DIY Gift Box Ideas that Save Money and Reduce Waste

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom’s of Maine for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.With Earth Day coming up soon, I hope that everyone is taking a few minutes to think about ways to reduce their carbon footprint.  How many times have you purchased wrapping paper or a fancy gift bag to give someone a gift in?  Is that really necessary?  Is it possible that you could save yourself some money and repurpose something you have at home instead?DIY Gift Box Ideas that Save Money and Reduce Waste Do you have any idea how … [Read more...]

Try this Eco Friendly Christmas Craft: Bottle Cap Snowmen!

I absolutely love the mishmash of Christmas ornaments that make up our tree every year and these bottle cap snowmen are the perfect addition!   There are handprint Santas, popsicle stick snowflakes and an assortment of other creative homemade decorations.  Absolutely nothing matches and there is no color scheme at all but the Christmas tree is a collection of memories that go back as far as my own childhood.  Now that my kids are teens, they aren't really into making crafty Christmas ornaments anymore but I decided to get out my glue gun this … [Read more...]

Need DIY Halloween Centerpieces? Make Upcycled Wine Bottle Candy Corn!

I am going to let you in on a small secret.  I LOVE candy corn.  Yup, I can't lie..for some reason that stuff just calls to me!  It's not healthy, natural or organic but every year I buy a bag or two and holler at my teens when they eat it all.  I was searching through Pinterest for DIY Halloween centerpieces and I found upcycled wine bottles that were painted to look like candy corn!  I thought it would be the perfect addition to my fall table and a good place for me to decoratively store my delicious candy corn.  This candy corn craft was … [Read more...]

Easy Pumpkin Craft Idea Using Juice Can Lids

As I was rummaging through my art closet looking for inspiration, I came across a pile of frozen juice can lids.  I don't buy frozen juice very often but the metal lids were perfect for this easy pumpkin craft idea.  If you don't have an art closet (or an art box or corner or desk drawer), I seriously recommend you make one!  I tuck all sorts of things in there that can be upcycled into craft projects.  From oatmeal containers to empty cereal boxes, it's sort of a hodge-podge of stray things I find that I may be able to include in upcycled … [Read more...]

10 Eco Friendly Craft Projects for Kids and Adults!

When my kids were young, they LOVED arts and crafts.  I was always trying to find eco friendly craft projects for them to do and kept the art closet well stocked.  To this day, I still have tin cans, bottle caps, scraps of material and an assortment of other 'used' items in there in case a class project comes up.  Or for those moments when something on Pinterest just grabs my attention and screams out at me to get my glue gun.  With Earth Day right around the corner, I thought I would put together a collection of eco friendly craft projects … [Read more...]

Easy Rainbow Craft: Bottle Cap Rainbow Magnets

With the beginning of spring comes sunny days, blooming flowers and baby animals.  It is one of my favorite times of the year and it inspired me to get crafty and make this easy rainbow craft to share with you all today.  My husband has a bucket in the garage where he tosses his bottle caps so bottle cap crafts are easy for me to get supplies for!  Since we are heading into Earth Day, I loved the idea of an upcycled craft that was not only pretty but functional as well.  We all need more refrigerator magnets, right?  If you are looking for an … [Read more...]

DIY Mason Bee House to Help Save the Pollinators!

This DIY mason bee house is my attempt at attracting more pollinators to my yard and providing them a save place to feed and reproduce.  I had never heard the term 'mason bee' before, but once I checked them out on Wikipedia I knew what they were.  They are named from their habit of making compartments of mud in their nests, which are made in hollow reeds or holes in wood made by an assortment of bugs.  Basically, instead of hives, like traditional honey bees, mason bees lay their eggs in hollow twigs.  This diy mason bee house was incredibly … [Read more...]

Easy Homemade Earring Holder from an Upcycled Cheese Grater!

This homemade earring holder is perfect for dangling earrings that need to be better cared for.  My daughter loves earrings and the older she gets, the more she wants to wear the dangly variety.  They can get damaged if left in the jewelry box and often get tangled up with the rest of the jewelry in there.  I came across a creative upcycled craft idea on Pinterest that used an old cheese grater to create a beautiful homemade earring holder.  While I was out and about at the thrift store, I found a cheese grater for only a couple dollars and … [Read more...]

How to Cut a Glass Bottle in Half with String for Upcycled Crafts

I bet you are wondering why in the world you would want to know how to cut a glass bottle in half.  Isn't that dangerous? (yes!)  Don't you need special glass cutting tools? (no!)  Maybe you want to start trying your hand at upcycled crafts.  Maybe (like me!) you have a 16 year old son who proposes the idea to his Advanced Placement Environmental Sciences teacher as his midterm project.  Even though you TOLD the 16 year old boy that it wouldn't be as easy as those YouTubers made it look on the internet.  And of course, being a 16 year old … [Read more...]

Upcycled DIY Ribbon Organizer You Can Make for Only Pennies!

