook can teach you how to make something ordinary into something extraordinary and that is exactly what 150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches does! Who knew there were so many ways to make a grilled cheese sandwich? Read on for my review of this cookbook and your chance to win a copy of your own! Grilled Cheese … [Read more...]

America’s Favorite Food by MyRecipes.com

Do you have a favorite cookbook or online recipe site? Maybe you enjoy browsing through magazines in search of new and exciting recipes? Do you use your smartphone to find dinner ideas? I can certainly answer yes to all of those things and was thrilled when I got the chance to review another cookbook! I honestly don't think you can ever have too many! America's Favorite Food Cookbook America's Favorite Food: 200 top-rated recipes from the country's best magazines is part cookbook, part magazine and part smartphone app all rolled into one … [Read more...]

The Tastes of Ayurveda cookbook review

I have always been a big believer in the concept that you are what you eat. The food choices we make drastically effect our health, both physical and emotional. The concept of Ayurveda is simple:  it is based on the concept that one's physical, mental, and spiritual well being comes from a number of sources, including a healthy diet that is based on your own personal constitution. The Tastes of Ayurveda: More Healthful, Healing Recipes for the Modern Ayurvedic  is an all vegetarian cookbook that includes many recipes using both whole grains and … [Read more...]

The Pickled Pantry Book

As we head out of summer and into fall we are often left with an abundance of produce and scrambling for ideas on what to do with it all. Unfortunately, our tomatoes don't ripen one or two at a time...they tend to ripen all at once and we are left eating an awful lot of tomatoes for a week or two! I remember when I was a kid going out to the garden with my dad and filling up my little red wagon with cucumbers. I would go to friends houses to play and their moms would say "please do not send any more cucumbers!" If you are left with a huge … [Read more...]

The Fresh Egg Cookbook

I received a copy of The Fresh Egg Cookbook for this review but all opinions are my own.A couple of years ago I started buying my eggs from a local farmer and was truly amazed at the difference between those eggs and the ones I had been buying at the grocery store. And considering I was buying expensive organic and cage-free eggs, I really didn't expect quite the huge difference but boy was I wrong! I will never go back to store bought again as long as my local farmer keeps supplying them. Since current legislation says I need 3 acres to … [Read more...]