How to Save Money So You Can Go Green!

This post about how to save money so you can go green has been sponsored. All opinions are my own.When my husband and I started out on our life together, we were not exactly rolling in money. As a grad student,  my husband was paid a pitiful salary to spend 80 plus hours a week in the lab. I didn't earn much more at my own job, either. But, thankfully, we didn't have a lot of needs, either. We paid the bills, fed ourselves, and and tried to stay out of debt.When he graduated and we had kids,  we still didn't have much money. … [Read more...]

How to Save on Medical Expenses and SingleCare Card Benefits

This post about how to save on medical expenses and SingleCare card benefits has been sponsored by SingleCare. All opinions expressed here are my own.In my non blogging life, I have a background in the healthcare field. I have worked in hospitals and the pharmacy and gotten to know a lot of people with serious health conditions. The one thing they all want to know is how to save on medical expenses. There isn't a one size fits all answer to that question. I wish there was. Medical expenses can cripple the family budget and leave people … [Read more...]

Tips for Healthy Eating on a Low Budget

If your goals for the new year include eating healthier and saving money, these tips for healthy eating on a low budget are just what you need. My husband and I have fairly broad tastes when it comes to the foods we enjoy. We do most of our cooking from scratch, which allows us some flexibility in terms of the ingredients we use. Our weekends are often spent at the farmer's market or international supermarket in search of exotic sauces, spices, and ingredients to add to a new recipe. Of course, some days we are too tired to be creative and are … [Read more...]

Energy Efficient Home Ideas: Start Small but Aim High!

With the new year coming in just a few weeks, are you looking for energy efficient home ideas to help you go green and save money? Are you a bit concerned about how to tackle your home's growing carbon footprint? The key is to not bite off more than you can chew! You need to start small but aim high when it comes to your green choices next year. Today, I am sharing a few energy efficient home ideas that will help you turn your home into a green and frugal oasis! You can also check out my green cleaning tips if you want to continue your journey … [Read more...]

Frugal Landscaping Ideas: How to Upgrade Your Yard on a Budget!

This post about frugal landscaping ideas has been sponsored by Groupon. All opinions expressed here are my own.My husband and I are passionate about our outdoor space. From the patio and fish pond to the pots of jalapenos and pretty flowers by the mailbox. It makes us happy to see an area that is both comfortable and attractive. However, with two teens who have college aspirations, our budget is limited. That means there is no hiring a gardener or spending a fortune on decorative lawn accessories. We have found, over the years, that it is … [Read more...]

Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist for Better Health and Increased Savings

This post about questions to ask your pharmacist has been sponsored by SearchRx,  however, all opinions expressed here are my own.For 15 years I worked in a retail pharmacy. I saw thousands of patients come and go during the time that I worked there. Some were sick, some were in a hurry, and many were dealing with cranky children. Many of them came through the drive through and barely looked at me while I filled their prescriptions. Far too many of them just accepted their medications without once talking to us about them. Sure, we … [Read more...]

How to Binge Watch TV Series and Save Money!

This post about how to binge watch tv series has been sponsored, however, all opinions expressed here are my own.Most of us have a habit or guilty pleasure that costs us money. Whether it's your morning cup of expensive coffee from your local coffee shop or a Saturday afternoon binge watching television, very few things in life are free. But how much is your habit actually costing you in terms of your monthly budget? And how big of an impact does that guilty pleasure have on the environment? You don't have to give up your pre-bed ice cream … [Read more...]

How to Start Saving Money on Organic Food

If you learn how to start saving money on organic food, you will be able to feed your family healthier without totally destroying your food budget. Will you be able to do all of your family's grocery shopping for only a few dollars like you see on those extreme couponing shows? No. I'm sorry but that is very unlikely. It's extremely frustrating that it is cheaper to eat junk than healthy foods but that is the reality of our current food system. It seems like whenever the grocery store has a sale on cereal it's only the colored ones with … [Read more...]

Practical Money Saving Tips That Help You Go Green

My budget this year is pretty much shot. Between the $20,000 we have done in home repairs and our recent vacation, we have pretty much depleted our bank account and I'm starting to think I need to start coupon clipping again. I have gotten spoiled in the last few years and while we are careful with our money, I wouldn't say I have been thrifty or budget conscious. We will soon be moving into the holidays and I am starting to look into some practical money saving tips to help get our bank account up where it needs to be in case of emergencies. I … [Read more...]

How to Go Green Without Going Broke

Earth Day has come and gone and maybe you stumbled across an article or two online about reducing your carbon footprint. The raw vegans insist that eating animal products is single handedly destroying the planet. The anti plastic folks are insisting that you stop buying milk in plastic jugs and instead carry it home directly from the farm in glass bottles. And then you have the real hard core environmentalists who tell you that you need to do away with toilet paper and use only washable cloth scraps to clean your bum. Can you say 'not gonna … [Read more...]