I was recently digging around in what I call my 'bag of ribbon' when I realized that I needed to find a DIY ribbon organizer to make my art closet a tad bit neater. I had no desire to spend a lot of money on a ribbon organizer so I hit Pinterest to see what inspired me.  I came across several creative people who had taken household objects and upcycled them into a homemade ribbon organizer that is perfect for Christmas ribbon or any type of thin ribbon that you find in craft stores.  I have a LOT of ribbon and this upcycled DIY ribbon organizer … [Read more...]

Golf Ball Lady Bug Craft and an Upcycled Garden Craft Roundup

When my son was younger, he was one of those kids that picked up EVERYTHING he found.  He would come home from the park with 7 acorns, 4 rocks and a pine cone stuck in his pocket.  We would go for a walk and come home with an assortment of what we called 'little things' that he had discovered on the ground.  For some reason, golf balls were a common find on our journeys.  I have no idea why...we don't live near a golf course!  But, whatever was too big to go in his pocket (and end up in the washing machine) went onto a shelf in the garage.  … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Garden Markers Spoons

A few months ago I went on a bit of a thrift store shopping spree and found a package of about 30 metal spoons for only $3.  Who could resist such a deal, right?  I could stop worrying about my kids losing the spoons I put in their lunchbox and have plenty of them left over for a few spoon crafts.  I decided that with spring coming I would make these DIY garden markers spoons to keep track of the things I plant in the garden.  I have a horrible memory and I find that those little plastic markers that come in the pots from the nursery always … [Read more...]

DIY Upcycled Cookie Sheet Memo Board and Easy Steps for Living Green #BringingInnovation

This DIY Upcycled Cookie Sheet Memo Board project has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BringingInnovation #CollectiveBiasI'm sure that all of you avid bakers out there can commiserate with me over the deplorable state of our cookie sheets. I have a serious love of baking and those little sheets of metal get put to work on a regular basis.  While I try to scrub them well after each use, there comes a point in every cookie sheet's life when it must be laid to rest!  The same can be … [Read more...]

How to Make a Wine Bottle Lamp

I am a big fan of the occasional glass of wine and I find myself wondering about how to reuse wine bottles. I especially love the cobalt blue wine bottles that my favorite Riesling comes in at the grocery store.  While recycling the wine bottles is a great idea, finding a new use for it is even better.  I started researching how to make a wine bottle lamp and found that it is really quite a simple process!When I first started looking into how to make a wine bottle lamp, I searched on Amazon for supplies.  I found an incredibly simple … [Read more...]

DIY Decorative Jar Lids for an Upcycled Valentine’s Day Treat Jar

Valentine's Day isn't really a huge deal in my house.  I don't have small children and my teenagers think the holiday is a bit cheesy right now.  My husband and I are not particularly the 'romantic' sort of couple.  There is no flashy jewelry, trips to the spa or exotic vacations in store for us on Valentine's Day.  But, I still want to do something simple for my husband to let him know I love him. He is, of course, the guy that kills cockroaches and unclogs drains.  He deserves a little something special now and then! These decorative jar lids … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Stick Santa and Elf Christmas Craft

A few months ago, I bought a ton of cinnamon sticks when I made a cinnamon stick centerpiece for fall.  Ever since, I have been trying to come up with creative ways to use up the rest of them!  As I was browsing through Pinterest I discovered tons of DIY Christmas ornaments and crafts that use Popsicle sticks.  Many of these Christmas crafts would work just as well if I replaced the Popsicle stick with a cinnamon stick!  I decided to try out my hand at a simple homemade Christmas ornament to put on our tree.  I love that this Christmas craft … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Pie and Washi Tape Note Card Make a Nice Teacher Gift

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BIC® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.Ever since my children were in Kindergarten, I have volunteered in their classroom.  I was the mom cooking with them on Friday mornings, reading to them on Earth Day, chaperoning the field trip, and organizing holiday parties.  I loved every moment I spent with them and I learned something very important about myself.  I discovered that I do NOT have the patience to be a teacher!  Seriously, after an hour of volunteering I was about ready to … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Treasures and a DIY Washi Tape Picture Frame

I have been spending the last couple of weeks browsing around a few thrift stores and antique shops in my area.  I love finding second hand treasures at affordable prices.  The first few places I went to were 'antique shops' and I found that the prices were much higher than I was willing to spend.  I like old things...I just don't want to spend a fortune on them just because they are OLD.  I also don't want to buy things that I am just going to look at.  I find that most antique shops have things that you would not actually use...old dolls, … [Read more...]

How to Turn a Cereal Box into a Beautiful Gift Box

This morning when the kids got up I made them breakfast like I do every weekday morning.  I was very energetic and poured cereal into a bowl.  I'm not overly ambitious at 6 AM.  After putting the bowls on the table I was left with yet another empty cereal box to throw into the recycle bin.  I am sure just about every household in American throws away a cereal box or two every week!  I decided to put my scissors and washi tape to good use and turn that cereal box into something slightly more useful!You can make this gift box out of just … [Read more...]