Setting Financial Goals to ensure Retirement Security #RetireHappyNow

My husband and I have always been goal oriented people. Within a year of dating, we knew we wanted to get married and started planning the 'where, when and how' of making it happen. We both wanted to have our children while we were still young so we set a goal of 2 children before I turned 30. We bought our first house with the understanding that it was a 5 year ownership before we upsized to something in a better school district. And we have a very firm retirement security plan because our goal is to retire by the time my husband is 58 (in 15 … [Read more...]

National Self Improvement Month means Checking Your Credit! #LifeLockHealthyCredit

This self improvement post is sponsored by LifeLock but all opinions expressed here are my own. Over the summer, I don't have much time to do anything for myself. The kids are home from school, the pool is open, and vacations need to be planned. I'm lucky I find time most days to get the beds made and dinner cooked. Once September comes around,  I finally feel like I can breath again and that means there are a number of things that need to get checked off the to do list. Organize the medicine chest, take piles of stuff to the thrift store and … [Read more...]

Identity Theft Risks While on Vacation #LifeLocksafety

This post about identity theft has been sponsored by LifeLock. I am a LifeLock ambassador but all opinions expressed here are my own.For the last 2 weeks I have spent a great deal of time planning my family's upcoming vacation. 5 states, two weeks, and a whole lot of miles in the car with 2 teenagers. I think we may be just a tad bit insane. If not, I can guarantee we will be by the time we get back from this road trip! Since I leave nothing to chance, I made our hotel reservations over the phone for the places I know we want to stop at … [Read more...]

Credit monitoring is not the same as identity theft protection! #LifeLocksafety

I am a LifeLock Ambassador and this identity theft post has been sponsored but all opinions expressed here are my own.Last month I wrote about my experience with identity theft. Someone had used my personal information to open a fake bank account and bounced a $300 check. I was shocked! A business had disposed of my personal information incorrectly and as a result, I ended up with a huge hassle to deal with! If I had identity theft protection at the time, I would have known the moment that account was opened! While credit monitoring is … [Read more...]

Identity Theft is One Hassle I Could Live Without! #LifeLockProtect

This post about identity theft has been sponsored by LifeLock and Find Your Influence but all opinions expressed are my own. #LifeLockProtectI like to think that I am very careful with my personal information. I work in the medical field so I know all about the importance of protecting personal information! I shred important documents, shop only on secure websites, and cut up old credit cards into miniscule little pieces. However, sometimes identity theft is completely out of our control. When a business disposes of our private information … [Read more...]

The Best Holiday Gifts: Food, Family and Financial Security #GenworthUSA

This discussion about the best holiday gifts has been brought to you by Genworth and Brandfluential  but all opinions expressed here are my own. The holidays are a special time of year and while I am often caught up in the chaos of shopping and baking I try to never forget the reason for the season. I have never been the type of person to ask for diamonds and fancy coats for Christmas. I don't need a Lexus tied up in a bow or a trip to some exotic island. Okay, the exotic island sounds like fun but only if I can climb volcanoes and dine with … [Read more...]

Women and Finance: Your Emergency Fund and Ensuring Financial Stability #GenworthUSA

This post on starting an emergency fund is brought you you by Genworth Financial and Branfluential but all opinions expressed here are my own.I'm sure you have all been watching a little bit of the news and have seen the current political upheaval that the United States government is going through. With our political parties unable to come to an agreement on the federal budget, there are now over 800 thousand federal employees out of work and without a paycheck. My husband is one of them. Along with many, MANY of our friends. There is no … [Read more...]

Government Shutdown Means Relearning Frugality

With the current government shutdown,  I am now looking at an immediate future that does not include a paycheck for my husband. While I earn a small amount blogging and working as a pharmacy technician it is barely a drop in the bucket. My income may buy a week or two of groceries but it isn't going to pay my mortgage. I don't think the Republicans would have been so quick to okay a government shutdown if THEY weren't going to be getting paid. But, this post is not about politics. I am not touching that with a ten foot pole! This post is about … [Read more...]

Common Sense Retirement Advice from an Average Mom (#GenworthUSA )

This retirement discussion has been brought to you by Genworth Financial and Brandfluential but all opinions expressed here are my own.When my husband and I got married almost 20 years ago we were only a few years out of college. While we may have been young, we had clear goals for how we wanted our lives to play out over the next several decades. The day to day hassles of work, kids, and life sometimes take up a majority our our time but we never forget those long term goals that we have set for ourselves. We have managed to check off our … [Read more...]